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How to Easily Edit QuickTime Videos (MOV) on Mac and Windows for Free

Last Updated: Oct. 08, 2021

QuickTime videos (also known as MOV files) are a distinct video format developed by Apple Inc. They are often compressed by the MPEG-4 codec and saved in the QuickTime file format (QTFF).

To edit a QuickTime video or a MOV file, you don’t need a fancy video editor like Premiere Pro to do so. In this post, we will be introducing you to 4 free and flexible options to easily trim, split and add audio, visual effects to your QuickTime videos in clicks.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

How to Edit QuickTime Videos Using FlexClip (Mac, Windows, Best Option)

The first option we recommend to you (both Mac and Windows users) would be using FlexClip, a feature-packed online video editor that will make your creativity juice flowing when it comes to video editing.

Feature-rich FlexClip video editor

With FlexClip, only offers can you easily trim, split your QuickTime videos, add animated texts, video filters, transitions, change video speed, you may also create picture-in-picture effects and enjoy easy access to over 4M royalty-free stock assets, including HD videos, images, music, and GIFs. It’s watermark-free and no experience is needed and no software to install.

* Trim and Split a QuickTime Video

After your upload QuickTime videos to FlexClip, click the “+” button, then you can add the MOV file to the storyboard. Meanwhile, you can drag the slider to trim the unwanted clip.

Upload clips to FlexClip and trim or split the video

Upload clips to FlexClip and trim or split the video

Meanwhile, you can trim and split the video whenever you want even as you edit the clips on the storyboard.

Bonus Tips
If you wanna create the picture-in-picture effects, simply click the “Picture-in-Picture” icon, then the second clip will be added as a video overlay over another video. Then you can adjust its size, position, and duration, even motion to achieve the visual effects you prefer.
Add the second video as an overlay to create picture-in-picture effects

Add the second video as an overlay to create picture-in-picture effects

* Add Animated Texts to QuickTime Videos

On the left sidebar, you can hit the “Text” icon to add readymade text blocks. All the fonts, color schemes, motion, opacity, and duration, styles, etc. are fully customizable.

Add animated texts and dynamic elements to the video

Add animated texts and dynamic elements to the video

Apart from using text animations, it’s worth adding dynamic elements like moving shapes, arrows, bubbles, and emojis, social icons, etc. to spice up the visual effects. In the “Element” tab, there are readily available.

* Use 2,000+ Designer-made Free Video Templates

If you have no designing experience, no worries. Click the “Templates” tab and enter keywords to select a premade video template to start with. You can replace original videos, texts, and animations with yours to create compelling videos in just a few clicks.

Select a premade video template to edit your video assets

Select a premade video template to edit your video assets

* Add More Scenes Using 4M+ Royalty-free Stock Assets

For short film and video making, you can supplement original QuickTime videos with FlexClip’s high-quality stock videos and images. Just click on the “Video”, and “Photo” icons to easily access tons of HD videos and images, and GIFs. They could be valuable assets to take your original video up a notch. While dozens of video transitions are also available between each storyboard.

Add more scenes using FlexClip’s stock assets

Add more scenes using FlexClip’s stock assets

* Add Music or Sound Effects to QuickTime Videos

To create the exact mood for your videos, you can’t do it without music. With FlexClip’s vast music library, finding funny sound effects and music becomes so easy. You may also record your voiceovers to your QuickTime videos when needed.

Add music or sound effects from FlexClip’s huge music library

Add music or sound effects from FlexClip’s huge music library

* Easy Download and Instant Share

Done with the editing. Preview and export the video to an MP4 file or a GIF to your local computer or directly share it to your YouTube channel or save it to your Dropbox.

How to Edit QuickTime Videos by QuickTime Player (Mac)

If you are using Mac, Apple’s pre-installed desktop app QuickTime Player may also do you some favor for the basic editing of a QuickTime video. Yet, since QuickTime Player is essentially a media player, so the editing feature is so limited.

Use QuickTime Player to trim, split and merge QuickTime videos

* Trim a QuickTime Video by QuickTime Player

Launch your QuickTime Player > go to “File” and hit “Open File” to play your QuickTime video > head to “Edit” and select the “Trim” option from the drop-down menu > drag the trimmer slider to trim the video > finally, go to “File” and hit “Save”.

* Split a QuickTime Video by QuickTime Player

Open the clip in QuickTime Player > go to “View” and select “Show Clips” in the drop-down menu > then a small red playhead will appear > drag the playhead to the place where you want to split the video > hit “Command+ Y” and the video will be split into two > click “Done”

* Merge Multiple QuickTime Videos by QuickTime Player

Open one clip first in the QuickTime Player > head to “Edit” and hit “Add Clip to End” > browse through your folder to add another video and press “Choose Media” > go back to “Edit” and select “Insert Clip After Selection” > insert the third clip > click “Done”. Then 3 clips are successfully merged.

Another shortcut is that after you add the first clip, then use keyboard hotkey “ Command+E” and drag and drop the clips to the edit pane you want to merge. Finally, hit “Done”. Of course, you can easily drag and drop the clips to adjust their order.

* Rotate and Flip a QuickTime Video by QuickTime Player

Open a clip in QuickTime Player > go to “Edit” > in the drop-down menu, you can select “Rotate Left/Right”, “Flip Horizontally/Vertically” to achieve the effect you need.

How to Edit QuickTime Videos by iMovie (Mac)

As opposed to QuickTime Player, iMovie, another free built-in app on Mac, enjoys more powerful editing features. For Mac users, using iMovie is also a viable option to edit QuickTime videos.

Use iMovie to edit QuickTime videos

* Split QuickTime Videos by iMovie

Open your clip in iMovie > drag the slider of settings to extend the clip, so you can see details of each frame > move the playhead to the place you want to split a video > use “Command + B” to split the video. Then you drag either clip to remove the unwanted frames.

* Add Audio to QuickTime Videos by iMovie

Go to the “Audio” tab > select a sound effect and drag and drop it to the timeline > drag the centerline of the audio down or up to adjust its volume

* Add Video Overlay to a QuickTime Video by iMovie

Upload two clips to iMovie’s media library > add one clip on the timeline > drag and drop the second video above the first video > click the “Cutaway” tab above > select “Picture in Picture” in the drop-down menu > the second video will be added as a video overlay on the first video

* Color Correct a QuickTime Video by iMovie

Move the play head to the one clip > go to the second “Color Correction” icon above > drag the slider to adjust the shadow, mid-tone, highlight, and color tone of the clip.

Of course, you can also easily add video filters, a background texture or a video transition to a QuickTime video from the main menu above.

How to Edit QuickTime Videos by Windows 10 Video Editor

For Windows 10 users, the pre-installed free Window 10 video editor is another alternative to editing a QuickTime video.

Use Windows 10 video editor to edit QuickTime videos

Step 1
Launch Windows 10 Video Editor

Go to the taskbar > enter “video editor” and click “Open”

Step 2
Create a New Project and Add QuickTime Videos to the Storyboard
Step 3
Edit Your QuickTime Videos

On the main menu, you can add a video card as an intro of your video or trim, split, or add texts, motion, even 3D effects, and filters to the clips. You may change the video speed as well.

Step 4
Preview and Export the Video

Now, It’s Your Move

  Platform Best Features Limitations
FlexClip Mac, Windows 30+ video editing tools; 4M+ stock assets; GIPHY‘s GIF assets; 2,000+ customizable free video templates; picture-in-picture effects; dynamic texts & elements; storyboard/timeline Hard to edit multiple audio
QuickTime Player Mac Trim, split, merge rotate, flip, mute, record videos No animated texts, transitions, and stock assets
iMovie Mac Around 20 video editing tools; iTunes audio assets; premade texts, transitions, backgrounds; timeline No video and GIF assets
Windows 10 Video Editor Windows Add title card; trim, split, rotate, flip video, add filters, 3Deffects, change video speed Limited text animations; no video and image stock; can’t do pip effects

So, given the flexibility, adaptability, and huge stock assets, FlexClip is arguably the best video editor to edit QuickTime videos so long as you have access to the internet. If you only want some basic editing like trimming or splitting the QuickTime video, then using iMovie, QuickTime Player, or Windows 10 video editor also works.

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