YouTube Not Working: 11 Proven Solutions to Fix It in 2022

Last Updated: 2022. 03. 28

Can’t visit YouTube’s website or YouTube videos don’t play on Google Chrome or your iPhone all of a sudden, etc.? No worries, we’ve got you all covered!

In this tutorial, we will offer you 11 proven solutions to troubleshoot when YouTube is not working on your PC, iPhone, and Android. So, you won’t miss out on the latest posts of your favorite YouTubers.

Here is what you will learn

1. Use Another Device to Check If YouTube Is Currently Available

The quickest way to check if it is the hardware malfunctions that lead to YouTube not working is to use another PC or iPhone to visit YouTube. Then, you can rule out the possibility of problems in your pc or phone and look for other issues like browser settings, etc.

2. Clear Chrome’s Browsing Cache and Temp Files on Local Disk

Sometimes, YouTube is not working because the expired cache and excessive temporary files in the local disk might obstruct your computer from accessing YouTube’s website. In this case, to fix YouTube not working, just delete the cache on Google Chrome and temp files in the local disk.

Step 1: Clear the Browsing Data on Google Chrome

Go to Google Chrome settings on the top right corner> scroll down to “Privacy and Security” > click “Clear Browsing Data” > click “Advanced” tab > select time range “All Time” and check “Browsing History”, “Download History”, “Cookies and Other Site Data”, and “ Cached Images and Files” > hit “Clear Data”.

Clear browsing history and cache on Google Chrome

Clear browsing history and cache on Google Chrome.

Step 2: Delete the Temporary Files in the Local Disk

For Windows users, search “Prefetch” and “Temp” respectively on the taskbar and select all the files in them, and right-click to delete them.

Then, close all the browsers and visit YouTube again on a new Google Chrome browser. Previously not playing YouTube videos shall play as usual now.

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3. Turn Off the “Hardware Acceleration” Option on Google Chrome

If YouTube is still not working after clearing Google Chrome’s cache, then you may try unchecking the “Hardware Acceleration” option on Chrome. Such a feature is made for smooth play of video and audio on websites without lagging. However, sometimes it can take up much RAM as well if your local disk is not sufficient.

To shut it off, click three dots on the top right corner of Chrome > click Settings > scroll down and select “Advanced Settings” > in System tab, uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.

Uncheck Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome

Uncheck Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome

4. Update Google Chrome and YouTube App to the Latest Version

If your current Chrome browser or YouTube app is not the latest version, chances are that they might be incompatible with the latest update of the YouTube system itself. So, update your browser and YouTube app now.

Update Google Chrome to the latest version

Update Google Chrome to the latest version

  • Update Chrome on Mac and PC: Click three dots on the top right corner > click “Update Google Chrome” in the drop-down menu.
  • Update YouTube app on iPhone: Open the App Store > search for YouTube > tap the YouTube update button.
  • Update YouTube app on Android: Open the Google Play Store > tap the profile icon on the top right > tap Manage Apps and Device > tap See Details > update YouTube app.
  • If there is only the “Open” icon next to your YouTube app, it means your YouTube app is the latest version. So, you need other workarounds.

    5. YouTube Is Blocked in Your Region.

    Although YouTube is the most popular video hosting and live streaming platform in the world, its accessibility is also subject to the changing policies of local authorities in your country.

    If YouTube is blocked or banned by the network administrator or local government, you may use a VPN to access YouTube from another country’s IP address.

    6. Use Downdetector to Check If YouTube Website Is Down

    If everything is ok after checking your internet connection, clearing cache, updating your browser and mobile app, then, chances are the YouTube website itself is temporarily down for maintenance.

    Use online YouTube Downdetector to check YouTube status

    Use online YouTube Downdetector to check YouTube status

    To prove it, you can visit YouTube Downdetector, a reliable online platform that has monitored online service for 10 years, to check if there are the latest reports of YouTube outrages in the last 24 hours. Reports of YouTube’s video streaming, website, and app are also available.

    7. Clear Cache on YouTube App

    If mostly you visit YouTube through your mobile phone, it’s likely that YouTube not working is as a result of a large amount of YouTube cache on your phone. So, try clearing cache on the YouTube app.

  • On iPhone: Just delete the app and reinstall it from App Store.
  • On Android: Settings > Apps > YouTube > Storage. Tap “Clear Cache” to see if it works.
  • 8. Check the Internet Connection, DNS, and Malware

    On PC, wired internet connection is far more stable than WiFi networks since it transfers data directly through Ethernet cable, without worrying the data loss in the air as WiFi networks do. If you only have WiFi connections available through your phone, try using another WiFi with a stronger signal.

    Use antivirus software to scan your PC

    Use antivirus software to scan your PC

    If YouTube is not working on your computer, you may also use antivirus or malware protection software to scan your PC and restore the DNS and delete suspicious malware and plugins. Then visit YouTube again.

    9. Disable Some Unknown Extensions on Google Chrome

    In some cases, unknown or newly-added extensions on your Chrome may be incompatible with YouTube and result in YouTube not working on your computer. Find and remove them.

    Disable unknown and useless extensions on Google Chrome

    Disable unknown and useless extensions on Google Chrome

    Open Chrome > click three dots on the top right corner > select “Settings” in the scroll-down menu > click “Extension” tab, uncheck the extension you find suspicious or useless. If you want to uninstall the extension, click the Remove button.

    10. Update the Video Drivers

    The outdated video drivers can cause the problem of YouTube videos not playing on Chrome, so updating the video drivers may help you out.

    Please press Windows key + X and click Device Manager. Double click Display adaptors > right-click your adaptor and click Update driver.

    Update video driver

    Update video driver

    11. Sync Date and Time on PC

    If your data and time are not in alignment with YouTube's, then it may cause the issue of YouTube videos not playing on your device. Just let your network automatically handle the date and time.

    Sync the date and time on the PC

    Sync the date and time on the PC

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    Now, It's Your Move

    That's all for how to troubleshoot when YouTube is not working on your PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. If our 11 YouTube not working solutions do help you visit YouTube again. Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. While the user-friendly YouTube video maker—FlexClip, is worth trying. Bon Voyage!

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