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How to Make Creative Animated GIF for Your Needs (Birthday, etc.)

Last Updated: Oct. 22, 2020

Animated GIF ( or Graphics Interchange Format) is ubiquitous these days.

We use it to convey our emotions with friends on Twitter and Facebook and post it on Instagram for sheer fun or product display and explaining a step-by-step process, etc.

Its effectiveness for instant messaging is second to none. However, searching for the right animated gifs online often wastes too much time and the result may not be as impressive as you expected.

In this post, you will learn how to turn your videos into creative animated gifs in a new way and get inspired for creating animated gifs for a birthday, holiday, etc., together with expert tips to elevate animated gif making skills.


Design Creative Animated GIF with Customized Videos

To create an animated gif, you need either a video or stack of images and later animate it with an animated gif creator or Photoshop.

 Happy birthday animated gif made with FlexClip

Happy birthday animated gif made with FlexClip

However, many free online animated gif creators and have limited features such as:

  • Few or no dynamic texts available
  • No way to change the background color
  • Limited options to customize your animated gifs, etc.

Besides, do you really want to spend $ 599 for Adobe Photoshop and spend hours to adjust the timeline and other details for your video or piles of photos?

Certainly, not worth it.

That’s why we introduce a much simpler and flexible way to make creative animated gifs, i.e. make an original video first with free online video editor FlexClip and then convert it online to an animated gif.

Let’s take making a happy birthday animated gif for example. Here is how to do it in detail.

Step 1: Make an Original Video for Animated GIF

*Create a new project. Open the FlexClip and press the “start from scratch” button to enter the video editing panel.

Create a new project with FlexClip

Create a new project with FlexClip

Then either click on “add local media or stock media” to import your birthday video footage and photos or use 1,000,000+ video and photo resources in FlexClip’s media library, ranging from birthday, holiday, wedding, business, travel, lifestyle, etc.

Add videos to FlexClip

*Customize your video.. Adding animated texts and cool dynamic widgets to your video will ultimately make your animated gifs different from others. You may also trim the timeline of animated texts and widgets to make it pop out at the right time.

Add animated text and widget with FlexClip

Add animated text and widget with FlexClip

FlexClip offers you 100+ expertly-designed fonts and dozens of animated texts and widgets. You can give full play to your imagination and creativity. While the intuitive storyboard editing panel makes it easy for all users.

*Export the video..After you’ve done with the final editing, preview the video and press the “export” button to export it in the blink of an eye.

 Export the video from FlexClip

Export the video from FlexClip

You can download the video with 3 resolutions, i.e. 480p, 720p, and 1080p. You may also use pre-built templates to add intro and outro to the video. It's very easy and saves you lots of time.

Step 2: Convert the Video to Animated GIF

Great! Then upload your video to the EZGIF,an online video to gif converter, and convert it into an animated GIF. Then use your original animated gifs on Facebook or Twitter to give a surprise to your friends.

Upload your video to convert it to animated gif

Upload your video to convert it to an animated GIF


  • If there are some redundant contents in the video, you can set the start time and end time to cut it off. Or you may also resize, rotate, and even adjust the speed and frame rate (FPS), etc.
Adjust details of an animated gif

Adjust details of an animated gif

Ezgif will automatically help you to choose the best data your gif need, so we recommend you to keep the data as it original first, and tab ‘Convert to GIF’, Ezgif will help you convert video to gif quickly with high quality.

Make Animated GIF for Various Occasions

Well, animated gifs are widely used for diverse occasions, like to express your love for the loved ones, greet your friends on holiday, or to promote your product for digital marketing, or even for sheer fun. How to convert mp4 to gif online.

To give you more inspirations and make fascinating animated gifs, we handpicked some of the most popular video templates for you to customize yours before converting it to animated gifs. Please feel free to DIY.

For Happy Birthday Animated GIF :

Special Birthday Wishes

Sincere Birthday Wishes

For I Love You Animated GIF:

Mother's Day

Thank You Dad

For Merry Christmas Animated GIF:

Christmas Wishes for Friends

Christmas Promo for Gifts

For Laughing Animated GIF :

Going Wild in the Office

Funny Dogs

For How-to Animated GIF :

How to Open Online Shop

How to Take Care of Your Pets

If these sample video templates are not what you are looking for, no worries! 10,000,000+ stock videos and photos are waiting for your discovery in FlexClip’s media library and they will be valuable assets for creating animated gifs.

Convert Your Online Videos into Animated GIF

If you have videos already posted on Youtube and Instagram or happen to spot a funny video there, you can directly paste its URL to Gifs, an online animated gif editor to create gifs.

Make animated gifs with an online gif maker

Make animated gifs with an online gif maker

You can add caption and stickers to the online video and even crop, blur the online video or turn videos into B&W.

However, there is no animated text and you can’t remove the watermark unless you are a paying member. The advanced features for creating original animated are very limited. Check the top 7 free gif makers online.

Create Animated GIF with Expert Tips

Now, you have great tools like FlexCLip for creating animated gifs. We also want to provide you with some expert tips to take your gif making skills to another level.

  • The shorter the better. Animated gifs are made to evoke instant emotions. The most popular funny gifs last around 2 to 5 seconds. If you want to explain a step-to-step process, make it no more than 15 seconds.
  • Pay attention to framerate (FPS).It determines how many images change per second. For video converted to gif, keep it between 10 to 15 fps. Remember, the higher the FPS, the larger the size of the gif will be and it could be hard for rendering for your computer or exceed the maximum file on social media.
  • Add animated texts and widgets. Adding animated texts and widgets to gifs will be the icing on the cake and truly distinguish your animated gifs from others and get more likes. In this case, FlexClip is your ultimate tool for epic gifs.
  • Make content funny. No animated gifs can be called good gifs if they can’t bring big smiles to your face. Fun-making animated gifs are more acceptable and are likely to be remembered and go viral on social media.
  • Compression. Sometimes, you have to compress your animated gifs to a smaller size to be posted online or send it by email. Make sure the compressed version is legible with maximum quality. Otherwise, its effect will be compromised.

Final Thoughts

Like videos, animated gifs nowadays become an integral part of our daily life. We love it and use it to express our emotions that are beyond simple words.

Although there are many animated gif makers online, we believe the combo of versatile online editor FlexClip and Ezgif converter can make gif making much easier and bring the control of animated gif making into your hands.

Hopefully, our post can inspire you for gifs making. Just feel free to get started now with FlexClip.

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