How to Add a Timestamp to Any Video

Last Updated: 2022. 07. 14

Launch your default camera on your phone and scroll to "Settings," located at the extreme upper right of your screen. Click on it, then click on "Watermark" on the Timestamp option, toggle it on, and you will be starting recording a video with timestamp; The timestamp will automatically show up on the left, right, and upper side of your phone screen (depending on the phone's) programming.

Unfortunately, many people undermine the presence of a timestamp on videos. The thing is, there are many scenarios where this feature can be really helpful. For example, in a case where you want to prove the day and time of a particular video record, using a timestamp is a perfect way to go about it. And should you find yourself in a situation where you need to apply a "Go to" function, a timestamp will enable you to do that job with ease, knowing the exact time you wish to skip to.

How to Add Timestamp to Video

Step 1: Upload video to FlexClip

First, let's give a brief intro to FlexClip. FlexClip is the world's most used video and image editing platform. It has many wonderful features, including beautiful templates for editing videos and images. And one of these many unique features includes a well-designed video timestamp.

To upload your video on this platform, go to the Media section of the website: the first section on the sidebar. Click "Upload" to pick your video from where you saved it.

Upload Video to FlexClip

Upload Video to FlexClip

Step 2: Add timestamp to the video

Go to the "Text" icon, choose a text style and the right font, and enter the date and time. But note, there are recommended fonts for a video timestamp, e.g., Calibre and Arial.

Add Text to Your Video

Add Text to Your Video

Step 3: Adjustment

This is the time to add animation to your timestamp. To add animation to the "Text" section of the site, you will have to locate the animation feature, which is located at the upper right of that section. Look for the animation you think will fit your timestamp, then click on it to apply.

Add Animation to Your Video

Add Animation to Your Video

Step 4: Download

Now you are done. Go to the upper right corner of the platform and click either "Preview" to preview the outcome of your video edit, or click "Export" or "Save" to download or upload your video to save on your storage.

you can also send your video directly on some streaming platforms like YouTube. You might as well copy the video link: just click the Export button, then Copy Link.

Bonus Tip: How to Add Timestamps to YouTube Video

It will also interest you that YouTube provides an easy way to add timestamps to YouTube videos. The advantages of adding timestamps to your recommended and YouTube videos are similar. But applying the same method to YouTube videos makes it more specific, especially when presenting it as evidence to an authority. To add timestamps to YouTube Video, we'd advise you to follow the guide of How to Add Chapter to YouTube Video to get it done.

The Bottom Line

The application of timestamps on your videos can serve many oppose, but then it is advised that you do it right. By doing it right, we mean adding the right font and applying the right animation. But in all you do, we strongly recommend you make use of FlexClip for optimum outcomes. So, if you find this article interesting, endeavor timestamps and share it for the benefit of others out there that might need it.

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