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3 Free Ways to Convert MOV to WebM

Posted on: Feb. 21, 2020

Summary: Wondering how to convert MOV to WebM without any barrier? You've come to the right place. Check through this article and get 3 simple methods to convert MOV to WebM online for free.

"How Can I convert MOV files to WebM format? I'd like to convert MOV to WebM online without downloading an application to computer? " -A Quora user

MOV is the QuickTime movie format. It is an audio and video file format developed by Apple and it's used to store common digital media types. As we all know, MOV videos are not easy to open with conventional video players, so many people want to convert MOV video format to other formats like mp4 or WebM.

WebM was proposed by Google as an open, free media file format. Google said that the WebM format is quite efficient and should be able to be used smoothly in notebooks, tablets, handhold devices, etc. Of course, YouTube also supports WebM playback. It goes without saying that Chrome, Firefox and Opera all support this format. Now let's learn about how to convert MOV to WebM online for free.

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How to Convert MOV to WebM Online

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