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5 Best Online Free Video Cropper

Last Updated: Jul. 16, 2021

Summary: Need a video cropping tool to crop videos online quickly? You've come to the right place. Let's walk through this article and get 5 online video cropper.

"Ho do I crop a video without losing quality? Sometimes I need to remove some unwanted part from video or get rid of the black bars, but when I searched for a video cropper I got a video trimmer instead."

A user from Quora

There are many users meeting the similar situation and we can help you out if you are one of them. Here we tested over 10 online video cropper and then listed 5 best video cropping cool for you.

Best Online Free Video Cropper

Image board: Best Online Free Video Cropper

Part 1. 5 Best Online Video Cropper

1. FlexClip

To crop videos online, FlexClip is ready to help. Designed as an online video maker and video editor, FlexClip can also help you crop video online for free. No software installation, no complicated features learning. You can make it within simple steps:

Best Online Video Cropper - FlexClip

Image board: Best Online Video Cropper - FlexClip

2. Ezgif

I use Ezgif in a daily basic. It supports cropping video files in various formats. Meanwhile, it makes it easy to see the file size, format, length of the original video. Contrasted with original data, you can set the expecting cropping size and aspect ratio more effectively by EZGIF online video cropping tool.

Output formats : MP4, WebM, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV, 3GP, etc.

Maximum file size: 100MB

Notice: video preview may have reduced quality, but it won't affect the output.

Best Online Video Cropper - EZGIF

Image board: Best Online Video Cropper - EZGIF

3. iMovie

If you are a Mac user, iMove is your best choice to crop your videos. Every Mac has the app so there is no need to spend extra money. So just tab the crop icon to choose which cropping tool you want to use.

Platform: Mac Only

iMovie supports 2 options to crop videos:

'Crop to File': Crop videos to fit a standard video box. You can change the box size and placement to crop video.

'Ken Burns': the feature is named as a famous documentary director, instead of showing a static photo on screen, the Ken Burns effect crops to a detail, then pans across the image.

Best Online Video Cropper - iMovie

Image board: Best Online Video Cropper - iMovie (image source:

4. OnlineVideoCutter

OnlineVideoCutter is also a handy video cropper which supports you customize the aspect ratio and cropping selection. At the same time, you can rotate your video by Online Video Cutter.

Free to use

Upload: URL, Dropbox, Google Drive, drag and drop

Best Online Video Cropping Tool - OnlineVideoCutter

Image board: Best Online Video Cropping Tool - OnlineVideoCutter

5. Clideo

The interface of Clideo video cropper is concise, so don’t worry it’s hard to use. You can drag the video to the centre page. For video cropping, just choose which area you want to crop and name the exported video format.

It supports AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, WMV and all the other video formats you might have

Different aspect ratios

Best Online Video Cropping Tool - Clideo

Image board: Best Online Video Cropping Tool - Clideo

Part 2. [Recommended] Online Video Maker

Besides, there is also an impressive online video maker called FlexClip an help you make a video online with online templates easily. No download is needed, you can choose a video template and customize it online easily. It allows you to trim, split, merge, add music, add text, add filter, add watermarks and more.

Just visit FlexClip template page and choose a template to start customizing it.

How to Make A Video Online

Image board: How to Make A Video Online

Bottom Line

That's all about 5 best video cropping tool and we also introduced an online video maker called FlexClip to help you make and edit videos online for free. Just choose a video cropper to crop your videos online easily!

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