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Last Updated: 2022. 03. 04

“Video is being processed” – you must come across this report if you are an avid TikTok user. It worsens when it shows you your video has been uploaded, then goes under review for about 30 minutes. After the so-called review, it immediately goes back to report that the “Video being processed” stage, then stuck there like forever.

This can be a very annoying situation to find yourself in, especially if you have an important video to upload. And to worsen the situation, you barely find a reasonable solution when you google it. We understand how humiliating such a situation can be, so we have detailed some steps to follow to solve this in one piece. Please follow.

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How to Fix Video Is Being Processed on TikTok

Solution 1.Restarting the Device and TikTok App

If you are new to TikTok, we recommend starting with the easy part: closing and reopening your TikTok app again. By doing this, you are also restarting the TikTok app session all over again. This will confront whatever hitches that is hindering the uploading process. But usually, restarting your TikTok app helps speed up the app’s performance. So, even when you are not experiencing the Tiktok “video is being processed” problem, that you feel your app is being sluggish, restarting it is a way to go.

Solution 2. Clear TikTok Cache

This could be another reason behind the TikTok video is being processed. When the cache starts building up on the app, it may affect the app performance hence, the faulty video uploading process. So, all you need to do is simply clear your app cache from the Setting section of your device. You can as well perform the cache-cleaning from the app itself. Just locate your TikTok app on your device, go to the settings section, select the Privacy menu. Scroll down, then tap the Clear cache option.

Solution 3. Make Sure you Have a Good Internet Connection

Another reason you may experience the “Video is being processed” TikTok report is when there is a problem with the TikTok server. This is no surprise considering the number of people that flood into the app every day. But in some cases, it may be that your Internet is bad; check it, then re-upload. But for fast remedy, restart your device, then start the process over again.

Solution 4. Check Your Account Status

When things like this happen, it will only be wise if you check the current status of your account. By doing so, you will ascertain if you have been locked out or restricted from posting videos.

Solution 5. Check If Your Video Violates Community Rules

This is where you will need to check if you have violated any of the community rules. One of the commonest rules often violated by users is a copyright content violation. When this happens, you may be restricted from violating such rules. So, in this situation, you may want to send them a report.

Solution 6. Report to TikTok Support

You will only need to do this when you must have tried every other available option listed above. When you have checked your account status, clear the TikTok cache, check If your video violates community rules, and restart the phone & TikTok app without any solution, then it is time to report to TikTok support using their Support section.

The Bottom Line

TikTok remains one of the world’s best video streaming platforms, with over 700 million users. So, problems like this are bound to surface once in a while. When you find yourself in such a situation, trying the above method is enough to rescue the situation. Lastly, we encourage you to like and share this piece, at least to help others out there.

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