Happy Videos: How To Make Videos To Make You Happy, Like Minions?

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12
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Happy videos light up your days, and remind you of wonderful times. They are the proves to your happiness. Those digital memories have recorded your happy times with friends, families, or in a successful career.

Make Happy Video Free Templates


Part 1 - How to Make Video to Make You Happy?

How to make a happy video to brighten your days? First, let's look at some happy video templates created by professional designers.

Happy Video Templates:

These templates are provided for free in FlexClip video editor. You can use them in your own happy video. There are much more ideas for happy video at its template page>>.

Happy Video Maker:

FlexClip is an ideal tool to create all kinds of happy videos, such as, thrilled dogs, pleasant cats, happy together times, holiday joys, music festivals, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. The free online happy video maker allows you to upload videos, pictures and an audio file to create your own happy video. There is a large media library offering beautiful, royalty-free images, videos, animations as well as funny songs for your use.

Happy video maker - FlexClip.

Image: Happy video maker - FlexClip.

DIY Happy Video Free Templates

Highlight Features:

  • Adjust video speed to make normal video funny.
  • Ready-made text templates will help add happy words to video instantly to highlight your awesome mood.
  • A large collection of sweet/happy songs.
  • A lot of visuals extended for your creation.

    Steps to Make a Happy Video:

    In FlexClip, you can go 2 paths to make your own happy video:

    If you have your own plan, you can start making a happy video from scratch . Or, you can firstly search for a template video about "happy", and insert your own videos & images into the happy video.

    How to Make a Happy Video from Scratch?

  • 1
    Upload happy videos to FlexClip video editor.
  • 2
    Use happy words, and add them to storyboards.
  • 3
    Change storyboards sequence, adjust play speed, etc.
  • 4
    Search or upload a happy music. If you like, you can record strange voice to enrich your happy video.
  • 5
    Download your happy video as an MP4 or an animated GIF.
  • How to Create a Happy Video with a Template?

  • 1
    Search for a template with keywords.
  • 2
    Upload your own videos and images.
  • 3
    Change the sequences of storyboards.
  • 4
    Edit your happy video.
  • 5
    Download your happy video as an MP4 or an animated GIF.
  • Part 2 - Happy Video Casestudy: Minions Videos

    If you want to create a happy video that all people love, it's necessary to learn from renowned happy videos. Hot happy videos have used common tricks that you can use in your own video.

    Minions videos are good learning materials for happy videos. They are ranking top in happy video results. Now, we'll case study Minions videos.

    Here are 5 happy tricks that Minions videos have used:

  • Animations.
  • Stupid, sunny, carefree figures.
  • Bright, warm background colors.
  • Insert laugh videos.
  • Use a cheerful background song.
  • 5 happy tricks that Minions have used in its video.

    Image: 5 happy tricks that Minions have used in its video.

    Animation is a form to create a joyful atmosphere. Stupid motions and figures always make people laugh. Bright color is another less obvious but essential key to most happy videos. Besides happy visuals, happy songs will play a part in building the happy atmosphere.

    Therefore, if you are considering making a happy video that wow people, you can use the 5 happy video tricks.

    Record Minions Video Edit Minions Video

    Part 3 - 6 Happy Video Types & Templates

    If you are looking for awesome happy video ideas to use, this part will satisfy you with ready-made templates. Play those templates to check happy ideas, and click [Use It Now] to customize it to your happy video!

    #1.Happy Dog Videos

    #2.Happy Cat Videos

    #3.Graduation Videos

    #4.Celebration Videos

    #5.Happy Music Videos

    #6.Happy Birthday Videos

    Part 4 - Last Words

    Have made your own happy video to brighten your day? If you want to re-edit it or upgrade your happy video, don't forget to grab FlexClip video maker. It's free, easy and resourceful.

    Make Happy Video Free Templates
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