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Last Updated: 2024. 02. 04

Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, CapCut, are all renowned video editing software to help generate visual stories. However, as for those who are new to video editing, FlexClip could be a better choice to get started. It has a clear interface that’s easy to navigate, all basic video editing tools to create a great video, AI tools to speed up video creation process, and even 5000+ video templates, rich media resources offering endless inspirations.

Is FlexClip free? If not, what is FlexClip’s pricing plan? How to get FlexClip free trial? Check this post out and find all answers you need.

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Part 1. What’s FlexClip

FlexClip is an online video editing tool best for beginners to create stunning videos, then share across social sharing platforms, and cloud services. Whether you are creating a video for personal or business purpose, you can always find the right tools, effects, resources at FlexClip.

The following are key features of FlexClip.

  • Clear Interface. All FlexClip resources are listed on the left side of the panel. Click on any items of your video project, the editing tools you can utilize will appear above the preview window. To name a few, trimming, splitting, cropping, adjusting video speed, adding animations. You will never get lost at FlexClip!
  • FlexClip Overview

    FlexClip Overview

    Create a Video View Templates
  • 5000+ video templates free to use. Access elegant, customizable video templates ranging from birthday party invitation, wedding slideshow, to video presentation. Make them yours by replacing the resources.
  • Universal Photo Collage
    Universal Photo Collage
    Use This Template
    Conference Promo
    Conference Promo
    Use This Template
    YouTube Intro Outro
    YouTube Intro Outro
    Use This Template
  • Video recording. The video recording tool on FlexClip allows you to capture both screen and the webcam. Recording audio is also supported. The output will always be in high quality.
  • FlexClip Screen Recording

    FlexClip Screen Recording

  • AI Integration. A list of AI tools make video editing process easier than ever. The AI text-to-video generates satisfying slideshows based on your prompt. The AI script generator can write the best-ever video script. More AI tools, please check the video below.
  • FlexClip AI Features

  • Collaborative creation. FlexClip’s cloud-based architecture enables seamless collaboration from anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. Create a team and start working.
  • FlexClip Collabortive Feature Overview

  • Easy share. FlexClip offers lots of ways to share your video project. Except for downloading to your computer, you also have the option to share your video via a short link, share across TikTok, YouTube, or save to cloud services.
  • Is FlexClip Free

    FlexClip offers both free and paid services. As for non-subscribers, you might encounter restrictions in the terms of features, resource using, AI credits, and export options.

  • Features: All editing tools except for adding watermark, uploading fonts.
  • Resource using: 1 stock video, audio clip from FlexClip’s stock library.
  • Export option: 720P, up to 10-mins unlimited downloads with a watermark.
  • AI credits: 5 times of free AI text to video, AI text to image, AI script, 1000 characters of free Text to Speech, 3 free credits for image background removal.
  • Part 3. FlexClip Pricing

    Why not enjoy video creation fun at FlexClip without limitations? More AI credits, higher export resolution, more stock media resources will enable you to create videos feel like a blockbuster.

    FlexClip offers two subscription plans. One is the Plus plan ($9.99 per month), and the other is the Business plan ($19.99 per month). Both plans allow you to export videos in 1080P full HD without watermark, or video length. Their main differences lie on the AI credits, cloud storage, and how many stock videos and audios you can use per project.

  • Pro plan subscribers can use 5 stock videos/audios per projects, store up to 30GB of audios, videos, photos to FlexClip cloud and access them anywhere, store up to 100GB of exported videos and then share via a short link.
  • Business plan subscribers can use unlimited stock videos/audios per projects, store up to 100GB of audios, videos, photos to FlexClip cloud and access them anywhere, store up to 1TB of exported videos and then share via a short link.
  • Pro plan subscribers and business plan subscribers are given more AI credits. Here is a picture showing all the differences.

    Subscription Plan AI Credits

    Subscription Plan AI Credits

    Part 4. Guarantee from FlexClip

    We devote to providing the best video editing services while protecting your data safety. There will be no malware or tedious ads on the interface. We won’t share your personal data to the third parties. Besides that, we guarantee you the best customer service.

  • Instant reply. If you encounter any problems while editing videos or using FlexClip, our customer service staff will offer valid help.
  • 7 day money-back guarantee. You will get unconditional full refund if you are not satisfied with the FlexClip within 7 days.
  • Cloud export. Big video projects always cause burden to your computer and the software. If you have encountered the fail to export issue, we will be happy to help export your video projects and send via email.
  • Feature upgrade. FlexClip is powerful enough to make great videos, but we are constantly adding more practical features. Please look forward.
  • Part 5. FAQs About FlexClip

    Does FlexClip have a watermark?

    Without subscription, FlexClip adds a watermark to the video project. The cheapest subscription plan will remove the watermark instantly.

    How long can a free video be on FlexClip?

    Free video can be up to 10-min long on FlexClip, which is basically enough for creating social media videos.

    Is FlexClip free for commercial use?

    If you have subscribed FlexClip (Pro or Business Plan), you are free to use all resources from the stock library and the video you’ve created with FlexClip for commercial purposes.

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