How to ASMR Eating on YouTube for Beginners

Last Updated: 2021. 12. 15

A YouTuber speaks nothing in a video yet only shows how he eats different foods and all you could hear is his satisfied chewing sounds? And this video alone helps him get a staggering 50 million views and 1million likes. Can you believe it?

Yes, it is true. And that's the magic of ASMR eating.

In fact, ASMR eating is currently one of the hottest video content on YouTube. If you plan to start an ASMR eating channel or try making your first ASMR eating video, in this post, we've got everything covered.

You will learn the origin of ASMR eating, and best ASMR eating food and gears, and editing tips for making ASMR eating videos and most viewed ASMR eating YouTubers, etc. So, let's dive into it, now!

Here is what you will learn:

What Is ASMR Eating

Well, ASMR eating or ASMR Mukbang is an eating show where the eater films the eating process and captures the soothing chewing sounds or sounds of the ingredients to trigger your tingling and relaxing sensation or even whet your appetite for the scrumptious food.

Who Created the First ASMR Eating Video

The first ASMR eating video on YouTube was posted on Jan 21, 2014. The lovely lady SasseE received four boxes of Mallomars (chocolate cookies) from one of her friends on the east coast and decided to make a video of her opening and tasting the yummy gift in a whisper.

SasseE is believed to be the first maker of ASMR eating videos on YouTube

SasseE is believed to be the first maker of ASMR eating videos on YouTube

ASMR Eating VS Mukbang, Any Difference?

Though ASMR eating and Mukbang look similar, there are sharp differences between these two eating shows:

Differences between ASMR eating and Mukbang

Differences between ASMR eating and Mukbang

ASMR eating works when the chewing sounds evoke a pleasant, tingling, and relaxing physical response whereas Mukbang often uses live streaming to show how much food a Mukbanger can eat for a challenge and constantly interacts with the live viewers.

So, an ASMR eating video focuses more on delivering the sensual pleasure of soothing eating sounds to viewers while Mukbang is more of a live and interactive eating performance. Check how to make an ASMR video.

Best ASMR Food for Making ASMR Eating Videos

Well, not every food is built for making an ASMR eating video. The best ASMR food candidates need to create interesting sounds and they better be crunchy, slurpy, and something you enjoy eating.

Best ASMR eating foods

Best ASMR eating foods

Here are some of the best ASMR foods favored by ASMR eating YouTubers:

  • KFC with dripping sauce
  • Deep-fried shrimp (Japanese style)
  • Ramen/cup noodles
  • Sticky honeycomb
  • Pickles
  • Crunchy potato chips
  • Crusty bread
  • Onion rings
  • Mozzarella corn dog
  • Chicken nugget
  • Macarons
  • Cabbage
  • Tanghulu
  • Aloe Vera
  • Sizzling fried steak
  • King crabs
  • Other than that, you may also prepare a glass of ice water to make the slurpy drinking sound or a pair of scissors to cut off the wrapping, etc. Of course, the ASMR eating food list goes on and creativity is unlimited. Discover the 8 best sites to get free sound effects.

    Get Right Gears for ASMR Eating

    ASMR eating is all about capturing and delivering pleasant and satisfying chewing sounds and showing the process of how you enjoy eating a variety of ASMR foods. So, you need the following gears:

    ASMR eating gears you need

    ASMR eating gears you need

  • Microphone. The most affordable and popular microphone used by many ASMR-eating YouTubers is an iPhone's headphone where a built-in mic is in it. However, for higher audio quality, it's advisable to buy an affordable condenser mic and have it plugged into the laptop for audio recording. You can get one along with a foam windscreen or pop filter to get crisp chewing sounds.
  • If you use iPhone to record audio, you can use its pre-installed “Voice memo” to record your voice.

  • Camera. Filming ASMR eating videos doesn't require a high-end camera. Any smartphone, DSLR, or Mirrorless camera can do the job. It has to film at least 1080P and 30 FPS (full HD video), preferably 2160P/60FPS, which is a 4K video with a smoother video image.
  • Tripod and a Gimbal. Having your camera mounted on a tripod is the most reliable way to avoid shaky video footage. While using a gimbal is more flexible when you can move your camera for a close-up shot or pan your camera.
  • Ring Light. Like making a recipe video, you are expected to display the texture and details of ASMR food to viewers, so having consistent and adjustable lighting is so vital. A ring light with a stand can light up the chopping board and eating scene and give you the flattering catch light in your eyes. You may adjust the color temperature accordingly.
  • Arm Stand. A foldable arm stand is more flexible than a tripod to hold your mic.
  • Other props may include a chopping board on which ASMR food can be displayed and eaten and a knife and scissors to cut or prepare the ingredients.

    Filming and Editing Tips for ASMR Eating Videos

    To make your ASMR eating videos stand out from other ASMR YouTubers, here we would like to offer you some actionable and proven strategies.

    1. Use Camera Moment

    If you are cooking the noodles, pan your iPhone or camera to give the dynamic to the video. Use a close-up shot to show the details of ASMR food being cooked along with the sizzling sounds.

    If no cooking is needed, place your ASMR food before the camera or tap it to produce the sound as a way to show that you are ready to eat it. Make sure your hand movements and tapping are gentle.

    Classic close-up shots and other camera movements filmed by Zach Choi

    2. Eye Contact and Facial Expressions Also Matter

    Since ASMR eating videos don't use verbal expressions to grab viewers' attention and show how tasty the food is, then your gentle eye contact and satisfied smiles give viewers a sense of intimacy and companionship and pass the great flavor to viewers through the screen. Just don't stare at the camera for it looks embarrassing and unnatural. LOL.

    A classic meme with Impact meme font

    A classic meme with Impact meme font

    3. Up ASMR Eating Game

    Apart from eating and producing calming and soothing chewing sounds, you may team up with your friends to make a role play ASMR eating video. Creating a storyline and combining your eating with acting like roleplaying popular TV series Squid Game will make your ASMR eating video more entertaining. Or, you can make an ASMR eating challenge video. Let's say, challenge the spiciest cup noodles.

    4. Edit ASMR Eating Vidoe Footage with Ease

    Done with the filming. You can easily use FlexClip, a free and feature-rich online video editor to edit your ASMR eating video footage.

    Feature-rich FlexClip online video maker

    Create Now
  • Trim the unnecessary clips
  • Use the speed control tool to speed up a cooking process
  • Add animated texts to show the ASMR food and call-to-action words
  • Select and customize a designer-made intro and outro template for your ASMR eating videos on YouTube
  • Mix ASMR eating audio with royalty-free music and sound effects
  • Edit ASMR eating video footage by FlexClip

    Edit ASMR eating video footage by FlexClip

    Edit Now

    6 Most Popular ASMR Eating YouTubers

    If you lack inspiration for ASMR eating videos, a shortcut to get your creative juices flowing is to watch and study videos made by popular ASMR eating YouTubers. Here, we put together 6 hottest ASMR eating influencers on YouTube. You can watch how they present ASMRA food and record chewing sounds as well as their camera angle, camera movements, and facial expressions, etc.

    Not unexpected, since Mukbang originated from South Korea, most of the popular ASMR eating influencers on YouTube are South Koreans. Interestingly, though they consume tons of sweet and fatty food, many of them remain thin and charismatic.

    #1. Zach Choi ASMR (13.3M+ subscribers, South Korean)

    This single ASMR eating video led to 50,553,850 views and 1M like

    #2. SAS ASMR (9.27M+ subscribers, Candian)

    This ASMR honeycomb video generated 49,150,869 views and 504k likes

    #3. SULGI (7.95M+ subscribers, South Korean)

    A very distinct ASMR eating video with role play, acting & food cooking

    #4. HunniBee ASMR (7.4M+ subscribers, American)

    Original edible objects ASMR eating video challenge

    #5. Ssoyoung (7.14M+ subscribers, South Korean)

    Most spicy nut ASMR eating challenge with a friend

    #6. SIO ASMR (6.28M+ subscribers, South Korean)

    Creative Squid Game ASMR eating video

    Health Hazards for ASMR Eating

    Although ASMR eating videos made many ASMR eating YouTubers famous and many earned lots of money out of eating various foods in front of the camera, the side effects of consuming tons of high-calorie and high-sugar foods in minutes like chicken nuggets, KFC, Macarons, and honeycomb, etc. will inevitably take a heavy toll on your body.

    The short-term result would be gaining weight, diarrhea, or eating disorder. While the long-term dire consequence will lead to fatty liver, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and hypertension, etc.

    So, you need to approach the ASMR eating strategically and wisely. Strike a balance between eating high-calorie foods and healthy green and workout days.

    Now, It’s Your Move

    To sum up, ASMR eating is about creating pleasant, satisfying, and soothing sounds that make viewers relaxed and fulfilled. Work hard to find your ASMR eating style and film and edit scrumptious ASMR eating videos with the free online video editor FlexClip, now!

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