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Complete Guide on Instagram Collaboration

Last Updated: 2021. 11. 12

Instagram Collaboration is a great way for both internet celebrities and regular Instagram users to increase their Instagram reach and engagement. With Instagram collaboration, you can tag a Instagram influencer in some old or recent post. From the way it is designed, any Instagram user you tag as your collaborator is expected to appear as your co-author on the post. They are also meant to reshare the post profile without the involvement of any third-party app.

For the benefit of the doubt, it will only be rational if we give a comprehensive definition of what an Instagram Collaboration is. Also called “Instagram Collab,” is the most recent way Instagram users collaborate with other Instagram users on the same Feed post. The post will appear on both timelines of the account holders, and both the likes and comments shared will also be seen on both accounts. There is no need trying so hard to know how to use collaboration method, you just need to read through the article to get the idea.

Why You Need to Try Instagram Collaboration

There are some known features that enable Instagram collaborations, they include the Post and Reel, the two active accounts, and the followers. The post or the reel are the major carriers of the content, it is where the posters drop whatever content they wish to promote before any type of collaboration starts taking place. The post could be anything: image, videos, text, etc. But note, whatever post you wish to promote through the Instagram collaboration method, must be precise, concise, and captivating.

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There are many reasons to adapt to the Instagram collaboration method, but we will try to give you the most relevant ones. First, you have to understand that 37% represents over 800 million active users, with a number so huge, getting reasonable engagement should not be a problem. Instagram has over 500,000 influencers, so getting someone to perform the collaboration technique with won’t be a problem. When an Instagram collaboration is done right, it can increase sales, you just need to find the right collaborator. Using Instagram collaboration helps you save money on ad campaigns, most of the time, it can be very expensive to penetrate countries like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom using paid ads, but with the right Instagram collaboration, it is a lot cheaper to penetrate such geography.

Now, you’ve known Instagram followers are the reason for Instagram collaboration. Instagram has over a billion members globally, and the more followers your co-account owner has, the farther the engagement will go. So, if you are still looking at how to post a collab on Instagram that generate more lead, we’d advise you to go for a collaborator with a substantial amount of followers.

How to Use/Post Collaboration to Instagram

Step 1
Create your post (or Reel) using the ‘Create’ menu located in the top right of the Instagram app.
Step 2
When you get to the last Share screen, click on Tag People.
Step 3
From the menu, click Invite Collaborator.
Step 4
Run a search for the Instagram account or accounts you wish to collaborate with, click on it to select. But in case you made a mistake of selecting the wrong account, click the ‘X' sign located next to their account to exclude them.
Step 5
When you are done, click ‘Done’ to save the settings. Then click Share to publish the post to your feed.

How to Use Instagram Collabs Feature

Why Can’t I Post Collaboration?

As useful as this feature is to both individuals and organizations, not everyone can access it. The feature is geo-restricted to countries like the UK, India, and the Republic of Ireland. But Instagram has assured its users that in the shortest time frame, they will be able to make a “Collab post” from anywhere in the world – they are gradually trying to make it available to everyone through their weekly updates. But we foresee very slow progress. Since there is no date on when it will be released in each country, we recommend you constantly update your Instagram app to the latest version.

Bottom Line

This new Instagram feature will not only increase brand engagement, but it will also launch a new phase in the community of Instagram influencers. It will also be a good way for brands to reach directly to their potential customers rather than relying on ad campaigns that usually run on unknown algorithms. We believe this article threw more light on the Instagram collaboration technique/feature, we urge you to share this post, you never can tell who else needs it.

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