Best French Text Readers with Male/Female Voices You Don’t Want to Miss

Last Updated: 2023. 03. 31

Anyone know of an online French text-to-speech generator with both male and female voices? I have searched several times in the past week and all I can find are female voices. Besides, some are quite inaccurate.

- A user from reddit

Best Answer:

A French text reader helps you milti-task, listen to a French content while commuting, improve your French learning skills, and assist people with visual or learning disabilities and add French voiceover. However, just like mentioned above, not all French text reader can provide accurate output and most of them only provide female voices.

After hundreds of trials and tests, we have picked the top French text readers for you to use. Some of them are built-in TTS tools, some are applications, chrome tools, web-based tools. Pick one to use according to your needs.

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Part 1. Best Online French Text to Speech Tools
Part 2. Best French Text Reader Applications

Best Online French Text to Speech Tools

Top 1 Online French Text to Speech Tool - FlexClip

Accuracy: 100%

Price: 1000 words for free. Subscription price starts from $5.99.

FlexClip makes it easy to create videos with natural French audio files from text. Select one of the male or female voices you like and the emotion, enter text, you now successfully added a French narration to the video! The whole process takes less than 1 minute, much faster than recording an audio file yourself. The AI technology makes lies behind FlexClip guarantee the accuracy.

French Text Reader - FlexClip

French Text Reader - FlexClip

Top 2 Online French Text to Speech Tool - Narakeet

Accuracy: 100%

Price: 30 minutes $6

Narakeet helps turn French text to speech to MP3 files or MP4 videos online. You can also use it for your articles and audiobooks. The thing that amaze all users is Narakeet provides many regional accents. Be it Swiss French, Canadian French, you can always find the accent you need. Let it help you read French text out loud.

French Text Reader - Narakeet

French Text Reader - Narakeet

Top 3 Online French Text to Speech Tool - TTSMP3

Accuracy: 95%

Price: Free, but there is an input limitations of 3000 characters.

TTSMP3 turns French texts into professional speech perfect for e-learning, presentations, YouTube videos. After turning French texts into audio, the audio file can be downloaded as MP3.

Even though TTSMP3 is also an AI-based French text reader, it gives you the freedom to customize. Whisper, pitch, speed, emphasizing, all those can be added via simple code within the texts.

However, we must say there are only five voice choices for you, which can be quite limited.

French Text Reader - Narakeet

French Text Reader - Narakeet

Top 4 Online French Text to Speech Tool -

Accuracy: 99%

Price: 5000 words for free. Subscription starts from $351 per year. is a French text to speech AI voice generator. It helps convert text to voice in French using AI and download as MP3 and WAV audio files. This excellent French voice generator provides over 33 realistic and natural sounding voices. What’s better, you can even generate French voices with Belgian, Canadian, Swiss accent.

French Text Reader - Narakeet

French Text Reader -

Best French Text Reader Applications

Top 1 French Text Reader Application - Google Text-to-Speech

Accuracy: 100%

Platform: Android

Score: 4.2/5 on Google Play

Google Text-to-Speech is capable of reading any books on Google Play Books aloud. This application only allows users to listen to audio. Downloading is forbidden. Besides, you can’t input French texts and let it read for you.

French Text Reader - Google Text to Speech

French Text Reader - Google Text to Speech

Top 2 French Text Reader Application - Narrator’s Voice

Accuracy: 100%

Platform: Android & iOS

Score: 4.5/5 (Both Google Play % App Store)

Narrator’s voice can help you do things that all French text reader can do - read French contents out aloud. The accuracy is actually pretty high and the voices are very natural. What makes it outstanding is that it can speak and even translate the text into the language you set. In addition to that, the text to audio app allows you to convert text to MP3 or MP4 file and share.

French Text Reader - Narrator's Voice

French Text Reader - Narrator's Voice

Top 3 French Text Reader Application - Aloud

Accuracy: 99%

Platform: iOS

Score: 3.9/5 in App Store

You can read French contents in PDF, eBooks with Aloud without copying and pasting! Upload any French document and ready to listen! You can also set up your preferences so that Aloud reads your contents at different speeds and pauses.

Top 4 French Text Reader Application - Talk For Me

Talk For Me is designed to help people who lost their abilities to speak. It can pronounce the written content on any document or file, making everything simpler and easier. This application doesn’t need any Internet connection to utilize it. Also, there will be no ads popping out while you are using it.

The Bottom Line

The above are the top 8 French text readers. Some of them are online tools, while the rest are applications. Pick one to help you read French out aloud! If you know more French text readers, don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook.

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