How to Screen Record Instagram Story Videos

Last Updated: 2022. 02. 22

You are probably in bed, scrolling through your Instagram, when you suddenly refresh your feed. Lo and behold! You see that your crush has posted a story, which is a picture of them standing in the sun, looking gorgeous. Well, of course you will want to take a screenshot!

But what if they posted a video of themselves singing your favorite song, possibly hoping you would see it and notice them? There’s nothing to worry about. You can just record the whole thing from the screen. Yes, it is entirely possible! Screen recording Instagram story has never been easier, and you can continue reading to find out more.

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Truth And Lie
Truth And Lie
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How to Screen Record an Instagram Story Video on iPhone

Before you can start screen recording Instagram story of the song that your potential beau posted, you need to learn how to add the screen recording feature to the control center of your iPhone. Follow the steps below to start the process.

Step 1
Open settings on your iPhone and choose the ‘Control Center’ option.
Step 2
Once it is open, scroll downwards until you see the tab that says, ‘Screen Recording’.
Step 3
Proceed towards adding it to the control center.

With the feature now present in your control center, you can finally begin screen recording Instagram story! Here is how to do it with only a handful of steps.

Step 1
Open the Instagram story that you want to record. In this case, open up the story that your crush posted.
Step 2
Swipe downwards to gain access to your control center.
Step 3
You will see a tiny red circle, which is the icon to start screen recording.
Step 4
Select the icon to start a countdown of three seconds.
Step 5
Once the three seconds are up, your screen will start recording as your crush sings your favorite song in their beautiful voice.
Step 6
While recording, notice that there is a red button at the top left corner of your screen.
Step 7
After you are done screen recording Instagram story, tap on that button to put an end to the recording.
Step 8
Feel free to trim the video and include only the part of your crush singing.

How to Screen Record Instagram Story on iOS

How to Screen Record an Instagram Story Video on Android

You do not have to be an iPhone user to record a video of your crush. You can do so even if you own an Android phone. Read the following steps to make screen recording Instagram story an easy process.

Step 1
Go to the top of your phone’s screen and swipe in the downwards direction.
Step 2
You will see a screen record button on either the first or the second page, depending upon your settings.
Step 3
Open the story of your crush and tap on the screen record button.
Step 4
As expected, the recording will start.
Step 5
Once you are done capturing the meaningful song that your crush is singing, you can swipe down and tap on the screen recording Instagram story notification in your notification bar.

FAQs About Instagram

Q1.Does Instagram notify someone if you screen record their Instagram story?

Ans. You may not be aware of this fact but back in the year 2018, Instagram introduced a test feature, which allowed users to see who took screenshots of or screen recorded their stories. However, the function was soon removed.

As of now, the platform does not allow people to see if and when their stories were screen recorded or taken a screenshot of. Consequently, it does not reveal the identify of the person taking one of these two actions.

So, you do not need to panic about your crush finding out about you screen recording Instagram story of them singing the song that means a lot to you.

Q2.Can I Record the Instagram DM?

Ans. Yes, you can screen record a video sent to you in your Instagram DMs. However, there is a catch to it.

While these look much like regular stories, any video that your crush sends to you as a private DM are anything but. You may not be aware of this, but these videos have a different set of notification settings.

So, if you happen to screen record a video sent to you by your crush, either in vanish mode or as a DM, they will immediately be notified. Yikes! How embarrassing would that be?

The Bottom Line

If you have made it all the way till here, then you know that screen recording Instagram story is not a difficult task at all. It allows you to save that recipe that your friend put up, or a birthday video that your friend made for you. In addition, it allows you to capture and save videos that your future beau is posting. Do not forget to give this post a like or a share.

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