YouTube Cards Guide | How to Use YouTube Cards

Last Updated: 2022. 05. 06

Did you know that with just one simple optimization, you can nearly double the number of views on your YouTube channel?

When your viewers stop watching your videos, they frequently move on to other channels' content, which does not benefit your channel in any manner. But what if there is an alternative? What if there was a way to actively direct them to other videos on your channel that could boost your ranking? Yes, it is possible with YouTube Cards.

What Are YouTube Cards?

Many things affect your video's ranking on YouTube. One of the most important is the audience retention score, which shows how much of your video is seen. Videos with a greater retention rate on your channel have a better chance of ranking on YouTube searches. You can get more people to watch your videos by using YouTube Cards.

YouTube Cards are interactive components that you may add to your YouTube video during or at the end. While your video is streaming, these cards appear as a notification in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can arrange for these cards to appear at any time during the video. When your audience clicks on the card, it will expand on the right-hand side of the video to display links to additional videos, webpages, or playlists.

Thus, you can use action cards to attract traffic to these videos and increase their exposure.

Best Practices of Using YouTube Cards

After learning about YouTube cards and how they impact your channel's ranking, you should be aware that everyone else is doing the same. It's time to see who can come up with the most inventive ways to use these YouTube cards.

Promote New Videos

Video Cards are also useful for recommending new videos on your relevant older videos. If you already have a popular video, you can add YouTube cards to it. And if you add one, it may be withdrawn and replaced with another. This means that evergreen videos can have their cards altered as needed for new campaigns.

Promote Your Channel

The best way to increase your subscribers organically is through the use of YouTube Cards. Many subscribers can be acquired if you insert these clickable interactive elements, which display as thumbnail overlays, at the right time and in the proper script.

Link to An External Source

A Link Card is a no-brainer call-to-action that you should use effectively to lead people to your website. This is fantastic for your business. Is your video about a learning course you have available on your website? Include a link card in it. If you're selling an incredible makeup product, you should include a link to it. Then consider mentioning that there is a link to follow down there.

How to Add YouTube Cards to Video?

Use several steps to teach viewers how to add YouTube cards to video.

Step 1
To create and add cards to your YouTube video, first, navigate to your YouTube Video Manager and select the video to which you want to add a card. Click the Edit button to the right of the video's title.
Step 2
On the following screen, on the top navigation bar, click the Cards tab.
Step 3
You may add new YouTube cards to your video here. To the right of the card, you wish to create, click Add Card, and then click Create.
Step 4
You'll be prompted to provide the information needed to create the card. For example, if you select the Channel objective, input the channel's username or URL, a personalized message, and teaser text.
Step 5
After you've added the card to your video, you may control when it appears in the video. Simply drag the card on the time marker below the video to the desired location.
Step 6
After you've added the first card to the video, you can add up to four more. Before you publish and go on, watch the video to ensure that the cards appear where you want them to.

How To Add YouTube Info Cards

How to Make Effective YouTube Cards?

Businesses can utilize YouTube cards in a variety of ways, including driving product sales or leads to a landing page. However, if you truly want to stand out and make an impression on your audience, consider one of the recommendations below.

Use Cards Effectively

Check your video audience retention statistics to find the 'valley,' which is when your audience drops off. Insert a card before this point to direct your YouTube fans to further videos on your channel. Set the card to animate in the last ten to 15 seconds of the video—not at the very end—so viewers have time to see it. This way people will be driven to your other videos making them binge-watch them.

Use Compelling Teaser Text

To make the cards more engaging, YouTube allows you to add personalized teaser texts and messages. Use terms that describe the value of watching the video and inform your viewers of what they will gain from it.

Instead of saying, 'Check out this video on Instagram growth,' you could say, 'Go from zero to 100k Instagram followers.' It is benefit-driven and informs the audience about what to expect from the video.

YouTube cards can allow you to interact with your audience in ways that weren't previously possible and reach business goals more simply by directing your YouTube followers to relevant material. If you want to grow your business using YouTube, you should take advantage of this interesting tool.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know everything there is to know about action cards and how to utilize them, it's time to include them in your YouTube plan. If you find this blog useful, please share it with others.

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