How to Add Black Bars to Video

Posted on: Oct. 20, 2021

Adding a black bar to videos is part of the evolution going on in the video editing industry. Also called “CinemaScope” by the industry professionals, it has to do with adding 10-13% black elements below and above the video footage during production. This form of video editing is common in the film industry. It gives your video a high cinematic gloss, hence, making it more attractive to viewers. To apply these “Cinematic black bars” to your video, you need to first launch your program, add a rectangular-shaped object, paint it black, stretch it to the end till it gets to where you want it.

Importance of Adding Black Bars to Videos

The major reason for add cinematic black bars to Videos is to bring out that cinematic ambiance. But there are still more to it;

  • When a video is wider, and the aspect ratio on the screen assumes a whole different dimension, a black bar is then applied to make it fit.
  • When a video is considered too large for the screen, applying black bars is advised to reduce the size of the video content so it can fit the frame.
  • Adding Black Bars is necessary to fill black spaces in a video.
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    How to Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video (Online)

    You may find adding this piece of video element complicating, but it is not as long as you are doing it the right way, or doing the right tool. There are things to consider before choosing the right cinematic black bars tool. First, it must be easy to use, thus, less complicated. Secondly, you must be able to be in control of the width of the black bars, make sure it doesn’t flatten your video while adding these black bars, and finally, make sure there is no watermark of any sort. And these and more you can find using FlexClip: the best way to add black bars on videos online. Below, we will be illustrating easy steps on how to go about this.

    Step 1
    First, change the background to look the same as the length of the video.
    How to Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video - step 1

    Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video Online - step 1

    Step 2
    Screw to ‘More’ and select. Select the aspect ratio that best fits your video.
    How to Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video - step 2

    Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video Online - step 2

    Step 3
    It is time to add the storyboard. To this, Drag and drop your video to the Media section using the PIP feature.
    How to Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video - step 3

    Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video Online - step 3

    Step 4
    Now, perfect your video. Make sure that the video is properly adjusted to make the black bars fit with the width.
    How to Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video - step 4

    Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video Online - step 4

    Step 5
    It is time to preview and download your video.

    How to Add Cinematic Black Bars to Video with Premiere Pro

    The main question here should not be how to add black bars in premiere pro, rather, how well can you add Cinematic Black Bars to Video using Premiere Pro. Not too many people find using Premiere Pro easy, probably because of the complex interface. But not to worry, we have illustrated a simple step-by-step method on how you can get this done with ease.

    Step 1
    Double click to open Premiere Pro.
    Step 2
    Import your video into your project. Note: create a 1920 x 1080 HD timeline.
    Step 3
    Drag the video straight into the sequence timeline.
    Step 4
    It’s time to create your adjustment layer. Drag the adjustment layer located above the footage area.
    Step 5
    Move to effect, and look up ‘Crop,’ then drag this effect to the adjustment layer and drop it.
    Step 6
    Move to the effect control panel, input 13% in the bottom, and 13% on top.
    Step 7
    You are done. The black bars will now automatically appear in the video footage.

    How To Add Cinematic Black Bars To Your Footage

    Bottom line

    It is important to remind us of the importance of using the right tool that works. A tool strictly designed to provide its users with the latest video editing features, that has the propensity to give people who create videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other Video sharing platforms the opportunity to make amazing video content capable of intriguing their viewers. And to achieve that, we will recommend the use of FlexClip: an online video editing tool purposely made for video makers. That will be all. But don’t forget to like and share this piece if you find it interesting.

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