Top 5 Online Signature Background Removers You Can't Miss

Last Updated: 2023. 11. 14
Looking for a signature background remover to create a digital signature with transparent background for your online documents? You've come to the right place! We have tested some of the most popular online signature background removers and have listed some features to help you master this skill in this post.

With the incessant development of modern technology, the digital office has become more common at work. There also comes a time when you need to add a signature to different documents. It's easy to sign a physical document, but what about a PDF or an email?

For adding signature to a PDF document or some such, you need another solution. Generally, we use a scanned one for those documents. But the scanned signature usually comes with an unseemly background that needs to remove.

Under this circumstance, how to sign online documents on the computer has become a problem. So it has become necessary to have an online signature background remover. Fortunately, here are many signature background removers available that can help removes the background of signatures.

Top 5 Online Signature Background Removers

Top 5 Online Signature Background Removers

1. Signature Background Remover - FlexClip

FlexClip is one of the best and easiest-to-use online tools for removing the background from the signature of the image online. If you have no idea of professional video editing and couldn't afford the time to gain relevant knowledge, FlexClip will be your first choice with powerful features for removing background from any image, including a signature. Furthermore, FlexClip is more than just a transparent signature maker. It offers a range of features that can help you with your photo editing needs, such as changing background colors of images, and removing background from logo.

Signature Background Remover - FlexClip

Signature Background Remover - FlexClip

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Key Features of FlexClip

  • Remove signature background use AI image background remover in a single click
  • Upload signature images or any files from phone and more third-party platforms, like Google Drive, One Drive, etc.
  • Refine the signature details manually to make sure every detail is perfect
  • Fast in removing background from signature
  • If you decide to remove background from a signature image and create you own digital signature for using in multiple documents, FlexClip helps you achieve the goal in 3 steps: upload your image, remove background from the signature image with a click, and then download your signature without background as a transparent png.

    2. Signature Background Remover - is an online image background remover tool that uses AI technology to make backgrounds transparent with more accuracy than traditional image editing software. It can remove the background from almost any type of image, including signatures, within seconds.

      Signature Background Remover-

    Signature Background Remover -

    Key Features of

  • Quick and simple processing
  • Keep high image quality
  • Remove backgrounds from images and photos
  • No extra editing features
  • There is no option for manual adjustments

    3. Signature Background Remover - Pixelied

    Pixelied is an online photo editor that allows you to edit photos and remove background from signature images online. Make your signature transparent so that you can use it in multiple documents. Pixelied is a quick and easy solution to create transparent signatures.

    Signature Background Remover- Pixelied

    Signature Background Remover - Pixelied

    Key Features of Pixelied

  • Advanced AI makes background removal
  • More customization about signature background removal
  • Simplistic interface
  • Background removal is not free
  • Not too many customization options
  • Advanced edits available in the paid version

    4. Signature Background Remover - Simplified

    Simplified is another popular tool for signature background removal online and is entirely free to use. Simplified is a very simplistic tool with professional templates and rich libraries. Upload images in any format and in one click can get a high-quality transparent background image ready to be used in all user’s marketing campaigns.

    Signature Background Remover - Simplified

    Signature Background Remover - Simplified

    Key Features of Simplified

  • Automatic and Free image background removal in just a couple of seconds
  • Customized background choice
  • Free to use
  • Not very accurate
  • Slow in processing

    5. Signature Background Remover - Fotor

    With Fotor's free online signature background remover, you can get it done with just one click! Powered by artificial intelligence, Fotor can accurately identify your signature and extract it from the image with a clean cutout, no matter how complex your signature might be. Fotor’s AI background remover will detect and extract your signature from the image immediately. The entire process takes just seconds.

    Signature Background Remover - Fotor

    Key Features of Fotor

    Signature Background Remover - Fotor

  • Enjoy a high level of accuracy of signature
  • Signature background removal feature is free to use
  • Advanced AI makes background removal
  • Slow processing
  • Complicated Interface


    Signature is an essential part of personal and professional communication, and it often used to verify the authenticity of a document or email. In my opinion, digital signature is an irreversible trend in the future. FlexClip makes removing the background from signature easy and quick. Along with the other image editing features that it offers, it deserves to be your best option.

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