How to Fix Google Chrome Won’t Play Video Issue

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12
This post focuses on fixing Google Chrome won’t play video issues, a common issue that’s extremely annoying. Follow these fixes one by one now!

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on Mac, PC, Linux, and mobile phones. It always provides the best search results for users. However, sometimes Chrome users may complain that when they open a web video or game, it doesn’t load, or gets sluggish. Even worse, Chrome shows black screen.

This is quite frustrating when you want to watch your favorite video or play games.

There are loads of causes to blame, for instance, Internet speed, extensions or plugins. Don’t freak out, video can’t be played on Chrome issue are easy to fix. Follow these solutions below.

How to Fix Chrome Won’t Play Video Issue

Before trying these methods, please make sure your computer is under good Internet connection.

Method 1. Update Chrome

An outdated Chrome will cause many issues, and video can’t be played is just one of them. Update to the latest Chrome will solve most video playing issues.

Here is how to update to the latest Chrome.

Step 1
Launch Chrome Browser and tap on the three vertical dots.
Step 2
Go to Settings > About Chrome.
Step 3
Update if a new version is available.

Method 2. Clear Search History/Cache/Cookie

Clearing search history, cache and cookies will free up disk and improve the performance of computer while searching.

Step 1
Open Google Chrome browser, click on the three vertical dots.
Step 2
Go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security.
Step 3
Go to Clear Browsing Data.

You can also check up the Cookies and other site data and clear them in one-click.

Method 3. Update Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is used to display videos and photos on browser. Once it is updated, Chrome will not be able to play any video or use any graphic or video editing tools.

Here is how to update Adobe Flash Player.

Step 1
Type chrome://components in Chrome address bar, press enter and choose Adobe Flash Player.
Step 2
Click Check for update.
Step 3
If there are new versions available, follow the prompts to update.

Method 4. Allow Flash on Sites

If you find videos can’t be played on Chrome and get a notification such as ‘click to enable Adobe Flash Player’, then Adobe Flash is disabled for this web.

To allow Flash on website, open this web on Chrome first, then click on the lock icon on the left side of a website. On the right side of Flash, click on the Arrow icon. Choose Always Allow on this site. Refresh this web.

Method 5. Disable Plugins

Plugins are powerful, but sometimes they might cause you video playing errors on Chrome.

Disabling plugins in Chrome is a good fix to solve Chrome won’t play video issue.

Step 1
Click on the three vertical dots icon.
Step 2
Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy and Security > Content Settings.
Step 3
Choose the plugins you want to disable, click on it.

Method 6. Turn off AdBlock

AdBlock blocks ads on websites, but it sometimes blocks video loading well. You can go to Settings > Extensions to disable it temporarily or remove it.

Method 7. Reset Chrome Settings

Click on the three vertical dots and go to Settings > Reset. Go back to the website and check if video plays well on your Chrome.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for 8 fixes to Chrome won’t play issues. If you find this post helpful, please share this post with others.

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