How to Lighten a Dark Picture with the Online Image Brightener Quickly and Easily

Last Updated: 2024. 03. 26

Sometimes, we may get some too dark pictures when taking photographs by mistake. This will make image’s details get lost in the shadows and the photo doesn’t shine as it should. Since a dark and underexposed picture will dull your picture details and fail to make your picture details visible. To save these precious pictures as a good memory, we must make the dark picture brighter.

With some technological advancement, we can make dark pictures brighter within a few minutes. Therefore, we’ll recommend an online image brightener for you to make photos brighter in a breeze. Let’s join us!

Part 1 Online Image Brightener to Make Photos Brighter - FlexClip

FlexClip’s online image brightener can brighten up dark photos quickly, which can easily improve your image's overall look within a few seconds! It’s the easiest way for most people to brighten a dark picture. You can adjust image brightness anywhere and at any time you want, with no software download and experience needed. It can fix dark and underexposed photos within seconds. FlexClip’s user-friendly interface allows you to no longer fumble with complex editing software to lighten a dark picture.

Offer plethora of image enhancement effects: FlexClip’s image enhancement effects allow you to easily adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation of a picture to lighten a dark picture by dragging or dropping its slider. Moreover, you also can optimize the overall light balance when you brighten your photo as you need.

Allow you to level up your dark picture: FlexClip provides diverse image filters for you to choose from and apply, like chromatic and scene. There’re over 20 elegant filters are ready to change your image’s outlook. These filters will will bring a more right mood to your pictures after you’ve lightened your dark pictures.

Allow to recompose your picture: In addition to adding filter to your image, FlexClip also allows you to recompose your image after you’ve maker dark picture brighter. Its crop feature allows you to crop your pictures into different kinds of shapes. Moreover, you can flip your image to make it more different as you like.

Part 2 How to Lighten a Dark Picture in FlexClip Easily

Can't wait to try to lighten a dark picture with the online image brightener - FlexClip? Here’s how to make a dark photo lighter with FlexClip. Follow the steps below to achieve this goal.

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Step 1
Upload Your Dark Image Materials

Access FlexClip > tap the Media to upload your dark image materials from your phone, PC, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, or Google Photos and apply them to the timeline directly.

Upload Your Dark Image Materials - FlexClip

Upload Your Dark Image Materials - FlexClip

Step 2
Brighten Your Dark Pictures

Click the Adjust button and slowly drag the slider of the Exposure, Brightness and Shadows to the right till you find the picture looks brighter enough. Meanwhile, you need to decrease the parameters of Highlights and Saturation to restore the details of highlights and make the color tone of the photo look more natural. Or you can adjust the Contrast and Temperature to see what works best for you.

Brighten Your Dark Pictures - FlexClip

Brighten Your Dark Pictures - FlexClip

Then, you can choose from FlexClip’s diverse filters, like scene or chromatic to add an extra cinematic touch to your brightened pictures.

Add Filter to Image - FlexClip

Add Filter to Image - FlexClip

Step 3
Download Your Generated Image

Once you’ve finished the image editing, you can click the Export Frame button to download your generated image in clicks.

Download Your Generated Image - FlexClip

Download Your Generated Image - FlexClip

Apart from letting you quickly lighten your dark picture, FlexClip also offers various video editing features for you to explore. You can use FlexClip to:

  • Add music to the video
  • Adjust video brightness, contrast, etc.
  • The Final Words

    Lightening a dark photo can make this photo look more attractive and compelling. FlexClip also is a good video editor with diverse video editing features. Come to explore more video creation right now!

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