How to Feature Channels on YouTube

Last Updated: 2022. 02. 25

Is your YouTube experience as seamless as ever? Well, then what’s a better time than the present to get some extra help and feature other channels?

What Are Featured Channels?

Before you can learn how to feature channels on YouTube, you need to be aware of exactly what these are. A featured channel consists of videos that the platform had deemed to be worth watching. Their desired viewership has been decided by the algorithms of the app and are not necessarily related to your web-surfing patterns or preferences.

Here are various benefits of featuring other channels on your personal or professional YouTube channel.

1.Access to a lot of content

Viewers love variety. If you keep showing them the same old content, they are bound to get bored and walk away. However, you can garner more attention towards the content you create with innovative and different ideas. The more appealing your content is to your target audience, the longer they are going to stay on your channel. In addition, they will keep coming back for more!

2.Added source of revenue

Learning how to add featured channels on YouTube means that you are thinking about adding another source of revenue to your personal or business blog. This is possible through a video course featured on your website or YouTube ads. There is no harm in earning a little money on the side.

3.Brings in creativity

While your content must be great and generating a lot of views, it does not hurt to use a featured channel as a creative outlet. It allows your subscribers to view a different kind of content, which you can use to bring in people who are not a part of your typical target market.

How to Feature Channels on YouTube

Once you add featured channels to your own YouTube channel, you will be able to endorse and promote other people or their businesses. This is going to increase viewership for the other channels, as well as bring in numerous people into your fold as well.

Below are some instructions that you can easily follow to learn how to feature other channels on YouTube.

Step 1
Log in to your YouTube account and open up the page for your channel.
Step 2
Move towards the right where you will see an option for a customized channel.
Step 3
This will begin loading the page for your channel.
Step 4
Once this is done, an option will appear in front of you that either says ‘Add Channels’ or ‘Feature Channels’.
Step 5
Choosing this option will take you to another page, where you will have to put in the username or URL of the channel you are hoping to feature.
Step 6
When you have added all the channels that you wanted to, proceed to click on ‘Done’.
Step 7
Voila! You are ready to offer additional content to your subscribers and viewers!

How to Feature Channels on YouTube

How to Remove a Featured YouTube Channel

Every now and then, YouTube makes important updates, and they change the way you can access a couple of features. For example, you cannot remove featured channels from your own homepage now as you could before. However, the process is just as simple. Follow the steps below to become well-versed in how to remove featured channels on YouTube.

Step 1
Open the homepage to your YouTube channel.
Step 2
Choose the option to customize.
Step 3
Find your way towards the section where the featured channels are displayed.
Step 4
Tap at the icon that has three dots.
Step 5
Pick the option that either says ‘Remove Section’ or ‘Edit Section Contents’.
Step 6
Remove the channel that you do not want to keep anymore.
Step 7
Done and dusted!
Step 8
Apply this same method to successfully learn how to block channels on YouTube app and you are good to go.

How to Create Excellent YouTube Video

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The Bottom Line

By this point, you must have already learned how to add featured channels on your YouTube homepage in order to tap into a different target market or endorse a business that you believe in. on the other hand, you can also follow some simple steps to remove any channel that does not appeal to you anymore.

In addition, you can bring in more viewers and provide them with quality user experience, by providing them with content that is creative and unique. Thus, you can use FlexClip to do your bidding and get innovative with its wide variety of web tools.

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