How to Clip on Twitch

Last Updated: 2021. 12. 09

Twitch is a video-streaming network that allows users to stream people play games in a pleasant, communal environment. Gamers or streamers, as called, broadcast their matches and play their favorite games while providing live coverage on the game via the Twitch app. Well, playing games is quite fun yet tiring but watching someone play and give a live documentary is incredibly fun and exciting.

What Does Clipping on Twitch Mean? How Does That Benefit Viewers?

Clips are one of Twitch's most valuable features, letting people clip specific actions from any broadcast with their peers. Furthermore, Twitch allows you to modify your videos and share them on social networks. You may do a lot more with your videos if you want to. You may wonder how to clip in twitch or how it gives the audience access to it. Thereby, clips enable Twitch spectators to share their favorite Twitch moments from broadcasts rapidly; meanwhile, broadcasters may increase their channels via social sharing. Twitch browsers particularly love the Clips feature, which allows users to create and modify short films. Further, we will read in-depth and analyze how to clip something on twitch below.

How to Create and Share Clips on Twitch on Computer

We should add that while twitch is well-known among gamers and was created specifically for live video streaming, it has since expanded to include esports events and tournaments, music, and creative content, drawing a large number of people to visit it daily. The users are much obsessed with the clip feature, which enables them to work on the video and to learn how to clip on twitch.

It makes no difference whether you're using twitch on a desktop or a browser app; the procedure of creating a video on twitch is the same for both Windows and Mac users, which are as follow:

Step 1
You must first open either the Twitch desktop or the Twitch browser app.
Step 2
Next, you will need to log in to your account, or you can connect with your social account in case you don’t have an account.
Step 3
Subsequently, you would be required to select the video you wish to capture, regardless of whether it's a live stream or an earlier streamed video. Once done choosing, you need to play it.
Step 4
Afterward, you'll need to locate the precise moment you wish to record.
Step 5
Now you need to move your mouse over the video player to start by clicking on it
Step 6
The Clip symbol will show in the bottom right corner of your video player when you press it. You can press "Alt+X" (for Windows) or "Option+X" (for Mac) to enable the clipping approach is another option available.
Step 7
Then within the website, a new window will open.
Step 8
Utilize the slider to set the beginning and stopping points for the clip. Your video can be anywhere from five to sixty seconds long.
Step 9
Provide your clip a title once you've finished trimming it.
Step 10
Your video will be uploaded instantly. You can also select whether or not your video is posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. It's vital to understand that whether you press the button or not, your clip will be released.

How to Create Clips on Twitch - Make a Twitch Clip

How to Create and Share Clips on Twitch on Phones?

As we know how to make clips in twitch on the computer and share it, we must learn how to make it on phones now, which is quite convenient as nowadays cell phones are everyone’s best friend. Which also contains some steps which are;

Step 1
You first need to open Twitch on your phone; whether it is iOS or Android, it works the same either way.
Step 2
Select the video you wish to clip.
Step 3
When you are streaming the video, press on it.
Step 4
If you're using iOS, tap the "Share" icon, then "Create Clip." If you're using an Android smartphone, go to the base of the video player and press the "Create Clip" option.
Step 5
Twitch will immediately produce a thirty-second clip when you touch the Clip icon.
Step 6
If you don't like the clip, you may always edit it by removing the extraneous material.
Step 7
Click "Done" when you've finished trimming your footage.
Step 8
Lastly, make a name for your video and then post it.

How To Create Clip On Twitch On Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure, there might be various questions roaming around in your mind but don’t worry, we have sorted everything out for you.

Q.1 How to manage twitch clips?

Ans. Initially to manage Twitch clips, please go to your clips manager to manage all of your clips. This may be found by going to your dashboard, choosing Content, and then Clips.

Q.2 How to delete Twitch clips?

Ans. Firstly, visit twitch, then press your profile image, dashboard will click open, there you will find an option of 'content' which you need to select. It will show various options from which you need to press 'clips' where you'll have you search for 'clips manager'. Then select 'clips I've created'. Subsequently, press the clip you wish to delete proceeding with tapping on the trash can.

Q.3 How to download Twitch clips?

Ans. Select the Content drop-down option on your creator dashboard where you will choose the clips. Select the Share icon (an arrow pointing upward) next to the clip you want to download. Pick the first choice in the row that appears, which has a downward pointing arrow icon and the word "download" written on it.

Q.4 How to do clip settings?

Ans. Click the Settings box on the left in the creator dashboard and press Stream to see these options.

Q.5 How to share Twitch clips?

Ans. Once you know how to make clips on twitch and after making them you’ll be able to see the finished clip after it's been published. The title, creator, date the tape was created, and how many views it has had so far can all be found on the right-hand side. You'll find a link to your clip underneath the video which you can share it with anyone, and also instantly share links to publish your clip to numerous digital platforms. When accessing the clip URL, these will also be displayed in the top right-hand corner.

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