Full Screen Recorder: How To Record Entire Screen For Free?

Last Updated: Sep. 09, 2021

Briefs: If you are looking for the easiest approach to record the entire screen, you've come to the right place. After reading it through, you'll have the best free full screen recorder online - FlexClip, which you can easily choose a mode to capture screen without hassles.

When you work with OBS or other screen recorder software, you need to adjust the setting to record full screen. These screen recorders default their recording mode: When you launch one of them to capture a screen, the capturing mode is the same as your last-time use.

If you fail to find the button to change the setting, then you are unable to record the entire desktop. Besides, it's annoying somehow to set your screening mode each time, even if you do know where to change screencast setting. And you might want an easier solution.

Part 1 - Best Full Screen Recorder [Free & Online]

https://www.flexclip.com/tools/screen-recorder/ - FlexClip full screen recorder is a powerful & user-friendly screen capture software that's free, online, and without lag.

FlexClip screen recorder free for full screen recording.

Image: FlexClip screen recorder free for full screen recording.

Easy-to-navigate, Watermark-free & No Download: Each time you open FlexClip full screen recorder, it lets you pick which screen/mode for screencast. You can select among [Your Entire Screen], [Application Window] and [Chrome Tab]. Just press on [Your Entire Screen], and it will record the whole screen of the display for you.

Tip: What if your PC/laptop connects with more than one display? FlexClip full screen will ask you to choose a display to capture the entire desktop.

Support Editing Fullscreen Captures: Many a full screen recorder online is very feature-limited, and you have to turn to a desktop video editor to do the rest of edits. Unlike them, FlexClip full screen recorder is packed with an advanced online video editor, so that you can edit your recording or make a video production with it.

Part 2 - How to Record Entire Screen for Free? [The Easiest Way]

Whether you have a desktop computer or laptop, or your computer OS is Windows, Linux or Mac, you can easily take advantage of FlexClip full screen recorder to capture any activities on the entire screen. It's only 5 steps away:

Step 1.Prepare what you want to record on the whole screen. Launch the software and apps to capture, and place them properly (one by one) for recording.

"How to Place Multiple Windows Side by Side Fast in Windows OS?" Tip: For Windows users, you can take a shortcut to move & place Windows via multiple Windows sorting function: Just right-click the pane for Time & Date to the far-right and far-bottom, and keystroke "I" or "T".

Step 2.Open FlexClip screen recorder via - https://www.flexclip.com/tools/screen-recorder/ in Chrome browser, and hit [Start Recording].

Step 3.Choose your audio source for fullscreen recording, and mouse click the red, round recording button in the middle.

Choose audio for fullscreen recording.

Image: Choose audio for fullscreen recording.

Step 4.FlexClip screen recorder will ask you to choose a mode for recording. The option of [Your Entire Screen] is for full screen recording. Just click it, and it'll begin recording a video of your actions on the whole screen.

Pick the option of entire screen recording.

Image: Pick the option of entire screen recording.

Step 5.Stop recording when you've finished your recording. When it's done, you can download the fullscreen recording, or you can go editing it by [Edit This Screencast Now].

Download your fullscreen recording.

Image: Download your fullscreen recording.

Part 3 - Edit Fullscreen Recording to Your Liking in a Minute

When you've chosen [Edit This Screencast Now], your fullscreen recording will be downloaded and loaded in free FlexClip video editor.

Edit your recording video of the entire screen.

Image: Edit your recording video of the entire screen.

Free FlexClip video editor can help you cut out unwanted parts from fullscreen recording video online.

You can also add scripts, texts, or replace voiceover of your fullscreen recording with new sound recording or another music from FlexClip itself library.

Part 4 - Overall

If you don't like your current screen recorder, FlexClip screen recorder online - https://www.flexclip.com/tools/screen-recorder/ can be your ideal solution for fullscreen recording. It's an all-in-1 fullscreen recorder with support for recording edits. Best of best, it's 100% free.

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