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FlexClip Ad Maker: Create Video Ad With FlexClip Easy & Fast

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Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary: FlexClip ad maker offers thousands of video advertisement templates and helps you to create stunning video ads in minutes, come to try it for free!

Why You Need a Video ad to promote business?

92% of B2B prospects consume online, as you can see, how important video ad is. Besides, there are 4 million videos are watched on YouTube every day, and around 1/3 of shopper purchase a products after watching a video ad.

Video ads convert sales. Amazon and eBay report that adding a video ad in pages for product detail description increases 35% of sales.

Moreover, people share videos, so this is the best and free way to promote your products and business. You can’t miss the chances and possibilities video ads bring to you.

There are many ad maker online to help you to make a video advertisement fast and easily. Now, let’s check out how to make a stunning video ad by FlexClip online ad maker.

Part 1: Create Your Video Ad With FlexClip Ad Maker

Whether you are searching for Instagram advertisement examples or Facebook advertisement examples, FlexClip ad maker can helps you find the best ad examples you want.

This online ad maker offers you thousands of video advertisement examples to inspire your mines. They are easy-to-customize and no professional skills needed.

How to Create Video Ads Fast, Online, Easily

Step 1 Select a video ad examples from FlexClip media library

You can choose and start to customize a video advertisement template from FlexClip ad maker.

Depict video: Select a video advertisement example.

Surely, you can add your own local video clips into FlexClip storyboard to start making your video ad.


Image board: Upload your local media video

Step 2Adjust text

You can add animated text and change the text words easily by FlexClip ad maker. For perfect viewing experience, you also need to trim your text to make sure that the text appears at the right time in the right place.

Depict video: Add animated text and trim the text by FlexClip ad maker

Step 3:Add background music

Music is definitely something that makes your video stand out. A special background music can recall customers your brand and products, in this way, brand awareness can be increased.

Depict video: Add background music by FlexClip ad maker

Step 4:Add video effects

FlexClip ad maker also supports you to correct color and add a filter or transition to your video ad.

Depict video: Add video effect by FlexClip ad maker

Step 5:Step 5: Add special effects

You can also add overlay, outro/intro or logo information to video advertisement, making your advertisement more attractive.

Depict video: Add special effects by FlexClip ad maker

Step 6: Save all your changes and export your video ad with high definition 1080p!

Following only 6 steps, you can make an unique and stunning video ad with FlexClip ad maker. And as I mentioned, there are thousands of video advertisement examples to inspire your minds, come to check them out!

Part 2: Video Advertisement Examples

Nowadays, social media are essential platforms to promote business, products and services. These should be inevitable places for you to post your video ad. Therefore, here lists 4 different types of video advertisement examples for 4 different media platform: Facebook advertisement examples, Instagram advertisement examples, Twitter advertisement examples, YouTube advertisement examples.

Facebook Advertisement Examples

Promote Your Brand on Facebook! Nearly 70% of people are on Facebook. Target potential customers in this popular platform.

For Real Estate Company

Advertisement Example For Real Estate Company

FlexClipad maker is the what help you standing out in the crowd. Numerous royalty-free music, photo, video examples and editing tools help you to make a good Facebook ad.

For Fashion clothes(New Arrival)

Advertisement Example For Clothes Shop

Instagram Advertisement Examples

More fans, more chances that you can win a large fortune. Create an eye-catching Instagram video ad to win more followers.

For Cosmetics

Advertisement Example For Cosmetics

Make a good business Instagram video ad to target more customers and increase your brand awareness.

For Business

Advertisement Example For Business

YouTube Advertisement Examples

How-to/tutorial videos focus on teaching viewers how to finish a task with detailed instructions.

For How-to/Tutorial Videos

Advertisement Example For How-to/tutorial videos

Ad video makes more people learn what your business is about. Showing them office environment wins more trust.

For Education Video

Advertisement Example For Education

Twitter Advertisement Examples

Good videos win more attention than regular posts. Get more followers on Twitter as quick as possible by a stunning video ad.

For Wine

Advertisement Example For Cosmetics

Twitter video helps builds trust! Make a Twitter video ad with FlexClip. Fast, powerful, and free! Come to try it out!

For School

Advertisement Example For School

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