Meme Songs: 15 Viral Meme Music You Must Use for TikTok

Last Updated: 2022. 04. 19

Meme songs also known as the music of memes are a viral tune or a portion of music added to a video meme to evoke funny, satirical or other vibes that people can relate to.

In this post, we will walk you through the 15 hottest meme songs you’ve probably often heard on TikTok, Snapchat, or YouTube yet don’t know their names. So, you can download a meme song from the web and apply it to your video meme. Let’s rock and roll now.

Here are the 15 viral meme songs you must know:

1. Never Gonna Give You Up

Never Gonna Give You Up, a classic dance-pop meme song.

  • Artist: Rick Astley (UK).
  • Album: Whenever You Need Somebody, released in 1987.
  • Genre: Dance-pop, electronic dance music, UK R&B.
  • Meme scenarios: Fake link for the video prank.
  • Well, speaking of meme songs, one of the most timeless meme music that plays in our heads is Rick Astley’s famous song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Known as the “Rick Roll” in the world of memes, this classic electronic dance music went viral on the internet in 2006 because it was twisted into a video prank where visitors clicked a link and got redirected to watch Rick’s music video “Never Gonna Give You Up”. If you plan to trick your friends on April Fool’s Day, it could be your best bet.

    2. The Next Episode

    The Next Episode, a timeless R&B meme song.

  • Artist: Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg (USA).
  • Album: Project X, released in 2000.
  • Genre: No watermarks.
  • Meme scenarios: For a cool presence or ending; close-up scenes.
  • Another epic meme song is Dr Dre’s The Next Episode. The iconic vocals like “Dadadaa”, together with upbeat Rhythm & Blues, create the classic tunes for meme songs. Although released as early as 2000, The Next Episode remains a textbook example of a meme song that enjoys huge popularity even today.

    3. Astronomia

    Astronomia, a popular Russian meme song.

  • Artist: Tony Igy (Russia).
  • Album: Astronomia, released in 2010.
  • Genre: Electronic, electro house.
  • Meme scenarios: Dancing memes or any dynamic scenes.
  • Astronomia is a famous Russian meme song that went viral with the bizarre coffin dance video on TikTok in 2020. On YouTube, this electronic meme song hit recorded 392M views now, an astronomical figure no other meme music has ever reached.

    4. Buttercup

    Buttercup, a viral and Indie pop meme song on TikTok.

  • Artist: Jack Stauber (USA).
  • Album: Pop Food, released in 2017.
  • Genre: Rock, Indie pop, synthpop, acoustic.
  • Meme scenarios: Fighting back and not ready to give up or any hilarious and rebellious memes.
  • To many meme lovers, Buttercup feels like a dope. Jack Stauber’s cursive and mumbling vocals masterfully deal with the issue of gaining the respect and approval of those who either like or reject us, an emotion many people identify themselves with.

    At first, you can barely figure out what he was singing, until you heard “electrify mine, electrify my golden tooth”. It’s the mixture of something nostalgic and inexplicable that gives this meme song the magic to be everlasting.

    5. Oh No

    Oh No, a classic electronic and vocal meme song on TikTok.

  • Artist: 1964 Girl Group--The Shangri-Las (USA).
  • Album: Remember (Walkin' In The Sand), released in 1964.
  • Genre: Electronic, vocal.
  • Meme scenarios: Tragic ends, unexpected failure, awkward moments, before and after memes.
  • There are rainy days in everyone’s life. Oh No, a snippet of 1964 girl band’s music—Remember, accurately captures how we felt when things didn’t go as planned. As one of the hottest meme songs on TikTok, Oh No reminds us of the disappointment, hopelessness, and unexpected failure we all share.

    6. For The Damaged Code

    For the Damaged Code, an Indie rock meme song.

  • Artist: Blonde Redhead (USA).
  • Album: Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons, released in 2000.
  • Genre: Indie rock, pop, electronic dance.
  • Meme scenarios: Express hopelessness and frustration in memes.
  • Meme Tune: Starts from 0:37.
  • Similar to Oh No meme song, For The Damaged Code deals with the hopelessness and frustration we share in life. If you are looking for a meme song to convey the feelings of heartbreak, frustration, or dismay, now you have it.

    7. Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Curb Your Enthusiasm, a Bossa nova lounge meme song

  • Artist: Luciano Michelini, SIAE (Italy).
  • Album: Comedy, Burlesque & Circus, released in 2000.
  • Genre: Bossa nova lounge, classical march, spaghetti western.
  • Meme scenarios: Prank or playful and joyful memes.
  • Having discussed a couple of sad meme songs, it’s time to cheer you up by playing a prank on your friends. The upbeat and joyful meme song, Curb Your Enthusiasm, is a go-to choice to make a hilarious and uplifting video meme.

    8. Levan Polkka

    Levan Polkka, a viral cat vibing meme song on TikTok

  • Artist: Street Drummer Bilal Goregen (Turkey).
  • Album: Hatsune Miku 1st Song Album, released in 2007.
  • Genre: J-pop, nordic folk.
  • Meme scenarios: Dancing and joyful scenes.
  • Well, I bet you must have seen a video meme in which a cat dances to the drum beats of Levan Polkka on Twitter. That is what sets this anime meme song on fire on Twitter. In fact, Levan Polkka was originally a Japanese anime song played by the popular anime character Hatsune Miku.

    9. Run

    Run, an Indie rock meme song

  • Artist: Awolnation (USA).
  • Album: Run, released in 2015.
  • Genre: Alternative rock, Indie rock.
  • Meme scenarios: Chasing and dynamic, or vibrating memes.
  • Meme tune: Start at 2:03-2:11.
  • As a piece of rock meme music, Run focuses on the dark and sinister nature that people can relate to. Its upbeat rhythm makes Run a perfect meme song for you to express destruction, power, and strong personality in the meme. Or you can use it to show how you are running away from the danger, a furious dog. Maybe, LOL!

    10. GTA San Andreas Theme

    GTA, a gameplay Hip-pop meme song

  • Artist: San Andreas ft. NWA and Snoop Dogg REMIX (USA).
  • Album: Grand Theft Auto, released in 2004.
  • Genre: Hip-pop, gangsta rap, funk, alternative metal, soul.
  • Meme scenarios: Any cool memes.
  • Although originated from the PlayStation game GTA, this theme song is one of the most popular meme songs of all time on the web. You deserve it to be added to your video meme.

    11. Panda

    Panda, a popular Punk meme song

  • Artist: Desiigner (USA).
  • Album: Panda, released in 2015.
  • Genre: Alternative rock, pop, punk.
  • Meme scenarios: Cool and punchy memes.
  • Meme tune: Starts from 0:40.
  • With a beat that makes your head swing, Panda is an iconic pop meme song that fits the taste of Gen Z. This is exactly the kind of meme song you need to make your memes go viral.

    12. Talking to the Moon X Playdate

    Talking to the Moon, a romantic electronic dance meme music.

  • Artist: Bruno Mars (USA).
  • Album: Talking to the Moon, released in 2010.
  • Genre: Electronic dance music, R&B, soul.
  • Meme scenarios: Romantic and relaxing memes.
  • Meme songs are more than upbeat Hip-hop or satirical and ambivalent emotions. Meme music may also express love, romance, harmony, and positivity. This heavenly meme song is a great case in point.

    13. Can We Kiss Forever

    Can We Kiss Forever, a funky meme song.

  • Artist: Kina (USA).
  • Album: Things I want to tell you, released in 2020.
  • Genre: Dance, electronic.
  • Meme scenarios: Romantic, relaxing, funky memes.
  • Meme tune: Start at 1:01.
  • As its name suggests, Can We Kiss Forever is another nerve-soothing meme song that works best for memes that conveys love, passion, and optimism. It gives you the strength to go through the tough times and shine from the clouds.

    14. I love You Baby

    I Love You Baby, a trending meme song on TikTOk

  • Artist: Surf Mesa (USA).
  • Album: ILY, released in 2019.
  • Genre: Dance, electronic.
  • Meme scenarios: Romantic,relaxing and joyful memes.
  • I Love You Baby evolves into a popular meme song from TikTok in 2020. The clear message it conveys and the joyful melody make I love You Baby the first choice for meme songs to express love for loved ones and relive the photo memories spent with friends and families on various social media.

    15. Jerusalem

    Jerusalem, an exotic Reggae meme song.

  • Artist: Alpha Blondy (Ivory Coast, West Africa).
  • Album: Best Of, released in 1988.
  • Genre: Reggae.
  • Meme scenarios: Travel, relaxing, playful, and exotic memes.
  • Meme tune: Start at 1:50.
  • Jerusalem is an exotic meme song used to express relaxing and joyful moments in a meme. In its music video, you can see Christians, Jews, and Muslims, Living together and praying. So, this meme song can be used to indicate racial and spiritual harmony and nostalgia, even if you don’t speak the language. The pleasant tune is your guide.

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