3 Ways to Compress GIF Images For Free

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12
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Come and find free ways to compress GIF images.

How to compress GIF easily? When we send a fun GIF via a messaging app or upload a GIF guide image to a blog, we often get a similar message "Your image exceeds XXXMB/KB and cannot be added/sent". That's frustrating, and we can only solve the issue by compressing GIF.

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Part One: 3 Ways to Compress GIF for Free

#1.Compress GIF Using FreeConvert GIF Compressor


How to Compress GIF using FreeConvert GIF Compressor?

How to compress GIF using FreeConvert GIF compressor.

Image: How to compress GIF using FreeConvert GIF compressor

Step 1
Click "Advanced Settings(Optional)" to set up how you are about to compress a GIF, such as, moving compression level to a higher digit.
Step 2
Go [Choose GIF Files] to upload your GIF file or link to a GIF.
Step 3
Download your compressed GIF.

What Is FreeConvert GIF Compressor?

FreeConvert GIF Compressor is a friendly compressor for GIF. With FreeConvert, you have the full controls over your GIF's compression level; you can define GIF's frames; pick whether to reduce colors.

Besides listing typical GIF compression ways, FreeConvert GIF Compressor allows you to use transparency to replace repeated colors to reduce GIF's size. Other than GIF's compression, this tool offers an "Undo optimization" check box for GIF users to fix buggy GIF.

Before downloading your compressed GIF, you can see the compression file size. It's awesome when you have a cap for GIF file size.

Notes for GIF Compression Quality:
*"Compression level" applies LZW compression. If you want to compress GIF in a lossless way, you can only change this option and leave other options the same.
*"Drop Frames to reduce the file size" change will speed up GIF motion.
*Other options will also change your GIF quality.

#2.Compress GIF via OnlineConverter's Compressing Tool


How to Compress GIF via OnlineConverter's Compressing Tool?

Steps to compress GIF via OnlineConverter's compressing tool.

Image: Steps to compress GIF via OnlineConverter's compressing tool.

Step 1
Choose a GIF file to upload or paste a GIF URL to load it.
Step 2
Choose color compression level, as well as image quality compression level.
Step 3
Hit [Compress] button to upload your GIF and compress it.
Step 4
Press "Download Now" in hyperlink to download your compressed GIF.

What Is OnlineConverter's GIF Compressor?

OnlineConverter's GIF compressor is a simple GIF size reducer free online. It gives you some compression options to choose from without telling you specific data. It's best for people who only want to get a smaller GIF result.

#3.Compress GIF with EZGIF Online GIF Optimizer


How to Compress GIF with EZGIF Online GIF Optimizer?

Compress GIF with EZGIF Online GIF Optimizer.

Image: Compress GIF with EZGIF Online GIF Optimizer.

Step 1
Choose your GIF file to upload, or paste a link to GIF.
Step 2
Choose an option to compress GIF. You can choose lossy compression, remove colors, or drop frames.
Step 3
Move compression level to a higher number.
Step 4
Hit [Optimize GIF!], and right click the optimized image and save your GIF.

What Is EZGIF's GIF Compressor?

EZGIF's GIF Compressor is a free online tool in EZGIF's toolbox. It's free & easy to get a lossy compressed GIF in a minute.

Unlike other GIF compressors, EZGIF's GIF Compressor only supports modifying one parameter at a time. - That is not very convenient when you want to change more than one compression parameters.

Part Two - Is GIF Compression Lossless?

GIF uses LZW compression technology - a universal lossless data compression algorithm created by Abraham Lempel, Jacob Ziv, and Terry Welch.

For those GIF compressors using LZW compression, GIF will not lose image quality when you compress it.

However, when you begin to subtract colors or delete frames in a GIF, there will be quality loss.

Part Three - Last Words

Compressing GIF is easy when you have the right compressor. If you want to compress a GIF to a specific size, FreeConvert GIF Compressor will satisfy you. Demand little for GIF compression? All 3 GIF compressors in the article are delightful choices for you.

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