How to Do the Shake Effect on CapCut with Two Ways

Last Updated: 2023. 12. 01

Have you ever noticed videos with the effect that makes the clip shaky and wiggly. Well that's what we talk about today - the shake effect. It helps you automatically add some strong wiggles like earthquake to your video. However, compared with shaking your camera directly, adding the shake effect to your post-product is more feasible.

There are numerous video editors on the market and CapCut is the top-notch one for its rich media resources and handy editing tools. It comes with load of eye-catching effects to refresh your pure video. Can't wait to know more right? Here we're going to talk about how to do shakes on CapCut with two ways. Keep reading to get more details.

Way 1: Make the Screen Shake with Shake Effect on CapCut

As we mentioned above, CapCut has loads of video effects and the Shake effect is included. This effect automatically shakes your video at the solid rate as the configured way. Let's see how it works right now.

Step 1
Download CapCut from your Google Play or iOS Store and complete the installation.
Step 2
Open your CapCut and create a New Project on the homescreen.
Step 3
Add the video or photo that will be given the shake effect on CapCut.
Step 4
Find and tab the Effects menu at the bottom of the screen.
Step 5
Select Basic and scroll down to choose an effect called Shake.
Step 6
Adjust the duration of the added shake effect. After that, you can export the video as desired resolution.

How To Add Shake Effect In CapCut

Way 2: Manually Do Shakes on CapCut Using the Keyframe Function

Using keyframe is the necessary if you want to do the shaking effect or trigger warning manually. You can determine the shaking direction in a flexible way. Follow steps to know more.

One: Shake Screen on CapCut with Background Music Using KeyFrame

Step 1
Download CapCut to your mobile device.
Step 2
Click New Project to import wanted videos and audio.
Step 3
Tap the audio and find Match Cut function to add beat. Select the rhyme points where you want to do shake effect with ease.
Step 4
Zoom in the video and tap Keyframe on the beat. Move the video down in the first beat and change it up on the second beat. Repeat the operation with two beats in pair until you complete the adjustment of the entire video.
Step 5
Add an overlay to your video and tap the split icon on each beat. After that, use the fade out effect under Animation to every clip.
Step 6
Preview the video result and export it.

How to Do Shake Effect by Using CapCut's Keyframe

Two: Do Shake Effect on CapCut with KeyFrame

Step 1
Make sure CapCut is available on your device. If not, download it from your app store.
Step 2
Add media resources from local drive to create a new project.
Step 3
Create many clips and add each clip with a keyframe.
Step 4
Click on the first keyframe to set a orientation and the next keyframe with the diverse orientation. Operate two keyframe in group and repeat the operation to your rest video.
Step 5
Add an overlay to your video and tap the split icon on each beat. After that, change background color and opacity to match your needs.
Step 6
View the shake video and export.

CapCut Edit Tutorial: Shaking Effect / Trigger Warning Effect

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The Bottom Line

CapCut is the professional editing application among video creators and the powerful effects stock is its prominent feature. This post introduces one effect - Shake and discusses how to do the shake screen effect on CapCut with two feasible solutions. Select the more suitable one to do shake effect based on your actual needs.

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