Hacking Instagram Video Length: How To Send Long Video On Instagram?

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12

Briefs: Instagram has set boundaries on video length of DMs and posts. This Instagram hacking tutorial helps you find easy ways to send a long video freely via Instagram DMs or posts.

Instagram limits uploading video length of Direct Messaging to 15 seconds, and a post video length is required to be shorter than 1 minute. But sometimes, we need to send/share a video longer than Instagram requirements.

So, how can we send long videos on Instagram?

If you search the question in Quora or ask it elsewhere, someone may tell you it's impossible. The answer is correct only if you just send one video.

Instagram has set limits of a single video, but it doesn't forbid you to send more than one video. Therefore, our solution to send a long video on Instagram is by cutting the original video to several video segments, and send them one by one.

Part 1 - Cut Long Instagram Video Short [The Easiest Way]

There are dozens of ways to cut a long video into consecutive short videos. With a right tool, we all have the ability to cut a video on our own.

We'd like to introduce one of the easiest video cutter online - FlexClip free video trimmer. It has a great many advantages to cut a video, including:

  • It's 100% free, fast & comfortable to cut any video.
  • Easily select where to begin and where to end your video cutting.
  • Real-time preview: It's easy to fine-tune your cutting video before actually download it.
  • It supports cutting a wide range of format videos (including popular formats of MOV, WEBM, M4V, and MP4, etc.) and download the shorter cutting video to MP4 for free.
  • No need to download an installer, you just need a Chrome browser to cut a video online.
  • FlexClip Free Video Trimmer.

    Image: FlexClip Free Video Trimmer.

How to Cut a Long Video to Short Instagram Videos in The Easiest Way?

  • Step One, Click the link - https://www.flexclip.com/tools/trim-video/ - to use FlexClip free video trimmer.
  • Step Two, Drag the slider to choose the beginning point and ending point, and make your cutting video fit Instagram video length. ( Choose a 15-second video for Instagram DM, or 1 minute for Instagram post.)
  • Cut/trim video to a 15s video for free.

    Image: Cut/trim video to a 15s video for free.

  • Step Three, Download the first part of your cutting Instagram video.
  • Step Four, Repeat the steps from One to Three to select the second part, third part...of your original video, until your original video is all cut to Instagram standard video length.

With all 15s cutting videos in hand, you can easily DM them to your followers, group members, or other Instagram users.

Of course, if you are planning to post the long video to your Instagram account, just go cut the longer video to a series of 1-min videos for post.

Additional Perks of FlexClip Cutter

FlexClip free cutter online is in the toolbox of FlexClip Instagram video editor. Besides the video cutter, you can make a new Instagram video or upgrade previous Instagram.

With the free FlexClip Instagram video editor, you can access a group of custom Instagram video templates for various purposes. It only takes you minutes to create your own Instagram video freely - You can record a voiceover for your Ins video, find/upload a background music, adjust frame playing speed, add logo to video, or insert beautiful pictures for illustration, etc. Most importantly, it takes no effort to customize your Instagram video length.

All these additional perks are starting with a free plan, allowing you to download your Instagram video without spending a penny!

Part 2 - Other 5 Popular Apps to Cut Long Instagram Video Short

In case you want to check other hacking Instagram video tools, we'll explain other video cutters to convert a long Instagram video to several standard length Instagram videos.

Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter.

Image: Online Video Cutter.

https://online-video-cutter.com/ - Online video cutter is another professional video cutter that allows its users to upload a video in almost all kinds of formats, and cut a video with a dozen customization options.

While cutting video for Instagram, you can choose a video quality for your Instagram DM or post. Its crop tool also enables its users to select only a section of the video. That's all for Online Video Cutter.


Kapwing video cutter.

Image: Kapwing video cutter.

https://www.kapwing.com/tools/trim-video - Kapwing is another famous video trimmer online. To a fresher, it may feel confusing, since it has a main cutting track and allows users to add several cutting tracks to minus these contents from the main cutting track that user choose.

Online Video Cutter - EZGif

Online Video Cutter - EZGif.

Image: Online Video Cutter - EZGif.

https://ezgif.com/cut-video - Unlike other online video cutters, EZGif video cutter doesn't have a track for users to choose from. EZGif has a video player and only allows users to enter the start time and end time.

Story Cutter for Instagram (Google Play)

Story Cutter for Instagram (Google Play).

Image: Story Cutter for Instagram (Google Play).

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=trimmer.story.com.storytrimmer&hl=en - Above are all online video cutters. Story Cutter for Instagram is an awesome app for Android smartphone users. It's easy to cut any mobile video into a group of segment videos for Instagram, and upload them to your Instagram account directly.

Bandicut Video Cutter

Bandicut Video Cutter.

Image: Bandicut Video Cutter.

https://www.bandicam.com/video-cutter/ - Bandicut video cutter is a fast Windows video cutter. Unlike other cutters above, it surpasses them with stable performance to cut a much longer video, such as, film videos that are longer than 30 minutes.

Of course, its downside is that it requires users to download & install the software. If you just cut short videos (like cutting videos for Instagram), it's a piece of cake for Bandicut video cutter.

Part 3 - Sum It Up

The direct way to hack Instagram video length for DM or post is by cutting a long video to standard Instagram videos. Then, you can send these segment videos directly.

This tutorial shares 6 tools for the cutting videos for Instagram, including 4 online video cutters, 1 Windows video cutter, and 1 video cutter for Android smartphone.

Among them, we suggest FlexClip video cutter most. In FlexClip, you have a lot more options for Instagram videos, since it additionally offers Instagram video templates and supports making custom edits for Instagram videos.

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