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How to Create Engaging Video Business Cards Online for Free

Last Updated: Jun. 24, 2021

This is an era of the Internet when more and more business is doing online. The traditional business card is not totally obsolete, yet, the fact is that video business cards are a more engaging way to display yourself as a professional, whichever field you are in. Moreover, video business cards are more likely to be shared.

Video business cards take two forms, which are the simple online video and the physical business card with a small screen to play with. Besides social functions, video business cards emphasize more on explaining the business and winning conversions.

So, how to create a video business card? What kind of content should you include in a video business card? In this guide, we will show you all keys to create an engaging video business card. Check out the following part.

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Part 1. Video Business Card Content Planing

Whichever kind of video business card you are going for, the physical business card with video or simple online video, you need to create a video on your own. A video business card should include,

  • Who are you? Your introduction should be in the first part of the video business card. To be outstanding, besides common information like name, job title, you need words to establish your credibility and endears audiences to your brand. For these customers who are older, try to display your achievements and the reason why you should be viewed as an authority in your field.
  • What’s the purpose? There must be a reason why you want to deliver a video business card to audiences. You want the audiences to buy or visit your website? Tell them directly. Never let the audiences guess what you want to do.
  • Where to find you? Leave any contact information within the video, for example, the website, your email address or even your phone number.


  • 1. Video business cards are usually 1-2 minutes long. Don’t make it too long or too short.
  • 2. You might have lots of information for the video business card. Don’t just mix everything up. Be organized, and just focus on one topic at a time.

Part 2. Video Business Card Templates

Depict video: Video Business Card Template

Depict video: Video Business Card Template

Depict video: Video Business Card Template

Part 3. How to Create a Video Business Card

Filming is the least thing to worry about. With some filming tricks and practices, it is extremely easy to get good video clips. Editing professionally and effectively is the priority.

FlexClip, the best online video editor, provides you the top-notch video editing service. Firstly, it is quite easy to use. Any edits can be done in a few clicks. Secondly, this program has all practical tools that allow you to make cool edits, like doing voice-over, adding watermark. Moreover, it contains lots of royalty-free media resources to help level up your video, like free music, photos, and video clips. Video templates are also available.

This is how you create a video business card via FlexClip.

Step 1 Go to Pick a video business card example you like then edit, or start from scratch.

Step 2 Click on the “+” button to add videos, photos to the storyboard. Resources from the media library and the computer will all do.

Create a Video Business Card - Add to Storyboard

Image Board: Create a Video Business Card - Add to Storyboard

Step 3 Add text to each storyboard.

Create a Video Business Card - Add Text

Image Board: Create a Video Business Card - Add Text

Step 4 Add Music as BGM. If necessary, do voice-over.

Create a Video Business Card - Add Music

Image Board: Create a Video Business Card - Add Music

Step 5 Preview. Continue editing. If you are satisfied with the video, export it.

Part 4. Where Should You Share the Video Business Card

A great majority of people send video business card to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. If you are running a website, let it be a landing page video. The About US page can also be effective for converting customers.

The Bottom Line

Now, you have finished creating a video business card. Hopefully, it boosts your business and brings conversions. If you find this post helpful, share this post so that others more people also benefit from it. By the way, FlexClip also helps you create other videos, like landing page video, YouTube video banner, etc. Explore more possibilities with FlexClip.

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