Fix iOS 14 Picture in Picture Not Working for YouTube and More

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12
Phones that on iOS 14 now support Picture in Picture mode. If you find Picture in Picture mode doesn’t work on iOS 14 phones, check these methods that actually work.

Picture in picture mode has been with iPad for a few years. Now, you can get the picture in picture mode on iPhone as the launch of iOS 14. That’s to say, you can play videos and use other applications at the same time.

New things come with issues. If you find yourself encounter iOS 14 picture in picture not working issues, check the following solutions below. Let’s go through these methods to help you get Picture-in-Picture feature running again.

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Fix 1. Upgrade to iOS 14

Only iPhones that are on iOS 14 and above support Picture in Picture mode. Even though you are on iOS 14, the newer OS will fix some minor bugs that prevent picture in picture feature working properly.

To check your current iOS version and upgrade to the latest OS, go to Settings > General > About. If you are on older version of OS, Go back to General page and tap Software Update.

Fix 2. Update Apps

Nearly all default apps on iPhone like Apple TV, Music, Podcast supports Picture in Picture mode, but some third-party app like YouTube, Netflix may also support it, but there is a chance that you may encounter applications that don’t support PiP.

Big developers may incorporate PiP into their applications soon. So, it is a better option that you keep all applications updated.

To update applications, go to App Library and tap Updates.

Fix 3. Get Picture in Picture Mode

You should get picture-in-picture mode before using it. Head to Settings > General > Picture in Picture and make sure the Start PiP Automatically option is on.

After that, to bring up the PiP panel, you just have to press the Home button or swipe up while playing a video. If that doesn’t happen, make sure you switch from full-screen.

Fix 4. Watch on Browsers

As mentioned above, some applications don’t support Picture in Picture mode yet. Besides waiting for an update, you can watch videos on browsers instead. It is a good fix to PiP not working for YouTube.

Go to any video website on Safari or other browser, sign in and look for exactly the same video you want to watch on application. You can see a PiP icon in the upper right corner. That would manually bring up the PiP page.

Fix 5. Uninstall Application

Applications generate caches that cause issues and Picture in Picture not working on iOS 14 is one of them. You can uninstall the application or offload it.

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Go to the application you want to reinstall.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to fix Picture in Picture not working issues on iOS 14. Hopefully you have solved this issue. If you find this post helpful, please do remember to share this post with others.

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