3 Easy Ways to Summarize a YouTube Video Instantly

Last Updated: 2023. 08. 08
Here is an article about summarizing a long YouTube video. Check the 3 methods of summarizing YouTube videos and follow.

YouTube is a great platform to obtain information and learn new things. You have access to it whenever and wherever you are.

Let’s face it, watching every YouTube video you want to watch is a mission impossible because it is quite time-consuming. Even if you have enough time, it would exhaust you.

Under this circumstance, why not use summarize the video and only get the main points? Here are 3 easy ways to summarize a YouTube video. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Method 1. Summarize a YouTube Video with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the strongest language processing model so far to help you create content, summarize content, and answer all your question based on the information online. To summarize a YouTube video, you can get the script from YouTube online, and ask ChatGPT to summarize it. Following are the detailed steps.

Step 1
Get YouTube Script

If the YouTube video creator has uploaded the closed caption to YouTube, you can get the script directly from YouTube.

Open the YouTube video you want to summarize, click on the CC icon, the YouTube script with timestamp will be shown on your right. Copy the script.

Step 2
Go to openai.com, sign up and log in to ChatGPT. Enter prompt “summarize this video script for me” and the video script. You will get all key points of the script.

Summarize a YouTube Video with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can only process a video script of less than 5000 words. If your video script is longer than 5000 words, please split the video script into two parts.

Method 2. Summarize a YouTube Video with YouTube Video Summarizer

If you find summarizing a YouTube video with ChatGPT too troublesome, let’s try some third-party YouTube video summarizers. They can transform your video into a long article and extract the key moments. Here we take Reccap, one of the best YouTube video summarizers as an example.

Step 1
Submit a link. It gives you part of the summary. Wait for a few minutes for the process to finish.
Step 2
Reccap will soon finish generating the detailed summary containing rich information about the video, including screencaps and main points for each section.
Summarize YouTube Video with Reccap

Summarize YouTube Video with Reccap

Method 3. Summarize a YouTube Video Manually

Want to summarize a YouTube video as a highlight? There is no YouTube video summarizer can help you with that. You can only manually summarize a YouTube video with a video trimmer.

FlexClip’s video trimmer can help you trim YouTube videos easily via drag and drop. The whole process involves no complicated operation, no registration, and no download. Click on the Create a Highlight Video button below to get started.

Create a Highlight Video
Step 1
Upload the YouTube Video

You are now at FlexClip’s video editing page. Drag and drop the video to the Media section and then apply to the timeline.

Summarize YouTube Video with FlexClip - Upload

Summarize YouTube Video with FlexClip - Upload

Step 2
Trim the Video

Drag the slider to move unnecessary parts. Or you can split the video into several parts and then trim.

Summarize YouTube Video with FlexClip - Trim

Summarize YouTube Video with FlexClip - Trim

Step 3
Other Edits

To make the highlight video go smoother, you may add transitions, filters, change the video speed.

Step 4

Save the video to your desktop, or send to others via a short link generated with FlexClip.

The Bottom Line

Here are 3 easy ways to summarize a YouTube video. You can get the script from YouTube directly, then ask ChatGPT to summarize the script, use a YouTube video summarizer to generate a YouTube video summary directly, or manually trim to generate a highlight YouTube video.

These 3 ways are all easy-to-follow. Follow either way to get started. By the way, integrated with the AI text-to-video, AI text-to-speech tools, FlexClip can now help generate a video in seconds. Do remember to give it a try!

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