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Create an Animated GIF in Seconds

Last Updated: Mar. 15, 2020

Summary: The blog shows you create an stunning animated GIF with 5 easy steps. What only you need to use is 2 online free software: FlexClip video maker and Ezgif gif maker.

You can find any fabulous video clips you want in FlexClip video maker, and then if you need, you can add some animated text to the video to make gif funny. Last, use a converter to convert video to gif.


Image board: Animated GIF Example

Online conversation and messages are very important communication methods for us now. Animated GIF or say memes are dispensable part of our conversations especially on social media.

As it were, from memes to promotional message, we can’t chat without GIF. It makes our conversation lively. Animated GIF can deliver your mood, situation and your minds. It actually helps others understand you better.

Although there are different types of animated GIFs such as happy birthday gif, are you really satisfied with them. Can’t find the perfect animated GIF ?

Why not try to make your fabulous ideas for really. Let’s create an animated gif in minutes without any download and professional skilled.

How to Create an Animated GIF in Minutes

1. Make a video with FlexClip (3 steps)

Step 1 Start to make a video with FlexClip

Tab ‘Add Stock Media’ to search for video clips you want from FlexClip media stock which offers different types of video clips (templates) such as happy birthday footage, merry Christmas footage and footage about baby.


Image board: Search and Add a video clip you want from media stock

Just type the name of video footage you want in searching bar. Then, you can preview every footage and select the best one.

Depict video: Make animated gif: Step 1. Add a video clip.

Step 2 Add animated texts

FlexClip offers you dozens of animated text templates, they are easy to customize. Adding animated texts makes your gif more funny.

Depict video: Make animated gif: Step 2. Add animated text.

Step 2 Save all your changes and export the video

2. Convert Video to Animated GIF (2 steps)

Step 4: Upload your video to Ezgif for video to Animated GIF


Image board: Upload your video to convert it to animated GIF

Step 5:Convert video to gif

If there are some redundant contents in the video, you can set the start time and end time to cut it off.

About size, frame rate and method, Usually, Ezgif will automatically help you to choose the best data your gif need, so I recommend you to keep the data as it original first, and tab ‘Convert to GIF’, Ezgif will help you convert video to gif quickly with high quality.


Image board: Set animated GIF information

Then, you can preview your GIF. If you are not satisfied with it, you can make some changes now, such as change the speed of the GIF or crop your GIF.

Convert again. After making sure all is good, save your GIF now.


Image board: Save your animated GIF

Bottom Line

What are you waiting for! Join in FlexClip, starting to make a free and funny video, then convert video to GIF!

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