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Last Updated: 2021. 07. 21

Summary: This post provides you access to download free YouTube intro music and tricks to use music for YouTube video intro. Check it out.

Good background music evokes the right emotions of the audience. A piece of good YouTube intro music does more. It supports and enhance the whole video, and encourages the viewers to watch till the end.

Where to download free YouTube intro music without copyright? How to use the YouTube intro music to put audiences in the right mood and make sure they finish the whole video? Check the ideas and tips below and then download intro music for your YouTube video.

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Free YouTube Intro Music Examples

There’s no such a thing like perfect YouTube intro music for all videos. You need to pick music according to your video content. That’s enough theory! Here are a few examples of YouTube intro music.

1. Short & Simple YouTube Intro Music

Depict video: YouTube Intro Music Example - 1

2. Rhythmic YouTube Intro Music

Depict video: YouTube Intro Music Example - 2

Nobody likes to waiting. The countdown video and the rhythmic music highlight the tension and tell audiences you have access to the content soon.

3. Intro Music That Meets the Video Theme

Depict video: YouTube Intro Music Example - 3

This is an intro of a travel agency ad. The brisk and melodic rhythm is born to enhance travel theme videos. If you are making a YouTube video intro for suspense themed videos, you may choose some dark and intensely rhythmic video.

4. Intro Music for Live Videos

Depict video: YouTube Intro Music Example - 4

More and more bloggers are making live shows. If you are making a live show at a specific time, the intro music can keep the viewers entertained and put them in the right mood. The intro music for YouTube live can either be loud or soft, according to your video content.

5. Intro Music that Fits the Whole Video

Depict video: YouTube Intro Music Example - 5

You can see lots of videos that use only one music. In the intro part, the music is usually louder. While moving to the main part, it fades into background or maintains the same volume on non-narration videos. You just have to make sure the music fits the whole video.

Where to Download Royalty-Free YouTube Intro Music

Once you have decided what kind of YouTube intro music you want, it is time to get them from FlexClip.

FlexClip is equipped with media library rich in music files and video clips. All of them are royalty-free. Besides, you don’t have to pay a penny to use any of them. Moreover, as a video editor, it can also help make cool video edits on your YouTube intro.

Now, find the right YouTube intro music among FlexClip’s 20,000 audio files and use it.

YouTube Intro Music Resources - FlexClip Overview

Image Board: YouTube Intro Music Resources - FlexClip Overview

YouTube Intro Music Tips

1. Watch out the YouTube Intro Music Length

Generally speaking, YouTube intro tend to be short. Don’t pick music that is too long. Nobody will like to enjoy intro music that is too tepid or stops at climax suddenly.

2. Make sure it fits the video theme

A travel video with horrific intro music is terrible. Intro music should match the video theme. For instance, if you are creating a fashion video, the soft intro music is suggested; if you are creating a business video, music with fast-paced rhythm is preferred.

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3.Get the right volume

A video is meant to relax, not to confuse or scare people. Picking music that is not too loud or quiet is a crucial step to win a good first impression.

4.Try voiceover

Voiceover is not an old-fashioned thing. Some internet celebrities still use voiceover. It adds extra information to your video, helps build emotional connection, and let people get familiar with your voice.

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