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Last Updated: 2023. 05. 09
Pick an easy-to-use and powerful podcast video maker, then you are halfway to a great podcast video. Check this post and start to create the best podcast videos.

In the past, creating a podcast is all about recording audio. Yet, more and more podcast videos are being posted on all social media platforms.

A video podcast is simply a podcast with a still image as its cover or video recording of the podcast hosts and guests. Compared with the traditional audio podcast, podcast video seems like gaining more popularity. Here are facts about the video podcast.

* 43% of podcast listeners say they enjoyed video podcasts on YouTube last year.

* 79% of podcast listeners say they will watch podcast video if circumferences are allowed.

* 90% of podcast listeners say they are more interested in video podcast.

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Three Podcast Video Forms You Should Know

Want to create a podcast video now? No hurry, check the video podcast forms.

1.Recording Podcast Host and Guest

Majority podcast videos are taking this form, which is setting up camera to record the podcast host and guest talking. It seems easy, but sometimes you will need more than one camera to switch among different angles. Sometimes video editing skills are required.

Video Podcast Example

2. Remote Recording

You can do podcast video at home! Try Zoom or other conference meeting software to have conversations, then record them. If necessary, create a video collage to fit in some other videos as background.

Video Podcast Example

3. Podcast Video with Static Images

This is the easiest way to create a podcast video! You just need a picture, and let the audio play while other users listen. However, it could be less engaging with audiences than other podcast video forms.

Video Podcast Example

How to Create a PodCast Video

1. Capture Video/Create a Static Image

If you just need a static image for podcast, cool. Create one with your logo, name, podcast content, or website URL with any graphic design software.

If you prefer creating a podcast video with hosts and guests talking, record with cameras or conference software.

To make sure the sound you collected is clear, do use separate sound recording equipment.

2. Edit the Video

Podcast videos don't require much editing as many other videos do. However, a good video editor is necessary to level up your video podcast.

Consider FlexClip! It turns a photo and audio to a video in seconds. If you'd like to edit your video podcast, it provides you filters, transition effects, zooming, widgets and more to raise the production value. You can also upload your own podcast logo to make the video look more professional.

FlexClip Overview

3. Design a Thumbnail

A thumbnail is what you rely on to tell viewers what your podcast is about. A good thumbnail image encourages more users to click.

4. Upload

Now, you have created a video podcast, the biggest platform for video podcast is YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more.

The Bottom Line

That's all for how to create a podcast video. If you find this post helpful, please do share it with others.

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