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FlexClip is your short cut to add logo to video. Only in a few clicks, you can put a logo on video to protect copyright or increase brand awareness.

What You Can Do with FlexClip Video Logo Maker

Adding a logo to video can’t be easier. In a few clicks, you can add your set pictures, texts, or other icons as logo and add it to your video. Easy, efficient, and free!

Multiple Logo Options

You can add the logo to video with your business information to promote your business. The more people share your video with company logo and slogan, the more audiences get to know you. Find the best logo and information sample and customize.

Text/Image Logos

Usually, people use an image as a logo. FlexClip helps you upload an image to video as a logo. If you don’t have a professionally designed image logo, any text will do. Enter any text and you will find a text logo also looks great on the video.

Easy Logo Adjustment

FlexClip provides you easy ways to adjust the logo at your will. You can change the logo’s size, opacity or position by dragging the slider or clicking. Text logo color and font are also editable.

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