Best Video Collage Makers Online/Applications/Software Everyone Should Know

Last Updated: 2023. 06. 08
In this post, we summarized the best video collage makers online, video collage applications and video collage software for you as reference. Check the top video collage makers list and decide which is the best for you. Let’s get started!

With video collage makers, you can easily create a video collage, which is several videos playing simultaneously on one screen. Some of video collage makers are online, some are applications for mobile phones, and some are software for computers.

Here in this post, we will introduce you the top video collage makers. These video collage tools work on all platforms. Refer to the part you need.

Best Free Video Collage Makers Online
Best Video Collage Applications
Best Video Collage Software

Best Free Video Collage Makers Online

1. FlexClip

FlexClip is an online video editor with video collage feature. It allows you to create video collages with your favorite photos and videos in several clicks. What’s better, FlexClip also provides you millions of stock videos, photos and music to help you level up your video collage. Powerful editing tools help you realize all your ideas.


  • You can arrange your videos and photos as you wish. No restrictions.
  • Easy to trim any video to the desired length.
  • No register.
  • Real-time preview to avoid any mistakes.
  • One-click to share videos to YouTube.
  • Fast export.
  • Video Collage Maker - FlexClip

    Video Collage Maker - FlexClip

    Create a Video View Templates

    Cost: Free

    2. Kapwing

    Kapwing is a timeline-based video collage maker online. It provides you several layouts to help you get started. You can also start with an empty canvas and adjust each video’s position and size to make your video collage unique and special. After done, Kapwing helps you generate a link that can be directly shared.


  • Beautiful layout templates to start with.
  • Real-time preview.
  • Kapwing generates an URL for sharing. No need to upload to social media.
  • Video Collage Maker - Kapwing

    Video Collage Maker - Kapwing

    Cost: Free - $17/month. The free version has functional limitations. Users who don’t log in will only get a watermarked video collage.

    3. InVideo

    InVideo is an excellent video editor that helps create video collages with your own video clips or videos from premiere stock footage. Find a video collage template, and replace the media resources, you can make a video collage quite easily. Even though there is no much flexibility, the video collage would be rather satisfying.


  • Loads of beautiful video collage templates.
  • Millions of video clips, photos, and music are all ready to use.
  • Cute emojis.
  • Video Collage Maker - InVideo

    Video Collage Maker - InVideo

    Cost: Free to $30/month

    4. Smilebox

    Smilebox turns your photos to an excellent video collage. To get started making a video collage, all you need to do is picking a template, applying your own photos, picking a song, adding captions and downloading.


  • It’s totally free and it won’t add watermark to it.
  • It’s totally free and it won’t add watermark to it.
  • Lovely video collage templates.
  • Rich music resources.
  • Video Collage Maker - Smilebox

    Video Collage Maker - Smilebox

    Cost: Free

    5. Renderforest

    Renderforest mixes your best moments to a stunning video collage that your audiences will love. Select the best video collage video templates you like and replace all videos and photos inside. You can get the video collage in seconds! And some 3D video collage video templates are also available. Free version comes with watermark.


  • Real-time preview supported.
  • Renderforest provides 3D video collage templates.
  • Video Collage Maker - Renderforest

    Video Collage Maker - Renderforest

    Best Video Collage Applications

    1. PicPlayPost

    PicPlayPost is a video editing application for mobile phones with the video collage feature. It allows you to integrates photos, videos and GIFs into one video collage. It’s one of the video collage makers that supports GIFs.


  • It can collaborate up to 6 photos and videos into one video collage.
  • 48 adjustable frames.
  • It provides filters, music and effects.
  • Video Collage Application - PicPlayPost

    Video Collage Application - PicPlayPost

    2. Video Collage Maker

    Video Collage is a free video collage maker. It has 45 collage layouts you can use as framework. After creating, you can share it via Email or to social media.

  • Beautiful video collage layouts.
  • Real-time preview.
  • It’s possible to mix photos and videos together.
  • Video Collage Application - Video Collage Maker

    Video Collage Application - Video Collage Maker

    3. VidStitch

    VidStitch was designed exclusively for iOS users. You can create a video collage with videos and photos captured on those devices extremely easily. Pick a frame, and import your own media resources, and then share to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The free version of VidStitch will watermark all your creations and won’t allow you to add music to your collages.


  • Easy creation.
  • Direct sharing.
  • Video Collage Application - VidStitch

    Video Collage Application - VidStitch

    Best Video Collage Software

    1. VideoStudio

    VideoStudio is one of the best ways to create video collages. Start with a video collage template and replace the photos and videos inside. For one project, you can just more than one template if you like.


  • Various video export formats.
  • Beautiful video collage templates.
  • Real-time preview.
  • 2. Movavi

    Need a video collage with music? Get Movavi! It helps you get creative with videos and photos on your PC and Mac. Select backgrounds and add your files to Movavi and then arrange them in minutes.


  • Have the freedom to arrange video clips and photos.
  • Numerous video clips are free to use.
  • The Bottom Line

    That’s all for the top video collage makers online and video collage applications/software. So, which works the best for you? Do you have other recommendations? Tell us via Facebook!

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