How to Add Social Media Popups to Videos Online for Free[Twitch, YouTube, and More]

Last Updated: 2021. 12. 31
This article tells you how to add awesome social pop ups to your video online for free to spice up your Twitch stream or YouTube. Including pop ups for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Looking for a way to inspire people to find you on social media, promote your social media channel, and increase your following? Then you will need the social media popups.

Social Media Pop Ups

Social Media Pop Ups

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Part 1 Best Free Online Social Media Popup Maker with Templates

Here we'll introduce an online social media popup maker that you can make animated social media popups for free and add them to your video in clicks.

FlexClip Social Media Popup Maker provides a complete popup creation for various platforms, including YouTube popup, Instagram popup, TikTok popup, Twitter popup, and many other social popups. You can easily customize your own social media popups for your Twitch streams, YouTube videos, and more with the pre-made animated popup templates in FlexClip and then put them in your video quickly.

Below are some of the advantages of this social media popup maker:

  • Various animated social popup templates that help you get started in seconds.
  • Numerous appealing text effects and fonts of all styles and designs.
  • Beautiful elements that allow you to customize any social icons.
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use editing features that level up your video.
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    FlexClip is far more than a social media popup maker, and it is the world's finest video maker and editor, which comes with thousands of video templates enabling you with endless inspiration to customize your video with great ease.

    Birthday Wishes For Sisters
    Birthday Wishes For Sisters
    Use This Template

    Part 2 How to Make Social Pop-Ups for Twitch Stream, YouTube Video & More

    Free social media Popup for Twitch stream or YouTube videos? YouTube popup, Instagram popup, or TikTok popup? FlexClip can meet all your needs. Check the simple steps below to learn how to add social media popups to your video now.

    1. Upload Your Footage to FlexClip

    2. Pick the Social Media Overlay Template

    3. Customize the Social Media Popup

    Get Started Now View Templates
    Step 1
    Upload your Video to FlexClip

    Drag and drop your video to the media section and apply it to the storyboard directly or add it to the storyboard as an overlay using the Picture-in-Picture feature.

    Add Social Media Pop Ups to Video - Upload

    Add Social Media Pop Ups to Video - Upload

    Step 2
    Pick the Social Media Overlay Template

    Go to the Text and focus on Social Media to find your desired social media popup animation templates and then add them to the video one by one.

    Add Social Media Pop Ups to Video  - Select

    Add Social Media Pop Ups to Video - Select

    Step 3
    Customize the Social Media Popup

    Now, you can edit the social media icons to make them pop up as you wish. You can change the default text and customize the social media overlay's color, size, position, and motion. Also, remember to Adjust Time to determine when the social media popups appear and disappear.

    Add Social Media Pop Ups to Video  - Customize

    Add Social Media Pop Ups to Video - Customize

    Final Words

    We hope this blog will help you make your social media popups in your Twitch stream or YouTube videos. Just go to FlexClip online video social media maker and make your videos with animated social media popups now!

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