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Top 5 GIF Speed Changers: Speed Up/Slow Down GIF Online for Free

Last Updated: Mar. 25, 2021
If you are looking for a video speed changer, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ve compiled five of the best GIF speed changers online for you.

Have you ever thought about speeding up or slowing down a GIF? Do you know how to change the speed of A GIF?

Actually, all you need is a GIF speed editor. In the following parts, we'll take you through five of the best GIF speed changers to help you easily speed up or slow down a GIF online. Let's dive right in now.

Top 5 GIF Speed Changers Online


First on our list is As its name suggests, Eagif is an online tool designed for making and editing animated GIFs. It is fully capable of changing the speed of a GIF. Free and easy to use, allows you to speed up or slow down a GIF in a few clicks. Once the speed change process is completed, you can make more edits to your new GIF, such as cropping, resizing, adding effects, rotating, and more.

Ezgif GIF Animation Speed Changer

Image Board: Ezgif GIF Animation Speed Changer

How to Use Ezgif to Change GIF Speed:

Step 1
Upload a GIF up to 35MB to the GIF speed changer and click the blue "Upload" button.
Step 2
Adjust the speed at your will and click the "Change Speed!" button.
Step 3
Make more edits or download the new GIF directly.

2. Veed

Veed is a popular GIF speed changer that can help you make your GIF run faster or slower online for free. Besides that, it also lets you quickly adjust the frame rate of GIFs by moving the slider on the timeline. No sign up is required.

Veed GIF Speed Changer Overview

Image Board: Veed GIF Speed Changer

How to Use Veed to Change GIF Speed:

Step 1
Upload your GIF file to the speed changer.
Step 2
Select the speed you want and click the "Export" button at the top right of the tool to download your new GIF. (Also, you can export it as a video.)

3. Image

At Image, you can find a range of free image editing tools, ranging from making GIFs, changing GIF speed to rotating, flipping, and resizing GIFs.

With its GIF speed editor, you can speed up or slow down GIFs online without any quality loss. The tool is free and easy to use, and you don’t need to sign up for an account.

Image GIF Speed Changer

Image Board: Image GIF Speed Changer

How to Use to Change GIF Speed:

Step 1
Upload a GIF file to the tool.
Step 2
Change the delay value and click the "Change Speed" button.
Step 3
Preview your adjusted GIF and download.

4. LunaPic

LunaPic is another free online GIF speed changer allowing you to change GIFs’ speed in a few clicks. Not only can you use it to speed up or slow down a GIF, but you can also use it to loop a GIF up to 20 times.

Edit GIF Animation with LunaPic

Image Board: Edit GIF Animation with LunaPic

How to Use LunaPic to Change GIF Speed:

Step 1
Upload a GIF file to LunaPic and click "Animation>Edit GIF Animation".
Step 2
Change your desired speed and apply your settings.

5. Gifntext

Gifntext is an online GIF editor free and easy to use. Although it was originally designed to add text to GIFs, it also has the ability to adjust the speed of GIF animations. You can easily increase or decrease the speed of a GIF by dragging the speed control button. The process is very simple, and no account is required.

Gifntext GIF Editor

Image Board: Gifntext GIF Editor

How to Use Gifntext to Change GIF Speed:

Step 1
Select a GIF file from your computer or paste a GIF URL to the blank box.
Step 2
Drag the speed controller to adjust the GIF speed. (Make more edits if necessary.)
Step 3
Click the "GENERATE GIF" button, wait for the process, and download the result quickly.

Bonus: Best Video Speed Editor Online

Want to change the speed of a video? FlexClip is ready to help. It’s one of the best video speed editors online. With the tool, you can speed up or slow down a video easily. You can choose from six speed options (0.5x to 3x). Just click the "Change Speed Now" button below to upload your videos to the app, click the "Speed" button and set your video speed.

Actually, FlexClip does more than changing the speed of videos. It comes with rich video editing features and millions of royalty-free media resources that can make your videos professional and engaging. No experience or skills needed. No sign up required.

FlexClip Video Speed Editor

Image Board: FlexClip Video Speed Editor


That’s all for this post. All the GIF speed changers mentioned above are helpful and free to use. As for which one is best for you, it depends on your needs. Just choose according to your needs.Think this post helpful? We’d appreciate it very much if you could share it on your social media.

GIF Speed Changer FAQs

1. How Do You Reduce the Speed of a GIF?

1. Choose one of the five GIF speed changers mentioned above.

2. Upload your GIF to the tool you picked

3. Increase the delay number to slow down your GIF speed.

4. Save your changes. After that, your GIF will run slower.

2. How Do You Decrease the Frame Rate of a GIF?

The Veed mentioned above can help you quickly decrease the frame rate of GIFs. Just add your GIF into the tool and drag the slider along the timeline to adjust the frame rate of your GIF. Please keep in mind that the GIF frame rate ranges from 15 to 24 frames per second.

3. How Do You Edit Text in a GIF?

To add text to a GIF, you need a GIF editor. There are loads of GIF editors that can help you to do that. In the blog How to Add Text to a GIF, the author has selected 3 most recommended GIF editors for you. Take a look now.

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