How to Crop Webcam in OBS Studio

Last Updated: 2023. 06. 09

Allowing the other viewer to see the other part of your environment on the cam can be awkward, especially when you are using it on a formal note, hence the need for cropping. Using OBS to crop webcam allows you to cut out irrelevant parts of the webcam video. To get a perfect cut, you have to crop from the side of the webcam screen. This is the easiest way to remove irrelevant background from the picture, and there is no better and convenient way to do this than the OBS tool.

There might be many other tools you can use to crop your webcam, but there is this convenience that comes with doing it in OBS. An OBS tool allows you to use the necessary features to get the perfect angles you want in a webcam, and it does that with ease. Other webcam cropping tools might give you conventional cropping, but using the OBS gives your cropping a more professional outlook. Below we have listed some step-by-step processes on how to crop webcam in OBS, which we encourage you to follow.

How to Crop Webcam via Alt

Step 1
Launch your webcam in OBS.
Step 2
Press Alt + Left-Click + Drag on your keyboard. Drag until it has the size you want, and you are done.

How to Crop WebCam Via Transform Cropping

Step 1
Choose the source you want to crop and right-click on the image displayed on the preview window.
Step 2
Left-Click on “Edit Transform” (which is supposed to pop up). Or better still, use CTR+E as a shortcut.
Step 3
Once you are in the Edit Transform section window, at the bottom, locate the cropping settings with the Left, Right, Top, Bottom options.
Step 4
This is where you will choose to either add numbers into the boxes provided or click on the option arrows to make a precise crop on your webcam.

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Bonus Tip: OBS Alternative to Record Webcam

Using OBS as your preferred webcam tool can help you achieve a lot in that regard, but the complex nature of this tool cannot be easily overruled, thus, the need for a viable alternative. As much as many OBS webcam recording tool exists, one cannot but notice the uniqueness of FlexClip: an online tool designed to record webcam with so much simplicity. With a tool like FlexClip, you will be able to enjoy an HD recording feature, no download required. It also comes with easy editing options like trim and PIP options. Give it a try!

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The Bottom Line

You have to understand that even easy as cropping a webcam is; you still need a good tool to help you out. Although the simplicity in using FlexClip to crop webcam is unique, the clarity is definitely an innovation to recon with. And same goes for the webcam recording feature: the clarity is simply awesome. So, go ahead, leverage the power of simplicity, convenience and clarity, try FlexClip.

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