OBS Remove Video Background Without Green Screen

Last Updated: 2021. 12. 14

Video background is one of the essential factors that must be considered when editing a video, as it adds to the fundamental elements of the video and makes it look more engaging. Not all videos are shot in the most aesthetically pleasing background setting everyone would like. Keeping in mind the significance of what a relevant video background holds for viewers, your best shot is to replace that background with the one that fits in better.

If you browse the internet, you'll be able to find numerous online and offline video background remover applications; however, not all of them guarantee you a good quality video in the end which has superior graphics. Most people tend to face this issue, especially when their video is not on the green screen.

However, fret not because we are here to guide you on how you can use OBS to remove your screen background, along with some helpful tips that will help you master the art of removing the non-green screen background of your videos.

How to Use OBS to Remove Background without Green Screen

With an easy-to-use interface along with superior graphic quality and video editing tools, OBS can provide you with the most satisfying results when removing a non-green background screen.

Another reason why the end-quality of the video is compromised is the lack of a green screen, but with OBS, you don't need to worry about that either. So without further ado, let's get started on removing background obs without green screen.

  • Download OBS Studio Plugin
  • First things first, you must download the OBS software on your device. To obs remove the background without green screen, install the Background removal- Portrait Segmentation plugin. Whether you have Windows or Mac software, you can easily download the relevant Zip file mentioned.

  • Installing the Plugin
  • Once downloaded, extract the zip file to where you want it to be and then copy the Data and OBS-Plugins folder there as well.

    To copy the OBS-Plugins folder, you'll have to go to the location where your software has been installed. In most cases, it is installed in the C drive of your Programs folder. Copy it after right-clicking to move the contents where needed.

  • Using the Plugin
  • Now that you’ve installed the plugin double click to open the OBS studio. To test the application, create a new video clip initially. Now, click on the plus sign, "+," in an attempt to add a Video Capture Device and rename it. Once done, now it’s up to you to fix and reset your camera’s position and setting before proceeding any further.

  • Add the Background Removal Option
  • Coming to the most important step, right-click on the camera icon and select the Filters option. Scroll through the video filters tab to discover the background removal option. Again, click on the "+" sign to add. Once done, you'll see that your initial background has been removed. To achieve your desired result, you can edit a few things around as well, and you're done!

  • Adding a Custom Background
  • Well, now that your background has been removed, you can easily add the desired background instead.

    To add a custom background, all you're supposed to do is first set your background color as green and then add a new image or video to it. You can choose the image or video you want to add from your files and then put it below the camera. Just like before, go to the Filters option again. Go to the Effect Filters tab, scroll it to choose 'Chroma Key.' Now, adjust a few things around to get the perfect video background.

    OBS Remove Your Background Without a Green Screen

    Tips & Tricks to Remove Background without Green Screen

    While removing background without a green screen, some tips to keep in mind is to make sure your video quality is not compromised from the start. Multiple editing tools might ruin the quality, but that'll only happen if your video doesn't have the best resolution from the start.

    Simplicity is the key. The simpler your video background is, the better results you'll get. However, that's not true with every video tool. Some applications like OBS can help you add impressive video backgrounds without compromising their resolution.

    Another smart trick to keep in mind, especially when your video background lacks a green screen, is to color your background green using editing tools before adding your custom background. Color the video background green initially, and then add your desired background to it! You'll be surprised to see the quality difference this makes.

    The Bottom Line

    Often, our video background doesn't seem to match perfectly with the theme of our video, which can spoil the entire purpose of the video. Despite the fact that you might find countless options while surfing the internet for video editing and background removal, not all will give you the best results.

    However, with OBS background removal without green screen, you can surely create the video background you want easily by following the steps mentioned above. If you found this video background removal guide helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends!

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