Why Is My YouTube Video in 360P & How to Fix

Last Updated: 2021. 06. 11
If you wonder why your high-quality YouTube video is in 360P after loaded, check this post out! Here are the reasons and detailed fixes. Let’s get started!

I just uploaded a YouTube video in 1080P, but when it is finally done, it only says 360P. Why is my YouTube video in 360P?

- An User from Reddit

Under most circumstances, you can view your YouTube video in high quality. If you can’t, please know there are hundreds of other users on Reddit or Quora asking the same question. You are not alone!

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Part 1. Why Is Your YouTube Video in 360P

1. The YouTube Video Is New

YouTube is a powerful social platform that supports up to 4K video streaming. As is known to all, the higher video resolution brings bigger size and longer processing time. To upload your video faster, the server will process your video in low resolution, which is 360p.

After all users can watch your video in low resolution, the YouTube server will continue the processing. Just within a couple of hours, all users are able to watch the YouTube video in higher quality!

2. Device Internet Connection Is Bad

YouTube values smoothing video watching experience. If your data plan or phone can’t handle the requirements of your video, the video will not load properly.

3. Wrong Resolution

All video creators should mind the YouTube acceptable resolution. If your video is not in the right resolution, YouTube might adjust it automatically to fit the screen.

How to Fix YouTube Video Is 360P Issues

Solution 1. Wait for More Time

As mentioned above, a new YouTube video is displayed in the lowest resolution because it requires more time to be processed. Just wait for several hours and see if you can enjoy the high-resolution video.

Solution 2. Better Device, Better Internet

If you are under a bad Internet connection or your device is too old, YouTube will automatically adjust the video resolution to provide users smoother viewing experience. Switch to another device, another Internet connection.

Solution 3. Create in Best Aspect Ratio

YouTube videos’ standard aspect ratio is 16:9. If your video is in other aspect ratios, the player will automatically change it to the ideal size. You can easily convert your video to 16:9 in clicks before uploading.

Frequent Questions About YouTube Videos

1. How to Watch HD Resolutions Quickly?

If you want to watch HD resolution video quickly, you can upload your video in a lower resolution. Instead of 2K, try 1080P! Lower video resolutions in seconds!

2. How to View Your Video in Higher Quality?

Go to Settings option on the bottom of viewing window. Click the Quality option to switch to a desired quality.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for why your video is in 360P and all possible solutions. If you find this post helpful, please do share it with others. We also have more posts on YouTube video, check them out to upgrade from a greenhand to a professional.

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