How to Create Animated Call Out Titles with PR

Last Updated: 2022. 05. 10

When you want to make your video look professional and attractive and highlight a specific product or add details to it, call out titles are the best option for you. They are the modern, dynamic After Effects template that adds clean, smooth, and animated callouts as shown in the picture above. You can use these highly impressive effects in your corporate presentations, slideshows, TV shows, commercials, promotional videos, gaming videos, and much more. The applications are widespread.

To create such eye-catching call-out titles, Premiere Pro offers amazing tools and requires the simplest procedures of all. Even if you are not a full-time pro video editor, you will be able to ace the procedure without any difficulty.

Tag along to learn the trick to make your videos even more exciting and fun in the future using Premiere Pro to add the call-out titles to your videos. For a bonus, we have also revealed the best platform to get the Free call out titles Premiere Pro below.

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How to Create a Call Out Title with Premiere Pro

When you are working at Premiere Pro using the prepared templates the job becomes even easier, fun, and professional. Here’s the easiest way to add call-out titles to your videos in a blink of an eye. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Get your Template file ready

The first step is to find a suitable template and drag and drop it into the Premiere Pro interface. Once you have dropped the file, the ‘Import Project' pop-up will appear on the screen. From the box select the Import Entire Project option and Create Folder for the imported items. Click on the OK.

Step 2: Selecting the Template Option

Now go to the project manager and click on the arrow next to the folder, your folder will gradually open on the screen. In the drop-down menu, you will several options such as Replace Media Folder, Final Folder, and Other Folder.

At the Final Folder, you will find the Preview All option. Double click on Premiere All and all the call-outs of the template will appear. Explore different options to find the best-suited one. When you have selected a template you can directly navigate it through the All Call Out folder in the Final folder.

Do not that when you drag and drop a call out to the timeline, it’s a nested sequence that you can access by double clicking on it.

Step 3: Conduct Basic Customization

Customization allows you to add some personal touch to your video and make it the perfect picture from your imagination. Here are some things you can try:

Positioning the call outs on your video:

Click on the clip in your timeline and go to Effect Controls. Use position sliders to move the call out around to the right spot. When you have set it to a new place it will continue its animation normally.

Add your text:

You can add your text in the call-out title by noting the number your particular clip is in. Go to the Replace Media folder and find the related callout title that you want to use and drop down the folder.

Here double click on the file named TEXT and an editing box for text will appear. Add in the text, you wish to see in your call-out title. When you will return to your original sequence, you will find your new text shining there.

Replacing the Image:

Sometimes callouts we pick from the internet have an image that doesn’t goes well with our content, to change that head to the Replace Media folder and again find the corresponding call-out number. Double click on the image sequence and drag and drop it. Position it within the composition borders to maintain its center position. Return to your original sequence and you will have your new image ready.

Step 4: Personalized Customization

To add a bit more of your personal touch you can add the following customizations.

Change the direction of the Callout Title

To change the direction of the callout title double click on the sequence clip. Three layers will appear to Call Out Title, Line, and Circle Animation. Go to Line Layer to change where your new line stems from and change the Rotation or Position to create a new effect. Finally, go to the Circle Animation layer and use position sliders to line it with the bottom of your new line. Go back to the normal sequence and adjust the new call out title as you wish.

Change the color of your Call out

You can even change the color of the call out to match the theme of your video. Go to the Other folder in Project Manager and click on Solids. Double click on any of the file which will let you choose the desired color.

The color will apply to all call out titles.

So, are you ready to make an awesome callout titles in Premiere Pro to intensify the effects of your content. All templates are unique and behave differently but the basic procedure is same. Just play around and experiment with different styles and affects.

Call Out Title Tutorial in Premiere Pro

Where to Get Call Out Title Templates

Getting a quality call-out title template for your video is imperative to creating impressive results. But unfortunately, most of the call-out title templates available on the web are either too expensive or crappy. FlexClip offers the best Free call out titles Premiere Pro. With FlexClip you can access numerous free callout templates to apply to your video.

The next best thing about FlexClip is that you can customize the templates according to your style and requirements easily. Not only this you get to access numerous powerful video editing tools and effects that can upgrade your visual content to the next level.

Download FlexClip today free of cost or use the browser online to start making content that will leave your audience amazed and entertainment.

Call out Title Templates of FlexClip

Call out Title Templates of FlexClip

Create a Video View Templates

The Bottom Line

Premiere Pro is the most professional platform to unleash your creative geek without any limitations. But when you need a Free call out titles Premiere Pro, FlexClip has no comparison. It is free, easy to use and most importantly comes with premium tools and effects will make your videos look finished and professional. Give it a try!

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