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Make A Pro Wedding video: 8 Dead Simple Videography Tips

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Last Updated: Apr. 15, 2020

Summary:This blog shows you 8 wedding videography pro tips to help you film a fabulous wedding video recording your precious memory.

The difference between a poor wedding filmmaker and a good one doesn’t depend on having the most experience camera and lots of gears, camera is a indispensable part though. It more depends on you, how you wanna design the story for your wedding video. Here has 8 pro tips for you guys to do yourself and film a excellent wedding video.

8 Tips For Wedding Videography

1.Stay Lightweight and Move Fast


Image board: Camera gears

Wedding is really a long day. Except for the morning of wedding, you need run around until the wedding ends. You don’t know which situation you may involve in. There may be a hike on some mountain to get some shots of couple. So it’s best to keep lightweight carrying as little gears as you can.


Image board: Wedding videography is quite tired, stay lightweight

The worst things may happen if you carry too heavy gears are you’ll be fall behind so that miss many good shots, and you’ll be so exhausted by the end of the day that you’re not gonna have a complete wedding filming.

Wedding filmmaking is very exhausting and it is a really long day. So just set the heavy bag aside, stay lightweight and move fast to capture every beautiful moment.

2.Familiar with Camera Settings and Film Fast

Things at the wedding happen very fast, literally, you need to Snap Snap Snap all the time. If you use too much time to consider ‘what is ISO?’, ‘ how to change the exposure’, you will miss everything important.

It’s very simple but you need to change the settings really quickly. You can practice and change the settings inside and outside, going by the window and then going the dark corner in advance, because you do need to be super fast shoot the different situations and scenes during the wedding.

3.Choose a stabilizer for wedding videography

You won’t want to shaky hands ruin every romantic moment, pick up one of stabilizer: tripod, monopod, glidecam, slider or gimble.

Tripod is great during the ceremony filming, but when you’re in a tiny hotel room with entire bridal party and family members, you won’t have much space to film, hence, I personally recommend to use a monopod and glidecam to keep shooting, because you can switch from a monopod to a glidecam using the same place without any balance.

Depict video: Stabilization

4.Tell a Special and Romantic Wedding Story

“I wanna this wedding video be perfect, I wanna it record every precious moment, I wanna it be moody and romantic.”

But how? How can you elicit the emotion ?

4 story-building videography tips:

(1)Tell your story by every details and moments

You can do that by showing their faces, clips of them, hanging out with their friends, capturing the detail moment when they’re laughing, when they look a bit nervous and when they are looking at window.

Depict video: Details

(2)Add a narration to your wedding video

Audio plays such a strong role in visual storytelling. Adding a audio narration with FlexClip makes a more powerful and engaging wedding video, whether in the form of couples reading letters, friends giving toasts, or giving a moving message.

record-a voice-to-video

Image board: Add a audio narration to video by FlexClip

(3)Use emotional music to tell the story

Adding a romantic music or happy beats makes a emotional and touching wedding video.


Image board: Add a music or sound effects to video by FlexClip

(4) You can also build up some sort of suspense

you need to create something that makes viewers can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen.


  • Don’t show the couple fully dressed right in the beginning of the video.
  • Some people may edit the video starting with full dressed and walking and then back to how they get ready, they think it’s artistic. But, under this situation, it’ll kill the atmosphere and ruin the whole story. While if showing the progression of getting ready, details, it will increase suspense and curiosity. Viewers prefer having something to wait and something to look forward to.

5.Capture enough b-rolls & multiple angles

You need to move around, keeping switch angles and get different perspectives. And try out different shots: wide, medium and tight, which makes wedding videos so much interesting.

B-roll is the worst enemy when editing, and helps you focus on emotions. When the bride and groom watch their wedding video, they have a wish to see their friends and family’s affections and reactions.

Depict video: Get enough B-rolls and different angle shots

6.Don’t miss must-have shots, you can’t let them redo a kiss!

Obviously in a wedding day, there are many must-have moments for kiss, vows, or speeches, you don’t want to miss out these moments.

Use your most confident angle, and don’t use super creative angles filming these moments to avoid some trouble, because you can’t let them redo a kiss or the vow for example.


Image board: Don't miss must-have shots

So make sure you get the must-have shots. And surely once you get these, you can feel free to get creative angles, and try more different perspective shots.

7.Doing the cinematic grading makes the wedding video more romantic

Change the exposure, templates and add some contrast to make sure the skin tones that makes the bride, groom and guests look so much better.


Image board: cinematic grading

8.Gears and Lens Choices For Wedding Videography

Camera Gears

For many professional wedding videographer, they usually would carry a camera like GH5 to capture most shots, the Metabone speedbooster to get wider shots like the establishing shots, and a lens to zoom in when they can’t get close to the couple and people.


Image board: lens choice

A Low light camera is also very important.

Wedding evening reception may become a nightmare, so please prepare a low light camera in advance.


Image board: Low-light camera for night-event

If you want to use video light or flashlight, remember use it carefully and sparingly, guests don’t want to be blinded all night and you won’t want to ruin the moods. Therefore, you can talk the light setup with DJ in advance and do some preparations.

Lens Choices

The pro tip for wedding videography in lens choice is shooting on 18 to 35mm on the full frames, which gives a perspective to audience that makes them feel they were there at the wedding.

In general, the wider the angle, the more feelings like audience is actually there with them. This is also why many vlogger use lots of wider shots to get more engagements. On the contrary, if you use a zoom lens, it will makes audience feel you’re looking at the wedding couples from a far way.


Image board: Bad example: Zoom-in lens: A feeling of a far looking at them

Also, with 18 to 35mm on the full frames, you can film every details, quickly getting the establishing shots and then getting portrait clips. F 1.8 gives a lot of room isolating the couple from other background and a nice shallow depth of field.


Image board: 18 to 35mm on the full frames gives you more details.

However, in some cases you won’t go super close with the couple when someone give a speech, or they are giving the vow, so at these moments you need use a zoom lens like D7200, 35mm F1.4.


Image board: zoom-lens

Bottom Line

These are the 8 simple tips which help your wedding video professional and thrilling. Try the 8 ones out to tell a special, romantic and attractive wedding video!

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