Top 7 Audio Converters: Convert Audio Files To MP3 For Free

Last Updated: 2021. 09. 06

Briefs: We've selected out top audio converters for you, in case you need to convert audio files or compress your audio. Pick any of these tools, and you can convert various audio files to the most widely used MP3, fast & easy, and best of all, free.


Suppose you have issues of uploading or playing an audio file, the audio file will likely be in another audio format that the tool(i.e., video editor, streaming app, audio player, or other software) cannot read. It would help if you had an audio converter to convert your audio file to MP3, and your problem shall disappear.

About MP3 Audio(Why Is MP3 Your Ultimate Solution): MP3 format is the most widely used audio file that almost all devices and applications support. MP3 is so popular, because it has a superb performance (an optimal algorithm) that compresses audio unbelievably highly while simultaneously preserving the best audio quality.

To troubleshoot audio format issues, we've introduced top 7 audio converters both in desktop and online. You might be surprised at some of the desktop audio converters for not knowing their function to convert audio to MP3, but they are awesome.

Part One - Top Audio Converters Free Online

#1.Online MP3 Audio Converter

Online MP3 Audio Converter.

Image: Online MP3 Audio Converter.

The specific free, online audio-to-MP3 converter promises you with a high-quality audio conversion: Just upload your audio file to it, optionally adjust parameters/settings for your wanted MP3, and in an instant, it will return your MP3 audio file.

Besides converting audio files to MP3 audio, it supports converting videos to MP3s. For people only want a part of the audio in MP3, they can utilize the setting of "Trim audio". It also supports converting audio/video on web, Dropbox, or Google Drive to MP3 validly. Pretty handy!

Tips: For MP3 audio bitrate, set to 128kbps - 192kbps to generate an incredible MP3 quality. However, However, if your audio source's quality is bad, adjusting converting MP3 bitrate won't be any helpful: The rendering MP3 will only take up more disk storage.

#2.Online Audio Converter

Online Audio Converter.

Image: Online Audio Converter.

Go [Open files] to choose your audio file, and a hit of [Convert] will give you an MP3 file from your audio immediately. The same, its MP3-conversion algorithm ensures you a high-quality MP3.

The second audio converter has fewer MP3 bitrate options for you to choose from: It only allows you to slide to 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps and 320kbps. If you don't know which bitrate to choose, go the default standard 128kbps, the MP3 quality won't fail you.


Convertio Audio Converter.

Image: Convertio Audio Converter.

Choose and upload your audio file, pick an audio format to convert (here, we select MP3), and click [Convert]. It will prepare your MP3 audio within a minute. Press [Download] to get your MP3 conversion on your computer.

Free Convertio supports converting audio online among 3416 audio formats, which includes popular MP3, OGG, M4A, AU(Linux audio), AIFF(Apple audio), WAV(Microsoft audio), etc. Unlike other audio converters online support users choosing audio bitrate, Convertio doesn't have this option.

#4.Online Converter

Online Converter.

Image: Online Converter.

Find [Go] button right after the context of "Convert to MP3". On MP3 conversion page, upload your audio by clicking [Choose File]. Tick "Options" to agree to terms and hit [Convert] to turn audio to MP3.

The old-interface Online Converter supports audio file conversions among tens of audio formats. You won't find it troublesome to convert audio to MP3 online. You can set bitrate for your MP3 from 8kbps to 320kbps.


Zamzar Audio Converter.

Image: Zamzar Audio Converter.

Zamzar is another convenient, free converter online. It's a versatile file converter that can convert among a long list of formats. Just upload your audio by [Add Files...] or drag-and-drop, select "mp3" in the group of "Music formats", and go [Convert Now].

Just to note, Zamzar doesn't leave you the option of bitrate setting (So, you'll only have standard-quality MP3). In addition, it restricts your upload audio size to 50MB.

Part Two - Top Desktop Audio Converters [Free & Paid]

#6.VLC Player & Converter[Free]


VLC Player & Converter.

Image: VLC Player & Converter.

VLC Player is not only a powerful media player + a simple screen recorder, but also an audio converter: Just go the menu "Media" > "Convert/Save...", VLC converter interface will show. Use [+Add...] button to upload your audio file, and hit [Convert/Save]. In "Profile" scroll-down option, find "Audio-MP3". After choosing a destination file path for your MP3, [Start] will turn valid to download your converted MP3.

#7.WinRAR Compressor & Converter[Paid & Free Trials]


YouTube: How to convert audio file to MP3 with WinRAR easily?

You hear it right - WinRAR can help you convert any audio file to MP3, and it's possibly the most convenient audio converter! Just compress an audio file in WinRAR, change the audio file's name extension to MP3 in the compressed file, uncompressed it, and it's done.

Part Three - Lastly

All of the audio converters in the list are fast to convert audio to MP3 or another audio format. In our test, they are the most convenient audio converters. We will continue updating the list of best audio converters, so that you can easily find a satisfying audio converter here.

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