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FlexClip gives you the full capability to zoom in or zoom out a video in minutes. It is surprisingly easy to change the scale of your clips.

What You Can Do with FlexClip Video Zoomer

FlexClip provides an easy way for you to zoom in/out videos as you need. Whether you are a professional or just a novice, you can set a precise zoom value for videos easily and fast. It will help you crop the unnecessary parts or put the video in the prominent center.

Zoom In

Zooming in your video can make audiences focus on the part you want to them pay attention to. You can choose the scaling at will. If you are going to crop the video to show the specific area, the zoom feature can also help you achieve that by enlarging the scale of the clip.

Zoom Out

You can put the video on the center by zooming out it. It will leave some space on each side of the video. You can set a background color by choosing preset colors or clicking the color picker, add text and other elements on these border areas without covering the video content.

Easy to Use

FlexClip enables you to zoom videos from 25% to 200% without any hassle. Only by moving the slider to your preferred scaling ratio, you can get the perfect result. Besides, we also offer the option for you to apply the change to all storyboards with one click.

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