6 Easy Ways to Add Audio to Video on Windows/Mac

Last Updated: 2023. 09. 19
This blog shows you 6 ways to add audio to videos on Windows or Mac. Check the method below and follow us to add sound to videos.

Here are things you have to know before making videos:

To make a video with high quality, it is better to add voice over to the video after shooting, because the voice recording counterpart on any camera is usually underwhelming. Even though you are just making a video without narration, adding music can make the video more interesting and engaging.

Learning how to add sound to videos is an essential step to become a video making expert. Here in this blog, we will show you 6 ways to add voice-over or music to a video. Let’s get started.

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Method 1. How to Add Audio to Videos on Windows 10/11 Photos App

This method only works on Windows 10/11. Moreover, you can’t choose the starting point and where the music ends. If that's not what you want, please skip to other methods.

Step 1
Right click a video file > Open with > Photos.
Step 2
On the toolbar, click Edit & Create > Create a video with text.
Step 3
You are now in Photo’s Editor Screen. Click on Music and select an audio file from Music folder.
Step 4
Drag the selected clip to the Storyboard at the bottom of the screen.

Method 2. Add Audio to Videos on Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing software program by Microsoft and it is part of Windows essentials software suit. What Windows Movie Maker is to Windows computers is what iMovie is to Mac computers. Besides helping you edit videos, it also helps publish videos to ONeDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and more.

Here are the steps to add audio to videos on Windows Movie Maker.

Step 1
Download and launch Windows Movie Maker.
Step 2
Upload your video by clicking Add Videos or dragging and dropping.
Step 3
Go to edit > Video Volume. Drag the slider to mute the original sound.
Step 4
Go back to the main page, find Add Music > Add music from PC.
Step 5
Set the start time under Options and trim music by adjusting the start and end point. Save the changes.

How to Add Audio to Videos on Windows Movie Maker

Method 3. Add Audio to Videos on Mac

iMovie can be said one of the most professional video editors. It is a default app installed on Mac and iOS devices. Windows users also have access to it once paid. Even though it can be sort of tricky to use iMovie to add audio to videos, for practiced hands, it is worth trying.

Step 1
Create a new project. Go to File > Import.
Step 2
Drag the video to the timeline.
Step 3
Click Audio below the menu bar > iTunes.
Step 4
Select one audio file from iTunes library, drag it to the timeline.
Step 5
Use the handles to trim the music and put it at where you want the music to start.

How to Add Audio to Videos on iMovie

Method 4. Add Audio to Videos Online

If you want to put an audio file or voice over to videos in a more flexible and much easier way, FlexClip is what you need.

FlexClip is a video editor that helps you add one or multiple audio files to any video in just several clicks. You can also use FlexClip's excellent voice recording tool to do voice over for your video. What's better, a media library with over millions of background music is waiting to be applied to your video!

Now, click the Create a Video button and follow us to add sound to video.

Create a Video View Templates
Step 1
Upload your video and audio to the Media section. You can choose resources to upload from local files, from phone, or from some cloud services like Google Drive, Google Photos, and more.
How to Add Audio to Videos - Step 1

How to Add Audio to Videos - Step 1

Don't have a satisfying audio file at hand? FlexClip also provides a stock library with millions of music for you to choose. Enjoy the free music resources!

Step 2
Apply all the resources to the timeline. You can apply as many videos, and audios to the timeline as you want.
Step 3
(optional)Edit the audio and video to level up your work. You can adjust the audio volume, drag the audio so that it syncs with the video, or add fade in/out to make the audio go smoothly.
Step 4
Download and share. Save the video with nice audio to your desktop. You can also one-click to share the video to social media platforms, or via a short link.
1. You can also use FlexClip to make other video edits, like adding transitions, special effects, changing video speed. Give those amazing features a try!
2. You can download the video you made in 1080p HD. No video quality loss will occur.
3. FlexClip is a professional tool to make videos, like promotional video, YouTube video. Remember to give it a try.

Method 5. How to Add Audio to Video on VLC

VLC, a great media player, is also a good choice because it allows you to add sound to video with control over audio quality. However, you won't see specific parameter adjusting settings. Also, it could be complicated to add audio to video with VLC.

Here is how to add audio to video on VLC.

Step 1
Launch VLC, go to Media > Convert/Save, click the '+' icon to upload the video file.
Step 2
Move to Convert/Save, click Convert.
Step 3
Go to Settings > Profile > Edit selected profile. Go to Audio codec, disable audio and save the changes.
Step 4
Go back to the main page, go to Media > Convert/Save again, import your video clip again.
Step 5
Enable the audio option. Click Show more options > enable Play another media synchronously > extra media.
Step 6
Load the audio you are going to add, click Select > Convert/Save again.
Step 7
Select a destination folder and save to new video.

Add Audio to Video via VLC

Method 6. How to Add Audio to Video on Shotcut

Shotcut is a professional video editor. It keeps audio quality high but saves you from complicated video editing process. Let's give it a try!

Step 1
Launch Shotcut and load your project.
Step 2
Go to File Explorer and navigate to your audio clips you want to add to the project. Drag them to the playlist in Shotcut.
Step 3
Go to Track Operations, add the audio track.
Step 4
Download & export.

Add Audio to Video via Shotcut

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to add audio to videos. The above 6 ways are all easy and simple. Hopefully, you have made a video with sound. If you find this blog helpful, please share it with others. By the way, do remember to give FlexClip a try! It also helps you add GIFs, transitions, animations to video. Use it to level up your work!

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