How to Make a Spotify Canvas to Generate More Fans

Posted on: Dec. 01, 2021

When you're listening to music on Spotify, particularly your favorite artist's song, you've probably noticed a clip playing on repeat while listening to their song; it's called Spotify canvas video

A Spotify canvas video is a crossbreed of album artwork and music videos, ranging from a loop of visuals to simple video clips that loop for 3 to 8 seconds. However, unlike album artwork, the Spotify canvas video may vary depending on the song and has proven to be a cool thing because you can add clips that create an emotional connection between the song and the listener, keeping them listening to it over and over again.

You're probably wondering how you can benefit from Spotify canvas videos as an artist looking for ways to increase your listeners and as an artist who wants to express your artistic expression through your music and Spotify canvas videos. According to Spotify, when you canvas Spotify videos to your track, it could result in:

  • A 145 % increase in track shares as a result of the interest you'll pique from Spotify users with your captivating Spotify canvas video;
  • Obtain 20% more playlist adds and 5% more streams as a result of the emotional feelings you'll give Spotify users when they listen to your song and Spotify canvas videos;
  • Over 9% of profile visits come from your new and loyal Spotify listener.
  • Now that we've given you a brief overview of Spotify Canvas videos and the advantages of incorporating one into your Spotify playlist, we'll walk you through the process of creating your own. So, once you've finished reading these posts, sit back, relax, and express yourself artistically as you create your own Spotify canvas video.

    How to Create a Spotify Canvas Video

    Before we begin, keep in mind that our visual should tell a story when we create a Spotify canvas. FlexClip can help you create visually stunning and powerful Spotify canvas videos.

    FlexClip is one of the best online tools available, with powerful editing tools and effects to help you make your own awesome Spotify canvas videos that everyone will love. In this tool, you have access to unlimited number of royalty-free clips and photos of the stock library, use them for your Spotify canvas videos! It would provide listeners with a brief overview of the music while packing a powerful punch with your aesthetically pleasing visual. Start to create a Spotify Canvas video and download without any watermark!

    Step 1
    Launch FlexClip and sign in. Change the aspect ratio to 9:16 by clicking More in the lower-left corner of your screen and only saving in MP4 format.
    Launch FlexClip and Sign In

    Launch FlexClip and Sign In

    Step 2
    Upload any video resources or photos from your local device folder that you want to use in your Spotify canvas video. If you don't have time to go out and shoot something for your Spotify canvas video, you can get hundreds of royalty-free videos and photos from FlexClip by clicking Video or Photo in the lower right corner of your screen.
    Upload Video Resources to FlexClip

    Upload Video Resources to FlexClip

    Step 3
    To add nuance to your Spotify canvas video, click Elements. From there, you can add transitions, animations, and lyrics to your liking and need to create a great Spotify canvas video.
    Add Elements to Your Video

    Add Elements to Your Video

    Step 4
    Copy your storyboard so that your Spotify canvas video is the same length as your music to avoid Spotify being too hanging or uninteresting.
    Step 5
    When you're ready to upload your Spotify canvas video, head over to Spotify for Artists

    How to Upload the Canvas Video to Spotify

    Now that you've learned how to make a Spotify canvas video. We'll walk you through the process of uploading your created Spotify canvas video using Spotify for Artist.

    1.Open Spotify for Artists and sign up/log in with your mobile device or computer.

    2.Select a song from your Spotify library by clicking the Library icon at the bottom.

    3.Select the Spotify canvas video that you created with Flexclip and click Create Canvas. Spotify for Artist can also assist you in the editing of Spotify canvas videos.

    The Bottom Line

    Spotify canvas video is a new feature on Spotify that allows artists to add an 8-second visual loop to any of their tracks. It replaces cover art and loops in the Spotify app's Now Playing view. To take full advantage of Spotify canvas video, consider creating visuals that tell stories or convey ideas of visual information in a short amount of time. It may appear to be a problematic limitation. Still, it is worthwhile because incorporating it into your release strategy can help you increase the number of streams and saves for your music.

    With FlexClip, you can create Spotify canvas videos for all of your tracks to attract Spotify listeners with your music and visual artistry. So try FlexClip today and create your own Spotify canvas video by clicking HERE!

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