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How to Make Book Trailers and Use Them for Your Upcoming Books?

Last Updated: Oct. 26, 2020

Book trailers are video ads released to promote upcoming books and increase the presence of their authors, just like a “movie trailer” for a new book.

When used skillfully, with follow-up book marketing campaigns, book trailers can be an effective way for you to create a buzz and convert more leads into sales, esp. in such a world where video marketing rules.

Use it or lose it!

In this post, you will learn where to begin with your book trailers; how to make book trailers with a powerful online editor, and the best places to post your book trailers videos, plus viable insider tips and great books trailers samples for inspiration.


Where to Begin with Your Book Trailers

To make a book trailer video, you need to include the following elements in it:

  • About the New Book: Book’s name; cover image; author; editorial reviews; synopsis (with a hook); main characters, quotes from the book(depends)
  • Book Sales: Publisher; publishing time; places to buy books; contacts; logo
  • Video Editing: High-quality videos and photos; animated texts; music and sound effects or audio narration; color-grading to fit the mood and theme, etc.


  • Besides, you should also have a sober mind as to what key information you want your target viewers and readers to know through the book trailer and how to present it logically and attractively.
  • It's advisable to write some scripts or use storyboards to figure it out before actual editing. Once you have a clear mind and everything prepared, then you can start making the book trailer video.

How to Make Book Trailers with FlexClip

Nowadays, making a book trailer is exceedingly easy.

There is no need to hire a filming crew, actor or actress, or rent expensive lighting and camera gears, etc. Check how to make a movie trailer.

A flexible way to control your budget is to make full use of a free online video editor like FlexClip for its bountiful royalty-free stock videos and photos and user-friendly video editing features.

Step 1: Create a New Project

Open FlexClip's video editor and either upload your books' video clips and photos or look for the proper ones in FlexClip's media library. There are 1,000,000+ high-quality video and photo assets available for you to use for free.

Search for free video footage and photos in FlexClip's media library

Search for free video footage and photos in FlexClip's media library

Insider Tips:

Every book has a compelling story to tell. You can use the intuitive storyboards of FlexClip to build the sequence or storyline of book trailers.

Tell viewers where, when, and what happened to the characters and then create a suspense or a hook for readers to find out themselves.

The intuitive storyboard makes book trailers editing easy with FlexClip

The intuitive storyboard makes book trailers editing easy with FlexClip

The most significant element of book trailers is video clips and photos.

Your book trailers should have catchy contents, including your book cover, of course, and you can shoot some footage related to the plot itself, such as some details, your characters’ clothes, the environment the scene involve, even find a character as your protagonist in book trailers.

Step 2 Customize Your Book Trailers

To give a distinctive character to your book trailer, you can do it by adding the following features to it.

Add Animated Texts or Subtitles.Texts and subtitles can help readers understand you well. Also, Texts can be a guidance of your trailer’s journey giving a hint to readers so that more readers wanna buy the book and read what really happened.

 Add animated texts or subtitles in book trailers

Add animated texts or subtitles in book trailers

You can easily use 100+ expertly-designed fonts and dozens of animated fonts available in FlexClip to easily communicate with the viewers. If you need, the dynamic widgets are also available for you to create eye-catching book trailers.

Add Music or Sound Effects . Sounds create the atmosphere. For different styles of book trailers, different background music and sound effects should be added accordingly.

Add music and sound effects by FlexClip

FlexClip offers you 100,000+ royalty-free music and sound effects in media stock. It helps you avoid IPR issues when posted on social media later. Just search your genres or categories, find the most proper one.

Add Voice-over (or audio narration). Many book trailers choose to add a voice-over to interpret the book story, helping readers better to understand the book, or arousing suspense to absorb more attention and audience.

How to record voiceover for each footage by FlexClip video maker

How to record voiceover for each footage by FlexClip video maker

To record a voiceover to book trailers, FlexClip allows you to click and hold the “ ” button in the corresponding video clip to record voice into the video clip directly. You can watch the scene, in the meantime recording the relevant sound and voice.

Add a Filter(or color-grading). Adding a filter or color-grading to your book trailers helps to fit the special mood of your book, creating a cinematic look.

Add a filter to change the color of book trailers by FlexClip

Add a filter to change the color of book trailers by FlexClip

You can easily use FlexClip to add a pre-made filter or play with the slider from left to right to fine-tune the exposure, contrast, hue, saturation, brightness, etc.

Insider Tips:

No one knows better than you do about the video visual style of your book trailer.

Choose a video style according to book story

Choose a video style according to book story

If it’s fiction, you can plan suspenseful and cinematic filming and editing. If it is a love story, the style of the book trailer should be emotional and romantic. Thus, the color of your book trailers can be more vibrant and dreamy.

Add Transition.Transition effects bring your video to life, it breaks up monotonous editing and makes the transition between videos smoother.

FlexClip offers you dozens of pre-built transition effects to make your book trailers coherent and engaging.

Add a transition in book trailers by FlexClip

Step 3 Export the Book Trailers

Before pressing the "export" button, do preview the entire storyboards to ensure everything works perfectly.

Then, use FlexClip's pre-made templates to add an intro, outro, and a logo leave key information to target readers, such as the date when your new book will hit the shelves, the place where a book signing event will be held.

Add an outro and logo to book trailers with FlexClip

Add an outro and logo to book trailers with FlexClip

Or use call- to- action words to invite readers to book pre-sale books online and increase the branding by adding a book logo to your trailers.

FlexClip also offers you to download high-resolution book trailers in 1080p, 720p, and 480p. You can even directly share the download video to Youtube account, etc.

Insider Tips:

How long should a book trailer be? Keep your book trailer short ( let's say between 1 and 2 min), captivating and to the point, otherwise, it won't hold your viewer's attention for too long.

Best Places to Post Book Trailers

Having made the book trailer is only the first step, the next important step is to post your book trailers on the right platform.

Though you can post the video on your social account, it's more objective and strategic to have the premiere of your book trailer shown first in the following places.

  • Amazon's author central or amazon book website. In this way, you can release the newest information on your up-coming books, and readers can look for your profile, check your previous works, and book the new book, etc.
  • Find a blog and publisher's website in your field. Releasing the book trailers of your newest book on the blog of a third-party or publisher's website is also a workable and effective way to promote your new books, though it can be challenging to the new and independent author.
  • Organize book signing event. You can try cooperating with bookstores or shopping malls to organize a book signing event. Face-to-face meet-up is the best way to communicate with the target readers and build mutual-trust.
  • Use various social media. Try to make full use of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, quora, etc. to increase the presence of your book campaign. Meanwhile, leave the link or email for readers to buy your book or reach you for an inquiry.
  • Post on your blog or website. This is a long-term and sustainable strategy to build the empire of your writing career. Create a landing page for announcing your latest books then upload your book trailers, keep optimizing relevant keywords ranking, etc.

Great Book Trailers Examples for Inspiration

For the starter of book trailers, we also handpicked a couple of great samples of book trailers. Hopefully, you can get inspired for making yours.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

An great sample of book trailers (source from Youtube)

This 59-second yet cinematic book trailer proceeds with a dramatic audio narration. The sound effects of thunder and lightning, blood-stained hands, tiara, and description of ruling gods and ordinary people skillfully give you some clue of the social class of the novel yet leave readers with a big hook to find out themselves.

Allies by Alan Gratz

Another sample of Book trailers (source from Youtube)

In this book trailers, the well-dressed author Alan Gratz passionately shares the story of some of his 7 main characters in the D-day, beginning of the end of World War II. Learn how to make a teaser trailer.

The use of clips of the documentary films, actual actor's play, and battlefield sound effects highlight the theme so masterfully and engage with the readers to discover the unusual teamwork and heroism in the war against Nazism.

If you are shy with the camera, please feel free to use the voice-over feature of FlexClip to record your audio narration to connect with the viewers.

Final Thoughts

Like the trailer for a new movie, having a captivating book trailer can be an effective way to promote your upcoming books.

For an independent author, the versatile online editor FlexClip can be a flexible tool to save your budget and time while making appealing book trailers.

Hopefully, you find our post and advice helpful. So, try yourself for making great book trailers with FlexClip now.

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