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How To Make Book Trailers By FlexClip Video Maker

Last Updated: Apr. 15, 2020

Summary: This blog shows you the 8 elements book trailers must include and also indicates how to make a fascinate book trailer to absorb more readers step by step.

Vision is our dominant sense, so it’s no doubted that book trailers are be the best promo video for your masterpiece. If you post your book trailers on different social media platforms, it may like movie trailers can help you reach wider audience.

Book trailers also help your readers have a profound understanding of the story. Therefore, compared with traditional book sale, book trailers can be a attractive addition for your book marketing strategy.

Now, let’s us check out which elements we should include in book trailers or say, how to make a good book trailer by FlexClip video maker.

1. Storyline

Your book has its compelling story, so what you only need to consider is how to tell this story such as what shows first. For example, you can decide to show a detail at the beginning concealing a suspense. Then, gradually tell audience what happened. So, you can make a video storyboard to build the sequence of video clips.

video storyboard

Image board: Click the image to learn more on how to make storyboard (image source from Olga Bedrina)

For another, you also need to make a decision on which video visual style you want. Surely, the video visual style can be decided by the book’s style, like a fiction?or a love story? If it’s a fiction, you can plan a suspenseful and cinematic filming and editing. On the other hand, if your book is a love story, the style of the book trailer is emotional and romantic.


Image board: Choose a video style according to book story.

2. Footage / Photos (Get the footage and photos of your book)

The most significant element of book trailers is video clips and photos. Your book trailers should have catchy contents, including your book cover, of course, and you can shoot some footage related to the plot itself, such as some details, your characters’ clothes, the environment the scene involve, even find a character as your protagonist in book trailers.

Image board: An example of book trailers (source from Epic Read)

How to Make Book Trailers by FlexClip Video Editor?

After getting all your video footage and photos, upload the local media to FlexClip video maker to start making your book trailer.


Image board: Find footage or photos about books or upload your local media to start making book trailers

Or if you don’t satisfied some clips, you can find another relative footage from FlexClip media stock to perfect your book trailers.


Image board: Searching for varieties of footage about book from FlexClip Media Stock

3. Video intro/logo/overlay

Depict video: Video intro for book trailers

Add a video intro to introduce the basic information of the book, like the name and author. Having a video intro can show your logo, or say, increase the awareness of the book.

How to Add Video Intro to Book Trailers by FlexClip?

There are 2 ways to make your video intro for book trailers:

1) Add a video background first. You can add a overlay or logo/intro on this pure-color background to indicate some basic information of the book.

Depict video: Add a video intro to book trailers

2) On the other hand, you’re able to upload clips/photos related to book cover or story as the background. Then, add a video intro/overlay or logo by FlexClip.

(Also, you can find footage/photos about books in FlexClip media stock to inspire your minds)

Depict video: Add a video intro to book trailers

4. Voiceover

Many book trailers choose adding a voiceover to interpret the book story, helping readers better to understand the book, or arousing suspense to absorb more attentions and audience.

Record Voiceover to book trailers

FlexClip allows you to click and hold the “ ” button in the corresponding video clip to record voice into video clip directly. You can watch the scene, in the meantime recording the relevant sound and voice.


Image board: How to record voiceover for each footage by FlexClip video maker

5. Music or sound effects

Sounds always emphasize the atmosphere. For different styles of book trailers, different background music and sound effects should be added.

FlexClip offers you thousands of music and sound effects in media stock. Search your genres or categories, find the most proper one.

Depict video: Add music and sound effects by FlexClip

6. Animated texts / subtitles

If you record a voiceover, Texts and subtitles can help readers understand you well. Also, Texts can be a guidance of your trailer’s journey giving a hint to readers so that more readers wanna buy the book and read what really happened.


Image board: Add animated texts or subtitles in book trailers

7. Transition

Depict video: Add a transitions in book trailers by FlexClip

Transition effects brings your video to life, it breaks up monotonous edits and make transition between videos smooth.

8. Filter

If necessary or you need a special effects, you can add a filter and adjust the number of colors including tint, brightness, exposure, etc. (this feature is coming soon, keep on eyes on FlexClip, there are many coupons and give away.)


Image board: Add a filter and change the color of book trailers by FlexClip.

Bottom Line

These are 8 elements you won’t miss in your book trailers. And according these 8 elements, there are 8 steps to help you to make a compelling book trailer to get more readers and customers. Come to Check them out!

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