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Practical Guide to Wedding Videography for Couples

Last Updated: Oct. 09, 2020

No one wants to miss the touching moments at the wedding.

Wedding videography is a great supplement and extension of wedding photos on your big day.

In this post, you will learn whether it’s necessary to hire a wedding videographer or rather record a wedding video by an amateur and get inspired by lovely wedding video templates, plus many practical tips for wedding video editing.

How Important Is Wedding Videography?

Yes, it is money well spent to have wedding videography for your special day.

Just think about the affectionate look between you and your wife; gracefully-dressed bride in a white gown; moving tears of parents and friends; cheers and dancing of the visitors; resolute voices of wedding vows, and the tender sunlight, etc.

All of these precious moments deserve to be documented well with videos.

John & Marry Wedding Video

In fact, statistics from HuffPost show that “98% of brides who made the decision not to have a wedding video regretted doing so”.

Yes, it does cost you a bit more, but your wedding video will become a lifetime gift you can enjoy for years as your memory starts to fade.

Besides, it is a timeless gem you can share with your children and the children of children.

So, don’t hesitate to hire either a pro wedding videographer or ask your friend to record your wedding video. It’s a must-have for your wedding.Check the tricks to DIY a wedding video.

Pro Wedding Videographer vs Amateur,Which Works for You?

Then, let’s come to the next question.

To choose a pro wedding videographer or pass the important job to someone like your friends?

Well, different strokes for different folks. It all depends on your budget, time available, and other preferences.

a.Who Should Choose a Pro Wedding Videographer

An obvious difference between a pro and amateur videographer is the rich experience the pro videographer has for on-location filming, masterful control of lighting, composition, and post-editing, plus high-end camera gears.

Pro wedding videographer at a wedding

Pro wedding videographer at a wedding

If you have enough budget, a professional wedding videographer should be your top choice.

Here are some of the practical tips for you:

Choose a Pro Wedding Videographer

One of the most reliable and efficient ways is to ask your friends and relatives who had previously hired a pro wedding videography for the recommendation.

In this way, you can quickly know the style, service, and pricing, etc. of that videographer, along with an objective comment from your friends. Sometimes, you can even get a discount from your friend’s recommendation.

Wedding videographer recommended by friends

Wedding videographer recommended by friends

Or you may google “wedding videography and videographer” + the place where you live to find one. You can visit their official website, portfolio, and services included. It does take more patience and time to shop around.

Another alternative is to make full use of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube to scout for your ideal wedding videographer. Check top 5 free wedding video editor 2020.

Make Sure the Details:

  • Figure out if the videographer is available on your wedding date
  • Check the filming style and time, service items included, cameras gears they use
  • Ask how many staff will come for the wedding, any cooperation needed
  • Get a quotation, ask how to pay, and if there is any discount available
  • How long can you get the edited final video
  • Possibly meet the videographer in person for a detailed discussion
  • Once you are satisfied with the service and quotation, you gotta book it ASAP. Or other folks may steal your ideal videographer

Solutions for Couples with Low-budget:

  • Have your wedding videography in the off-season
  • Shop around and compare the multiple pricing and service
  • Have minimum No. of staff, basic gears, and limit filming time
  • Only look for basic post-editing and copy the video file only
  • Look for the cooperation with a student of film and cinematography

b. Who Should Go for the Amateur like Your Friends

If you have a limited budget yet happen to have friends who have DSLR or mirrorless cameras and are avid photographers, then kindly asking your friends to help you record the wedding video should also work.

Ask friends to film a wedding video

Ask friends to film a wedding video

However, we have to admit that though sharing much common ground, photography is not like videography for the wedding.

To do the job well, here are some of the useful tips for you:

Wedding Videography Cameras Recommended

  • A full-frame DSLR or mirrorless camera (preferably Sony, Canon, Nikon)
  • Camera lens preferred: 24-70mm F2.8; 70-200mm F2.8; These two zoom lenses will cover 95% of the wedding shots.
  • Others: tripod, gimbal, drone (open-air wedding), external microphone for audio recording, back-up batteries, multiple memory cards, LED lights, etc.


  • You’d better get familiar with all the gears first and charge all the batteries and have enough memory cards prepared the night before the wedding.
  • Do survey the wedding location in advance. Keep your phone available and sleep early for a busy day tomorrow.

On-location Filming at the Wedding

  • Must-have wedding videography shot list :
    • Bride and groom getting dressed for the wedding
    • Coming of friends and relatives
    • Panoramic wedding scene
    • Bride and groom walking down the aisle
    • Wedding vows & couple kissing
    • Wedding party dancing
    • Champagne tossing and cake cutting, etc.
  • Use multiple angles and focal lengths to tell the story
  • Capture enough B-rolls, which makes it easier for post-production
  • Never miss out the unexpected touching moments
  • Properly use the natural lighting or LED lights

Get Inspired by Wedding Videography Templates

Running out of inspiration for your wedding video?

No worries! We handpicked a number of romantic wedding videography templates. Hopefully, you can get inspired for both wedding planning and editing the touching scenes filmed at the wedding.

Wedding video recap

Kissing at a wedding

You may also add an audio narration with FlexClip to make a more powerful and engaging wedding video, whether in the form of couples reading letters, or giving a moving message.

Record voice to your wedding video

Record voice to your wedding video

Extra Tips for Making Your Wedding Videography

a.Better Use Royalty-free Music and Video Stock

Sharing your wedding video between friends is one thing, posting your wedding video on different social media like Youtube or Facebook is another.

Sometimes, your video does get flagged or taken down because of the IPO issue. So, it's advised to use the royalty-free music and video source in Flexclip for post-editing your wedding video.

Add royalty-free music to wedding video

Add royalty-free music to wedding video

b.Focus on Storytelling, Not the Technical Part

For wedding videography, the bride and groom and their interaction with parents and visitors would be the key to focus.

Interesting bouquet throwing ceremony

Interesting “bouquet throwing ceremony”

Film the bride and groom’s faces, nervous fingertips twitch in anticipation or gentle gaze through the window, hanging out with their friends, wedding decoration, and sweet atmosphere to highlight the storytelling, etc.

c.Resize Your Wedding Videography for Easy Social Sharing

After the editing is done, use Fexlcip to resize the aspect ratio to 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, 21:9, or 4:5 to fit the different needs for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Resize wedding video aspect ratio

Resize wedding video aspect ratio

d.Add Cinematic Grading to Make Wedding Video More Dramatic

Having a cinematic color of your wedding video or a cinematic wedding teaser is also a major trend for wedding videography.

To get the cinematic look, you can fine-tune the exposure, contrast, temperature, tint, saturation, or use pre-made filters to get the cinematic color you want.

Color grading the wedding video with Flexclip

Color grading the wedding video with Flexclip

The Bottom Line

To sum up, it’s a must to have wedding videography, either to hire a pro wedding videographer or ask your friends to record a wedding video for your big day.

For both ways, you need to get prepared ahead of time, such as how to find a videographer or get ready for the wedding videography camera gears and remember the must-have scenes, etc. on the wedding day.

Besides, to couples like you, don’t forget to use Flexclip’s free wedding templates to edit your wedding photos and proposal videos for your special wedding invitation.

Though the wedding is temporary yet the love and touching moments remain enteral through the laughter and dancing in the video. If you find this post useful, do share it with your friends on social media. Cheers.

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