Create a Sincere Teacher’s Day Video to Say Thank You

Last Updated: 2021. 07. 19

Teachers impart knowledge, help students acquire competence and virtues. As a metaphor goes, teaching is like gardening. What a teacher is to students is what a gardener is to flowers. Despite different culture backgrounds, we all celebrate Teacher’s Day to thank teachers for their hard working. The International Teacher’s Day falls on October 5th each year.

Teacher’s Day card is a great gift. How about a more special and unique gift, like a Teacher’s Day video?

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Part 1. Teacher’s Day Video Ideas

1. A Whole Class of Warmth

More wishes, more warmth. This means you can gather all your classmates to give their wishes This may sound a bit of cliche, but it never fails to touch the teacher. If possible, contact your senior alumni to join you.

2. Interview

Who knows your teacher best? Who knows the most interesting thing happened in the classroom? Hold a contest like that and make a video! This brings your teacher back to the time full of laughs and happiness. By the way, the interviewers are not limited to your classmates, try to include other teachers.

3. Teacher’s Day Activities

Are there any special arrangements on this day? If you are throwing a Teacher’s Day party, do make a video about it. These cherished moments deserve to be cherished.

4. Exchange

Teachers are good at lecturing and students usually listen. It is the day to switch your places. Record a special lesson for your teachers and play them in your class. Try to be fun and interesting.

5. Have Fun

Remember Film Blackboards, Confessions about teachers? In these videos, directors created many classic teacher characters. What about using similar video clips of your teachers to create a film-alike video? This can be fun and lots of preparations are required. And some teachers might think it is offensive.

Part 2. How to Create a Teacher’s Day Video

For most of you, as free hands, it is possible to just create a professional Teacher’s Day video without getting involved with complicated editing process. This may sound too good to be true. Actually, many professional and easy-to-use video editors can help you make good Teacher’s Day videos. We recommend FlexClip.

FlexClip is an online tool that provides professional video editing services. It excels other competitors over, first, ease-of-use. Any edits can be done in a few clicks. Second, it contains all practical tools that make cool edits, like video trimming, voice recorder, music cutter, filters, transitions. Moreover, it contains millions of royalty-free templates, and music, photo, video clip resources.

Now, go to to start making a Teacher’s Day video.

Step 1 Pick one FlexClip’s video template you like or start from scratch.

Create Teacher's Day Videos - Template

Image board: Create Teacher's Day Videos - Template

Step 2 Add video clips from the computer or the media library to the storyboard.

Create Teacher's Day Videos - Add Videos to Storyboard

Image board: Create Teacher's Day Videos - Add Videos to Storyboard

Step 3 Add dynamic texts to each storyboard.

Create Teacher's Day Videos - Add Text

Image board: Create Teacher's Day Videos - Add Text

Step 4 Add Music or voice-over to the video.

Create Teacher's Day Videos - Add Music

Image board: Create Teacher's Day Videos - Add Music

Step 5 Preview. Continue editing or export if you are satisfied with it.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for creating a Teacher’s Day video. If you find this post helpful, we will appreciate if you can share it online. By the way, FlexClip is also a good tool to create other types of videos, like holiday videos, business videos. Explore more at

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