How to Add Links on Facebook Stories Easily

Last Updated: 2022. 02. 25

You must have come across a Facebook Story slide posted by one of your Facebook friends, and suddenly, on one of the slides lies a link. As weird as this may sound, there is a reason for it. The first is to grab as much attention as possible, and secondly, to reach more audiences faster. Since the story section of Facebook is the most visited section after a Facebook post section, it will only be rational to leverage it to get more attention.

Since the main intention of people who add a link to Facebook stories is to gain more audience, it will only be nice if you do it right. And one interesting thing about doing this is that you don't need to access your story section to pull it off; you can do this right from the Timeline section. In this piece, we have listed some steps you need to add links to your Facebook story section successfully. Below, they are listed thus:

How to Add Links to Facebook Stories

Step 1
Locate the post you wish to share on the story section from the timeline section of your Facebook.
Step 2
When you find it, click on the Share button.
Step 3
At this time, you will be presented with many options; select the "Share to Your Story" option.
Step 4
Automatically, it will be sent to your Facebook story section. Now click on the "Share to Story" button to share. And you are done.
You don’t just add any random link, bloggers with large Facebook fan base, who wish to notify their followers about a particular post can leverage this feature as well. All they need to do is to publish the link to that particular post using the same step detailed above.

How to Add Links to Facebook Story

Create an Excellent Facebook Story Video

As you can post links of random blog posts on your Facebook story, so can you do with videos. It is a perfect way digital marketers, bloggers, and social influencers reach out to their teeming customers followers or viewers. In this case, just create an educative, descriptive video that explains the message you want to pass across, and sent it to your Facebook story section.

We’d like to introduce FlexClip: the world-renowned video editor specifically designed to help you get a perfect Facebook video for your story section. Here, you will get to enjoy some interesting features like rich templates, a powerful but easy-to-edit user interface, and millions of royalty-free resources for creating a perfect Facebook story video.

Quick Tutorial on How to Create Videos Online with FlexClip

Create a Video View Templates

The Bottom Line

Understanding how to share a link on a Facebook story is the first step to getting more people to view whatever content your story carries. So, it will only be rational if you do it right. On second thought, to create an appealing Facebook video story requires a good tool, and FlexClip checks all the requirements for a good Facebook story video. It enables you to add text, music, transition and other advanced edits to your Facebook story videos. Remember to give it a try!

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