How to Get/Use Cartoon Filter on Snapchat

Last Updated: 2022. 01. 24

The Snapchat cartoon filter is a feature on Snapchat used in turning users' images into a CGI character, otherwise known as Computer-Generated Imagery. It does this using Disney-style features, and it's often compared to a viral Anime filter used in transforming the user's face into 2D animations.

There may be many other reasons why people cartoon their faces using the Snapchat cartoon filter. It is an individual thing; while others may attribute their reason to fun, others may be linked to sheer necessity. And to yet another set of users, their essence of using this feature can be attributed to peer pressure: to join the league of Snapchat cartoon filter users. Again, this feature works on all genders, adapts individual faces in real-time with the help of machine learning.

Using a Snapchat cartoon filter is easy; you just have to do it right. Below, we have created a step-by-step guide on how you can use the Snapchat cartoon filter to come out with the best cartoon-flited image. Please read on.

How to Get/Use Snapchat Cartoon Filter

Step 1
Launch your Snapchat app.
Step 2
Locate the camera option and click on the face icon located at the right side of your camera button.
Step 3
Select Explore, search for your preferred cartoon.
Step 4
At this point, Snapchat will provide you with various lenses to choose from and look for your preferred cartoon face.
Step 5
Hold down your camera, then save it to your camera roll so you can save it elsewhere.

Bonus Tip: How to Change Face On Your Video

Although there are many ways to have fun on Snapchat, and using cartoon filters seems to top the list. But it will also be interesting if you try out changing your face on Snapchat videos; it also looks fun considering the after-effect. But to achieve this, you need a trusted tool to pull it off, and there's where FlexClip comes in.

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Create a Video View Templates

Check this guide to know more details about Change Face in Video >

The Bottom Line

Finally, Snapchat is here to stay, and from the look of things, they keep coming up with better ways to make the platform more fun. So, while you leverage Snapchat's limitless fun features, it will only be rational if you augment that fun by introducing FlexClip to the picture using its video face-changing feature. And if you find this article interesting, do others a favor by liking and sharing it; you never can tell who else needs it.

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