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5 Best Mosaic Editors on PC/Phone/Online

Last Updated: Nov. 03, 2020

Summary: Do you know how to add a mosaic to video or photo easily? On this page, I will show you the best five mosaic editor software on Windows, Mac, Online, and Phone.

Add mosaic to video or photo has become necessary to protect your individual privacy, when you want to share the video/photo online. The mosaic effects can cover or blur the place where you do not want to share with strangers. If you want to know how to add a mosaic to a video or photo, you can keep reading. On this page, you can find the answer.

The Main Content of this page:

The poster of how to add mosaic

Image board: The Poster of How to Add Mosaic to Video or Photo

Part 1, How to Make a Mosaic to Video

The first recommendation is a powerful online video editing software. The convenience of the online tool is too much, such as saving the storage space, or do not need to install and download any software on your computer.

1, FlexClip

When you search "Online video editing software" you may get massive searching results. If you ask me which is the best website, my answer must be FlexClip.

This software is designed for beginners. It has a user-friendly interface, when you open this website, you will easily find the main functions. And also provides a video template library, in there, it has a different kind of themes video templates, you can choose the one and directly apply it to your perfect video.

Happy Birthday Video

Holiday Video

While this software also built-in a lot of video editing functions, such as you can add music, text, overlay, mosaic, and more to your video. If you want to use this software to add a mosaic to your video, that's so easy! Following the next steps that you can easily apply mosaic effects to your video.

Step 1 Open this website, and click the following button to start editing.

Step 2 Click the "+" button and choose "Add Local Media" to input the video from your computer.

FlexClip - Add mosaic to video

Image board: FlexClip - How to Add Mosaic to Video Step 2

Step 3 In the elements set, search "mosaic" in the searching box that you will get some mosaic shape. You can choose the one to add it to your video where you want to mosaic. And you also can set the fade in or fade out of the mosaic effects.

FlexClip - Add mosaic to video

Image board: FlexClip - How to Add Mosaic to Video Step 3

Step 4 When you finish editing your video, you can click the "Export Video " button at the top of the right corner. The mosaic video will save on your computer.

2, Other Three Mosaic Video Editor Recommendation

Tool 1: Movavi

  • Apply For: Windows
  • Download From:
Mainscreen of the Movavi

Image board: The Mainscreen of the Movavi

Tool 2: Filmora Video Editor

  • Apply For: Windows and Mac
  • Download From:
Mainscreen of the Filmora

Image board: The Mainscreen of the Filmora

Filmora Video Editor is a popular video editing software at present. This software applies in Windows and Mac, so whatever you use which computer system that you can use this program. This software has provided a lot of video editing tools, such as adding filter effects, adding mosaic to video, green-screen effects, and more.

Although this program is so powerful, it is a little difficult for beginners. If you are a beginner, you may need to spend some time learning how to use the editing functions. And the price has a little expensive, and you need to pay $155.88 per year.

Tool 3: Video Mosaic App

  • Apply For: iPhone and iPad
  • Download From:
Mainscreen of the Video Mosaic

Image board: The Mainscreen of the Video Mosaic App

If you are a deeper phone user, here I list a video mosaic app for you. Video Mosaic is a video blur processing app, you can use this software to record video with mosaic or blurring effect. And you can also use your finger to track the part of the video blur place, and even choose the blur shapes.

Part 2, How to Make a Mosaic on Photo

# FotoJet

FotoJet is an excellent photo editing website. This software provides many templates that users can simple to create collages, social media graphics, posters, cards, banners, and much more. And this software also built-in a lot of powerful design and editing tools that you can use these tools to achieve high-quality results quickly.

For picture editing function, you can add effects, overlay, frame, text, mosaic, and more effects to your photos. And this online editing software, when you finish editing your picture, you can directly share on some popular social media, such as Twitter, Tumblr, and more.

The steps of how to add mosaic to photos:

Step 1 Open this software, and select the "Edit a Photo" setting to jump to the editing windows.

Step 2 Under the "Edit" setting, select the "Focus" button, then a blur effect will appear in your photo. You can adjust the place and the range of the mosaic in your photo. And you also can choose to add a "Radial" or "Tilt Shift" blur effect in your photo.

FotoJet - add mosaic to photo

Image board: FotoJet - How to Add Mosaic to Photos Step 2

Step 3 Then, you also can add effect, overlay, frame, and more on your photos. When you finish editing the picture, you can click the "Download" button to export and save your photos on your computer.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, on this page, we are talking about the best five mosaic adding programs, and you can choose the one according to your needs.

If you need to add a mosaic to your videos or photos, we still suggest you choose the FlexClip. I hope this page may help you a lot!

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