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Add Zoom Caption to Improve the Accessibility | Live & Closed Caption Included

Last Updated: 2022. 04. 18

Online communication is changing the World. As the prime communication platform, Zoom helps many students and employees to bridge over geographical distances through meetings and webinars, especially during global pandemic duration.

Thanks to the Zoom caption feature, which allows people with disability to follow the conversion and meet accessibility requirements. Either a closed captioning or a live transcription is available on Zoom, serving to match your different needs. To enable the Zoom caption feature, follow the tutorial below:

How to Add Closed Caption on Zoom

Zoom provides two ways to use closed captioning: The host or the assigned attendee types the caption or applies an integrated third-party closed caption service. No matter what option you choose, the prerequisite is that you need to be an account owner or get admin privileges.

#1 Manually Enable the Closed Caption as Host

If you're the meeting host, enabling the closed caption is easy. Click on the Closed Caption icon and then designate yourself to type the caption. Once the captioning box appears, type your captions.

Type the Caption by Yourself

Type the Caption by Yourself

# 2 Assign One Participant to Add Caption Manually

If you opt to assign one participant to type the caption, you need to tab Closed Caption and give out the privilege to one person. A closed captioning box will open up and the designated person can add captions.

Assign One Person to Add Caption

Assign One Person to Add Caption

Only one person can be assigned to enter the captions, whether is yourself or another participant.

#3 Use the third-party service to add caption

As a meeting host, you can add captions to Zoom meetings with the third-party service integrated with Zoom's API Token policy. The software identifies the URL and sends the captioning data with a series of posts to generate captions. Since each meeting has a unique URL, you won't have captions from someone else's meeting.

Assign One Person to Add Caption

Assign One Person to Add Caption

How to Enable Live Transcription on Zoom

If you can't access the closed captioning, live transcription is an alternative. To enable live transcription for Zoom meetings, follow the steps below:

Step 1
Log into your Zoom account.
Step 2
Click on My Account > Settings > In Meeting (Advanced).
Go to Settings Panel

Go to Settings Panel

Step 3
Scroll down to check the Closed Caption is toggled on.
Enable the Closed Caption Option

Enable the Closed Caption Option

Step 4
Check the new box to“Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting and then save your changes.
Enable Live Transcription Service

Enable Live Transcription Service

Step 5
Once live transcription is available, click Live Transcript, then select Show Subtitle. If enabled, you can also click View Full Transcript to view the transcript in the side panel of the meeting.
This feature has limitations to take note of. It currently only supports English and the accuracy depends on variables like background noise, volume or clarity of the speaker's voice, etc.

Bonus Tips: Add Subtitles to Your Recorded Zoom Videos Flexibly

Zoom indeed has various solutions for adding captions but it lacks flexibility. Therefore, if you want to have more controls in text flexibility, a third-party editor is what you need. Here FlexClip is our recommendation.

As an online video editor, it allows you to add text to videos with animation, font and overlay options. Besides, numerous editing tools are ready for help if you want to adjust the video. No editing experience needed.

Quick Tutorial on How to Create Videos Online with FlexClip

The Bottom Line

That's all for how to add caption on Zoom. Whether manually type caption or automatically transcript subtitles is accessible on Zoom. By the way, if you long for flexibility for your video, turn to FlexClip to add subtitles with various options.

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